AP Telecom New "VENNELA SUPER" 2G Prepaid Plan

APBSNL has launched new 'Vennela Super' in 2G prepaid mobile services to its BSNL customers under 2G Prepaid plan with both vennela and 1ps/sec features along with LIFE TIME validity...BSNL customer defenetly enjoy the bsnltariff introduced by the AP Telecom Circle BSNL.

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  1. When we compare bsnl with other private operators ,bsnl charges and service are way behind any other operators. So in last one year bsnl users decreased to 50% i.e, form 31% to 16%. Its very bad.

  2. "OLD Vennela" scheme holds good if your outgoing calls are less & your purpose is for incoming calls. You need not recharge with Rs 100 Top-UP every 3 months to extend the validity compared to Vennela Plus & Vennela Super.
    The other two schemes Rs (110x4=Rs440) u need to recharge wven u don't make that worth calls.
    Vennela plus has only advantage is Rs 1.20 /min for STD compared to OLD Vennela. Vennala Super Advantage is Rs 60ps/min for STD and life time validity is there. Nothing else. If u forget to recharge within grace period (15days+validity date)every 3 months you will loose the balance.

  3. The private Telecom operators give less tariff charges compared to BSNL. But their service is not good. Within Local, coverage is good, if you go interior, rural villages, the network coverage is not good for private operators. BSNL has good coverage all around India.

  4. we get attracted to private operators, as their outlets, shops are well equipped & HiFi and keep good recepcetionist, call centre girls for customer care.

  5. When you are going to launch Vennal super migration voucher.

    One more help for me,
    I am using power pack, which has expiry date on next weak. I will do 6 to 8 calls a day which will be charged around Rs 5 a day.
    Can you suggest suitable package for me.


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