Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has announced revision of Prepaid BSNLtariff as per the instruction of TRAI in its Telecom Consumer Protection Regulation, 2012 dated 06.01.2012
(available in TRAI website) and subsequent clarifications, service providers can offer three types of vouchers only viz. Plan vouchers, Top up vouchers and Special Tariff Vouchers.
Plan voucher:
i) Should be used to enroll a customer into a tariff plan and it should not provide any monetary value. However, free usage in terms of minutes/MB/ Number of SMS) for voice, SMS, VAS etc.) can be offered in the Plan Voucher.
ii) It will have validity. Customer can use this plan voucher to extend his plan validity and for migration from one plan to other.

Top-up voucher:
i) Monetary value in rupees only should be offered.
ii) It should not have any restriction on its validity or usage
Special Tariff Voucher (STV):
i) It should clearly indicate the plan to which it is applicable, tariff for different items and validity period (maximum 90 days only can be offered).
ii) It should not provide any additional monetary value to the consumer.
2. TRAI Regulation is to be implemented within 75 days from the date of issue of the Regulation (i.e. on or before 21.03.2012).
3. To comply with TRAI’s above Regulation,
The BSNL competent Authority has been revised the GSM 2G & 3G prepaid voice and Data tariff plans as given below:-
i) The existing prepaid “2G Special” and “3G Special” plans have been merged and new prepaid plan “General” has been offered.
All existing customers in these two plans are to be migrated to the new prepaid General plan.
ii) Extension of main account validity and migration will be through plan vouchers.
BSNL Partners/Franchisee/Dealers/Retailers:
BSNL Telecom Circles will decide that discount/commission will be paid @ 90% on first loading of plan voucher for plan selection and 5.5% on subsequent loading.
Revised prepaid voice plans:-
NOTE: Local voice call to one BSNL Fixed / WLL (Fixed/Limited Mobility) number in his/her own name free up to thirty minutes per day.
The call charge beyond thirty minutes is 20p/Min.

NOTE: Reduced call charges to five friends & family local numbers while in Home LSA: Three On-net Numbers @ 10p/Min and Two Off-net Numbers @ 30p/Min.

NOTE: Twenty minutes per day free voice call to two BSNL Mobile/Fixed/WLL numbers (combined) any where in the country while in Home LSA or National Roaming.

As Special Tariff Vouchers (STVs) validity should not exceed 90 days, all longer validity RCV/STVs viz Students Special plan (Rs.150 with validity of 180 days, Rs.250 with validity of 365 days), Jai Jawan plan (Rs.550 validity 180 days, Rs.990 validity 365 days) etc are hereby
STVs for Saral Anant customers are revised as under:-

  • The Off-net local and STD call charges while in Home LSA and in National Roaming under Jai Jawan plan revised from 1p/sec to 1.2p/sec.
  • BSNL HQ passed instruction to all its BSNL Telecom Circles can suitably adjust the MRP in the price band up to Rs.3 (+/-) of price mentioned in the website, considering the technical feasibility.

BSNL 3G Data
i) All 3G Data RCVs are offered as STVs except longer validity RCVs of Rs 3100 and Rs 5000, both offering 180 days validity which are hereby withdrawn.
ii) All Short Term Validity Data Vouchers offering free data usage in MBs along with validity are offered as STVs.
iii) 3G Data Top-up vouchers are withdrawn.
iv) 3G Combo Data Plans are offered as STVs as they offer free 3G Data usage, Local + National Voice usage in Minutes, number of SMS and video calls in Minutes along with validity of 30 days.
v) 3G Data Trial Pack offered by BSNL is renamed as 3G Data STV.

BSNL 2G Data
i) All 2G data RCVs are offered as STVs except longer validity RCV of Rs.555 offering 15 GB data with 180 days validity which is modified as STV with MRP of Rs.300 offering free data usage of 8 GB and validity of 90 days.
ii) In case of Assam, J&K and North East LSAs, instructions issued by DoT/TRAI regarding validity are to be complied with.
iii) BSNL passed its instructions to all its BSNL Telecom Circles about revision in bsnltariff may be informed to Customers and educated sufficiently to choose the appropriate plan voucher/ STV for continuation in their existing plan.
iv) All other terms and conditions will remain same.
v) The above bsnltariff will be implemented with effect from 21.03.2012.


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