Now new invention proved another alternative for charging mobile phones (Mobile Gadgets) from your body. By this new discovery body heat will be converted to thermo-electric energy by means of new light weight film wearing or sticking on body which generates electricity from human body heat.

Fujifilm most affordable company developed a thin light weight organic polymer film in association with Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) sticks to skin called “Thermo-Electric Converter” especially designed and developed to end traditional method of using battery charges to charge smartphones from electric points by using our own energy.

This generator increased high-tech values of the people lives and may also be used for charging laptops and eReaders and medical devices with aid of solar panels to make the conversion more helpful.
The device material is flexible easily can be wrapped around different body parts and it can detect a temperature change from the surrounding environment of just one degree Celsius producing electricity when it touches the skin.
This device may be unveiled as soon as possible in the market and available for mobile users online and Fuji stores.

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