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Recently the e-commerce site conducted a survey on m-commerce (Mobile based transactions) to examine the platform using for online shopping. Leading online shopping site (Online e-store) Snapdeal announced that maximum 30 per cent of the customers orders are coming from mobile phones which is 10 times great with last year.
Online e-store Snapdeal hits 12 million average visits per month on mobile and 35 to 40 million average visits per month on observing sales and traffic of Snapdeal in the last 6 months. Over 80 per cent traffic from mobile is organic not from ads in that 60 per cent visitors from mobile new to Snapdeal, the survey said.
In addition to the above survey also added that majority of the customer landing from major metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Hyderabad. 75 per cent of the mobile based transactions occupy cash on delivery and 25 per cent are prepaid transactions.

Snapdeal categorized top selling items over m-commerce on their e-store are Women’s apparel, pendrives, mobiles, men’s apparel, men’s footwear, and momory cards.

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