How to recover deleted posts from Instagram?

Instagram deleted messages recovery: Instagram's Recently Deleted feature has been specially designed to allow users to recover Instagram deleted messages without any technical problems.

Leading social network app Instagram is updated with new features globally to available the platform intriguing for users. A few weeks ago, the Facebook-owned platform launched the "Recently Deleted" feature, which allows users to recover deleted posts. 

How to recover deleted posts from Instagram?

There are many hackers who attack users' profile and delete memorable pictures and videos, or sometimes the user wants to recover their previous posts. The new feature was designed to allow users to Instagram deleted messages recovery for published content from the platform without any hassle. If you want to recover your deleted post from Instagram, please follow the article to the end.

How to recover Instagram deleted chats?

If your Instagram photo or video has been deleted from your profile, use the Recently Deleted feature to recover your memories. To recover the deleted post, tap the "hamburger" icon and go to the settings option. Once the settings tab is open, scroll down the screen and select the account from the various options listed under the settings option.

Look for the "Recently Deleted" tab in the account tab. You will see all the photos and videos that have been deleted from your Instagram account in the "Recently Deleted" option. Select the post you want to retrieve on your profile.

The verification process will be done via text message or email

The Facebook-owned platform will require the verification process before permanently removing your posts from the Recently Deleted tab. The verification process will be done via text message or email. The process will protect the account from unauthorized access by hackers.

Instagram will delete the posts after 1 month

Instagram Stories that have been deleted will remain in the Recently Deleted folder for 24 hours. All other content formats like IGTV, posts and videos will remain for 30 days and users will have the option to recover the entire deleted folder. At the end of the 30-day period, Instagram will permanently delete the photos and videos in the Recently Deleted folder.

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