BSNL Broadband voip configuration for Landline Phones (BSNL FTTH)

Customers can access BSNL VOIP services and know how to configure BSNL Broadband Voice VOIP services for Landline Phone Instrument.

BSNL FTTH broadband Voice option automatically combined with all Bharat Fiber (FTTH) broadband Internet plans under free fiber bundle offer. Customers can access BSNL VOIP services in any of the four login methods which are: -

  • Basic Landline Phone
  • SIP client applications on mobile phones
  • SIP client applications on desktop / laptop computers
  • SIP telephone device

To get the voice service, you need to configure your BSNL FTTH ONT (modem) accordingly. Now let's see the details of FTTH BSNL voice configuration steps (ONT Configuration / SIP Client Configuration / SIP Phone Configuration) for the above four login methods one by one.

bsnl broadband voip configuration
BSNL FTTH is one of the most reliable fiber broadband services available in India during these pandemic days as most private ISPs face congestion or bandwidth issues as data usage increases day by day . BSNL also offers unlimited voice calls (VOIP services) bundled with the BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH) broadband service at no additional cost.

BSNL FTTH VOIP (Voice) configuration for normal basic Telephone devices

By setting up the BSNL FTTH voice service through the normal landline telephone, the customer gets the feeling and comfort of the old landline.

Let's explain the details of the voice settings on Huawei ONT EG8141A5.

Step 1: First, log into your ONT / UN page.

For Huawei ONT
ONT IP address:
Username - Epadmin
Password - adminEp

bsnl broadband voip configuration

Default Username and Password of Other popular ONTs/ONUs

ModelONT IP addressUsernamePassword
Netlink/Syrotech admin stdONU101
Optilink admin admin
Genexis admin<MAC NUM> in (Capital Letters)

Step 2: Now, click the "Advanced" tab displayed on the Huawei ONT home page.

bsnl broadband voip configuration

Step 3: To get the voice service, we need to add the voice connection profile in the WAN configuration. For this, click "WAN" and then click the "New" button as shown in the image below.

bsnl broadband voip configuration

 Step 4: Here, we need to enter basic information like type of service, VOIP VLAN, MTU, etc.

bsnl broadband voip configuration

Select / enter the following information in the WAN connection profile for VOIP: -

Protocol - IPv4
Service Type - VOIP
MTU - 1500
802.1p - 7

VOIP VLAN  - 1831 (For 295, 296, 297 & 298 number series)
VOIP VLAN - 1849 (For Landline to FTTH conversion & 299 number series)

Step 5: After entering all these details, click "Apply" to save the WAN configuration profile for voice services.

bsnl broadband voip configuration

 Step 6: Now, we need to configure basic VOIP settings like VOIP domain, outgoing proxy server, port, voice username, password, etc. You can get all this information from BSNL officials or your LCO.

bsnl broadband voip configuration


For VOIP VLAN 1830 & 1831 For VOIP VLAN 1849
(For 295, 296, 297 & 298 number series)(For Landline to FTTH conversion & 299 number series)
Domain : or kl.ftthvoip.bsnl.inDomain : or kl.ftth.ims.bsnl.in
Port : 5060Port : 5060

After entering the domain and the SIP server details, the basic user parameters for the SIP service (username and voice password) will be saved in the ONT.

bsnl broadband voip configuration

For VOIP VLAN 1830 & 1831For VOIP VLAN 1849
Username : 914731295xxxxxUsername : +914731295xxxxx (Note: Add + before STD Code)
Password : Last 4 Digit of your FTTH Number or 0000 or FTTH Number without STD CodePassword : ftth@Last 4 Digit of your FTTH Number

Now the voice configuration is complete and it is possible to connect the basic telephone instrument to the FTTH ONT RJ 11 port. We can also check the connection status from the "System Information" tab. Here we can see that both Internet services and voice services are active and IP addresses are also assigned.

bsnl broadband voip configuration


Now, connect your fixed landline telephone device or cordless telephone instrument to the RJ 11 port of your ONT to get Voice Services.

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