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Highlights of BSNL @ Work Home plan
  • This plan especially designed for landline customers
  • BSNL offers 5GB free data usage per day under the 'work from home broadband plan'
  • Launched on promotional basis to encourage stay at home for its users amid the novel corona-virus outbreak
Government owned Telecommunications in India Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) on promotional basis Work @ Home free broadband plan announced for all customers of the BSNL fixed connection i.e landline connection, those who are not having broadband services, in view of pandemic Covid19 novel corona virus spread across the country.

New unlimited free bsnl work@home broadband plan is a completely free plan for all existing landline customers who do not have broadband and this new promotional plan is available on PAN India circles, except Andaman. Nicobar Telecom Circle within BSNL broadband services.

The further extension to the fourth stage of the blockade is a move by the telecommunications operator to encourage its users to stay home amid the country's new coronavirus outbreak and provide them with high-speed Internet services.

Free Broadband BSNL Work from Home plan offers 5GB data per day
As part of the "work @ home" broadband plan, telecommunications offer 5 GB of data per day to all users at a speed of 10 Mbps. Once 5 GB is exhausted, the connection speed drops to 1 Mbps. According to the bsnl telecom website, the new offer is valid for existing BSNL landline connection customers who have not used the high speed broadband service from BSNL".

High-speed Internet access is possible, according to the BSNL India website, by simply connecting the modem. This bsnl work from home plan does not require additional installation costs or security deposits, but customers must have a modem or local customer equipment (CPE) in advance to use the services.

The company provided toll-free numbers for bsnl work@home plan activation dialing customer care for broadband services. Customers can call 1800-345-1504 for assistance bsnl work@home activation with installation, but the service is only available to those users who already have a BSNL broadband connection.

"After the promotional period expires, existing bsnl work from offer subscribed customers will be migrated to normal broadband plans,".

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Any broadband deposits included in the phone bill?
No, at the time of the free broadband connection offer period, there are no deposits, but after the necessary migration, the security deposit for BSNL broadband can be included in the subsequent monthly rental telephone bill.

How to avail bsnl work from home plan free BSNL broadband via online or customer care?
In addition to the nearest customer service center and BSNL franchisees / resellers, you can also sign up for a free 5G trial broadband plan by calling the bsnl toll-free number 1800 345 1500, then ITPC BSNL generates customer advice notes on the above scheme.

Can existing BB customers subscribe to bsnl work from home plan how to apply?
No, this is a new offer only for existing / new BSNL landline users who do not have a broadband service, yet this broadband offer is available for one month from the activation date.

A customer subscribes once for free broadband and disconnected, whether he is eligible for free offer again now?

If he/she booked and activated the broadband free offer previously and disconnected completely means, he/she eligible to get free broadband again in the present offer period.

Are BSNL landline voice calls free?
No, under bsnl work from home pack the Customer will be charged accordingly on the basis of the fixed telephone plan subscribed for the use of voice calls.

Can BSNL's free broadband customer migrate to other plans or not?
Yes, if you applied before the end of the work from home bsnl plan period, you will migrate to the required telecom tariff India plan, but if not, you can automatically migrate to the BB CUL plan.

After migration to BB CUL, you can send the migration request at any time online or offline, as required.

Terms and conditions for providing broadband bsnl work from home plan

  • BSNL work@home plan activation will be available in all the telecom circles (except Andaman and Nicobar) on promotional basis for a period of one month with immediate effect to existing BSNL's landline customers only not having broadband services.
  • However, new customer can opt this bsnl work@home broadband plan after activation of any regular landline plan. The facility of bsnl work from home offer will be available for one month from the date of activation.
  • No Installation and security deposit charges shall be levied to existing landline connection under bsnl work@home plans.
  • Bharat fiber partners are given option to offer bsnl work@home plan in their jurisdiction under Fibre category.
  • Customer premise equipment (CPE)/Modem shall be customer owned for existing BSNL’s landline (i.e. not having Broadband) customers only.
  • After expiry of promotional period, existing customers under above plan shall be migrated to regular Broadband plan as per their usages.
  • The choice of the existing regular circle specific/PAN India DSL/FTTH Broadband plan from the customer who opted above plan shall be taken by the circle.
  • For customers who are not opted any regular DSL/FTTH Broadband plans at the time of CAF filling, ITPC shall ensure to migrate these customers (after expiry of promotional period) acquired under above plan to the Broadband plan as their their usages or ‘2GB BSNL CUL’ (for Cu line) and ‘100GB CUL’ (for Fibre line) automatically.
  • In addition to nearest customer service center and BSNL Franchisee/Retailers, above Broadband plan can also be subscribed by calling Toll Free number- 1800 345 1500. ITPC shall also ensure that BSNL’s Call Centers are suitably guided to take customer request, and generate advice notes for the above scheme.

Portal for BSNL 4G Offers 2020, BSNL Unlimited calls plan Mobile Offers, Monthly Rental BSNL Broadband landline plans with wifi and Helpline
The BSNL Employee Union has expressed discontent over the expansion of the Jio towers in Ladakh (Indian Union Territory).

In terms of the regional breakdown, Reliance Jio has been given the nod to set-up seven towers in Nubra, 11 in Zanskar, 17 in Leh and 19 in Kargil.

BSNL Employee Union oppose over Reliance Jio Expansion in Ladakh
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) Employees Union (EU) said that the government of India is promoting Reliance Jio while offering only “Lip service” to BSNL.

The BSNLEU voiced their concerns following a tweet from Jamyang Tsering Namgyal, MP of Ladakh who said that the government has sanctioned 54 Jio mobile towers for the uncovered rural areas of Ladakh. Namgyal said that the new towers would be covered under the Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF), a government initiative designed to provide universal telecom service to all uncovered areas across India.

BSNLEU Says Government Blocked BSNL 4G Tender

The 54 Jio mobile towers are said to be spread across four regions of Ladakh including the Nubra, Leh, Zanskar and Kargil.

“Money will be paid from the USO Fund,” BSNLEU said in the release. “But, the towers will be installed not by BSNL, but by Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio.”

In terms of the regional breakdown, Reliance Jio has been given the nod to set-up seven towers in Nubra, 11 in Zanskar, 17 in Leh and 19 in Kargil.

“It is also important to note that, the same Modi government has blocked BSNL’s 4G tender, thus stopping BSNL from rolling out it’s 4G service. Everybody think that BSNL is the government service provider. Now, everyone has understand that, Reliance Jio is the government service provider,” BSNLEU said in the release.

Namgyal said in a separate tweet that he had a conversation with Ravi Shankar Prasad, electronics and information technology minister of India over the Reliance Jio expansion. Further, Namgyal said that in the conversation with Prasad, he “ensured him for my personal supervision in installation within a limited span of time.”

BSNL 4G Roll Out Stalled by Vested Interests

Meanwhile, the BSNLEU are holding a countrywide dharna demanding government action on several measures including the roll out of 4G services.

The BSNLEU said in a separate release on Thursday that the “all out efforts are being taken by vested interests, to scuttle BSNL’s 4G roll out.”

The BSNL tender issued in late March to procure 4G equipment is currently said to be on hold. Crucially, the complaint provided by Telecom Equipments and Services Promotion Council (TEPC) is said to be one of the key reasons for the hold.

The BSNLEU highlighted that the objection raised by TEPC is that the operator violates the “Make in India” policy. Further, TEPC is said to have demanded foreign companies be barred from bidding in the BSNL 4G tender.

“When all the private operators are procuring world class 4G equipments from international vendors, why BSNL alone should be compelled to procure equipments from domestic vendors,” P.Abhimanyu, general secretary of BSNLEU, said in the release. “The Indian technology-vendors do not have proven 4G technology. In BSNLEU’s view, the TEPC is nothing but a tool, being used by vested interests, to stall BSNL from procuring 4G equipments. ”

Additionally, the BSNLEU is also demanding that the government should implement the revival package promised in October, 2019. The BSNLEU has also said that the government should pay the salaries of BSNL staff for the month of May and also the 12 month salary dues owed to the contract workers.

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The validity period of existing scheme "Cashback BSNL 5 pe 6 Offer" offer extended for landline and broadband users till june 30th.

The state-owned telecommunications in India Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) offers its customers tons of benefits and offers. One of BSNL landline cashback offer "5 pe 6 " offers helps customers get reimbursed for voice calls they make through landline connection.

Cashback BSNL 5 pe 6 Offer extended further period for landline and broadband users
The voice calls can now be made from any device, mobile phone or landline and the customer will still be able to receive a bsnl cashback offer. But most telecommunications company offers have a validity period after which they stop working. It is the same with the BSNL offer "5 pe 6".

It also has a validity period and the good news is that the offer has been extended further period based on the feedback received from the customers of various units in telecom circle.
How to get Double Recharge Benefits for Data or Talk Value

Extended Cashback BSNL 5 pe 6 offer details

BSNL has extended the voice call making refund offer "5 pe 6". The offer is valid until June 30, 2020. As per latest telecom news on official website of BSNL and twitter account of Chandigarh cricle, which was promoting the offer and reporting the extension to customers.

The offer of BSNL "5 pe 6" was to end on May 30th, but this is not the case. The telecommunications company extended it for another month. An interesting thing to note here is that it is not the first time that BSNL has extended this offering.

There have been more similar occasions. Initially, when BSNL launched the offer, it was to end on December 30, 2019. But six months later, the offer is still active and customers are still reaping the benefits. BSNL could expand the offer again by observing its tendency to extend the offer again and again. Refund BSNL Recharge Amount, Reversal of Wrong Recharge

BSNL landline cashback offer "5 pe 6"

This offer gives an opportunity to earn money via making voice calls on their landline connection where they can get maximum discount on their ensuing landline bill payment online or offline.

Popular bsnl 6 paisa cashback offer applicable to all landline and broadband users for making calls that last for 5 minutes and above. However, customer should note that the total amount of cashback is offered Rs.50 per month to each customer connection number.

Terms and conditions of 5 pe 6 cashback offer

This bsnl cashback offer is expected to bring money to customers. However, there are some terms and conditions. The 6 paise refund is only applicable to calls that last longer than 5 minutes. The maximum refund that a customer can earn in a month is Rs 50.

Customers can take advantage of the advantage by making a voice call or sending an SMS. The refund offer will apply to broadband connection, BSNL Wireline and Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH).

This offer was presented by BSNL during the analysis of its customers' Reliance Jio Interconnect Use Charge (IUC), in which customers have to pay 6 paise per minute for calls they make to non-Jio devices. BSNL Bharat Fiber plans Vs Jio Fiber plans Comparision Detailed Chart

To activate the cashback offer bsnl customers can call 1800 599 1900 or send an SMS 'ACT(Spacke) to 9478053334 or call bsnl broadband customer care number 1504 or bsnl helpline number 1500
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BSNL's 500GB with 50Mbps speed Bharat Fiber BSNL FTTH plan Rs 777 plan extended further period.

Telecommunications in India, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has announced the extension offer for its Bharat Fiber Rs 777 plan called Fibro 500GB to September 20.

Bharat Fiber BSNL FTTH plan 777 extended upto September
The Fibro 500GB is one of the bsnl high speed unlimited broadband plans is available in various BSNL circles in India. However, the validity of the Rs 777 plan varies with the circle. Broadband bsnl unlimited plans Rs 777 plan was introduced in mid-2018 as a promotional plan, but the PSU withdrew the plan and re-launched with a data limit of 500 GB.

At the beginning of 2020, BSNL stressed that the plan would be valid in various circles until the last week of June.

BSNL extends the Bharat Fiber 777 plan to September

The 500 GB Fibro plan allows users to browse up to 50 Mbps up to 500 GB with the Fair usage policy limiting the speed to 2 Mbps when the limit is reached. In addition, the plan allows users to make unlimited voice calls ( 24hours ) to any network in India.

The bsnl landline broadband plans 500 GB Fibro available at a price of Rs 777 per month has been extended until September 20 in Gujarat, Daman and Diu, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Goa, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The operator had previously noted that the plan would be valid until June 22 in these environments.

However, the Fibro 500GB plan will expire on June 24 in Chandigarh, Chennai, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan, UP East, UP West and Uttarakhand. Northeastern circles including Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, along with Calcutta, Odisha, Sikkim and West Bengal also included June 24 as the deadline for the Fibro 500GB plan.

In addition, the Rs 777 plan will expire on June 25 in Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Puducherry and Tamil Nadu.

BSNL is expected to extend the validity of the Fibro 500GB plan until September in other BSNL telecom circles where the plan is currently on the list that expires on June 24 and 25.

The BSNL broadband 499 plan expires on June 29

Meanwhile, BSNL's Rs 499 plan called "100GB CUL" expires on June 29 in circles where the plan is available for subscription. The 100 GB CUL plan allows users to browse up to 20 Mbps up to 100 GB with BSNL limiting speeds to 2 MBPS over 100 GB.

In addition, the 100 GB CUL plan also allows users to make unlimited calls to any network in India. The Rs 499 plan was presented by BSNL in early 2020 with an initial validity of March 31st. However, BSNL has extended the validity of the 100 GB CUL to June 29.

It remains to be seen whether BSNL extends the 100 GB CUL plan beyond June 29.

For more information and for bsnl broadband connection or any customer having any connection with having bsnl broadband complaint can contact bsnl broadband customer care number 1800 180 1504.
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BSNL Employees Union (BSNL EU) backed Chinese companies, saying the implementation of 4G services is delayed and damaging the bsnl revival plans.

Communist Party affiliated Employee union (EU) Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) said that the delay in implementing BSNL 4G services is hampering the operator's recovery plans.

In support to Chinese companies Huwaei and ZTE, the BSNL Employees Union in their letter to the secretary of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) highlighted several problems, including the failure to implement the measures announced as part of the BSNL revival package.

In addition, BSNLEU said that BSNL management should address several key issues, including timely payment of wages to BSNL employees and reviewing non-executive wages. BSNL EU also said that management should create a single unit to manage BSNL's telephone factories in Mumbai, Calcutta and Jabalpur.

Recently RSS backed Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh affiliated Union Bharatiya Telecom Employees Union (BTEU BSNL) organized Nation wide agitation against Central Government anti-labor policies.

BSNLEU claims that vested interests block the launch of 4G

BSNLEU stated in the letter that the offer made by the operator to acquire 4G equipment "stopped because of the conspiracy traced by vested interests". Being a communist party affiliated union and recognized union in BSNL backed Chinese companies Huwaei and ZTE not to ban these companies to participate in 4G tender bidding.

Following the intense clash in the Ladakh valley in Galwan between Chinese and Indian troops, the Indian government is said to have told the DoT to rework the BSNL 4G tender.

The modified offer would prevent BSNL from supplying telecommunication equipment manufactured by Chinese companies. In addition, Niti Aayog, the government's group of political experts, is said to have suggested to BSNL to opt for indigenous products designed, developed and manufactured for its 4G network.

Niti Aayog's suggestion would not only ban Chinese sellers from bidding on BSNL, but would also ban European players such as Ericsson and Nokia.

BSNL Employees Union: BSNL 4G implementation stopped due to vested interests
At the end of March, BSNL launched a tender which requires suppliers to take care of the planning, engineering, supply, installation, testing, commissioning and annual maintenance of the 4G mobile network across India.

BSNL said that the bidders will handle 50,000 BSNL sites along with 7,000 MTNL sites located in the circles of Mumbai and Delhi. While the offer is currently active, BSNL has postponed the opening of the offer until 15 July.

"BSNL official not agreed on false statement made by communist party affiliated union that it a level playing field, against private operators, under the pretext of having BSNL implement the" Make in India policy".

The Indian government is required to immediately issue BSNL authorization to purchase 4G equipment, according to the offer already published, " said Communist union in their letter.

BSNLEU demands the government to implement Revival package

BSNLEU also noted that the government has not implemented measures other than the voluntary retirement scheme (VRS), even eight months after the announcement. The Indian government announced in October 2019 a relaunch package for BSNL which includes the deployment of 4G services and the issuance of a sovereign guarantee to BSNL to raise funds from the market.

"Almost 8 months have passed since the Indian government announced the BSNL revival package," said BSNLEU in its letter. "The government is required to take speedy measures to implement for revival of BSNL, as indicated in the reactivation package."

BSNLEU also asked BSNL management to take "immediate action" on 15 other lawsuits, including timely payment of wages and the creation of a single unit for its telecommunications factory.

BSNL employees were said, salary for the May month not to have been paid, while wages of contract workers have not been paid in the past year.

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BSNL Wings is an application that will allow users to make Unlimited calls with the help of the Internet connection without having a SIM card in the device.

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) allows wings user to make seamless calling without having sim card in mobile device. To know the concept of Wi-Fi calling, It allows customers to have a good uninterrupted calling experience even when they don't get a good cellular connection.

BSNL Wings Unlimited calls Offer to anyone without SIM Card
Wi-Fi calls are known as voice calls over Wi-Fi or, ultimately, VoWi-Fi. But BSNL doesn't offer VoWi-Fi calls. Instead, it offers something that's close enough to Wi-Fi calling and it's BSNL Wings. They are also calls made over the Internet and these calls are technically known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

BSNL Wings allows customers to call online. BSNL wings voIP is an application that can be downloaded from google play store to smartphone. The app will need the user's login credentials and password to log in. BSNL Wings will allow you to get a perfect voice call experience from anywhere in India. Read on to learn more about the service and the app.

BSNL Wings is free or paid

The service can be activated with a one-time nominal charges which offers unlimited free audio/video calling for a period of one year.

The Wings app will list all your contacts from your device for making calls. But you won't be able to make these calls for free. A subscription of Rs 1,099 is required which must be paid to activate VoIP services. But initially, users will receive a 10-digit bsnl wings activation pin / subscription ID after downloading the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

After obtaining the assigned 10-digit ID, users will receive a 16-digit PIN at their registered email address. This 16-digit code will be required to activate the Wings service (Contact bsnl wings customer care or email if bsnl wings activation pin not received).

Make video calls with BSNL wings

Once the subscriber has downloaded the Wings app on their device, they can also make video calls to their contacts. But video calls will only be supported when users of both ends have installed the BSNL Wings app and paid the one-time subscription fee for one year. The interesting thing about the Wings application is that, as it works with packet switching technology, it will allow you to make calls from devices that don't even have SIM cards.

International call service available

In case you want to make international calls, you can also do it. But the only thing a subscriber will need to do is make a deposit of Rs 2,000 before making international calls. The costs for the call will be the same as the existing fixed rates for international calls.

A positive aspect of BSNL Wings VoIP calls is that it can be made from anywhere in the country only with the help of a stable Internet connection. You can also make calls when connected to public Wi-Fi networks.

One thing worth noting is that with Wings, BSNL is facing social media giants such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. These applications also provide Internet calling services, both voice and video calls. It will be interesting to see if it can win the competition or not.
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State owned Telecommunications in India BSNL 4G may redraft tenders to Indian companies to design and manufacture 4G equipment after Niti Ayog's recommendations.

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited - BSNL has been trying to scrape the idea of using Chinese equipment for the 4G services for some time in the backdrop of the violent India-china face off in Galwan. 
BSNL have faced many obstacles in the process. 

BSNL 4G in India: Detailed Analysis report on Re-issue tender for 4G equipment
The biggest of these is the "Make in India" government initiative. When it was discovered that BSNL was awarding the tender to foreign companies, this move by the telecommunications company was contested. It was said that it was not in line with the "Make in India" government vision, which is true. 

So now, Niti Aayog has released that all equipment distributed for BSNL 4G network should only be made in India.

Huawei and ZTE could lose the BSNL tender

In the event that the government accepts the proposal made by Niti Aayog 'government of India, companies like Huawei and ZTE will lose the BSNL offer. In addition to them, European companies such as Nokia, Ericsson and the South Korean tech giant Samsung will also miss the opportunity to win the BSNL tender. (Trick to Check 4G compatibility of Your phone)

Despite the fact that Ericsson and Nokia manufacture telecommunication equipment in India, intellectual property rights (IPR) and product design and development take place only in a foreign country. The news is first reported by Financial Express.

BSNL and DoT must trust the Indian ecosystem

In a meeting recently held under the chairmanship of VK Saraswat, it was decided that BSNL and DoT should learn to trust the Indian technological ecosystem. The government-run telecommunications company must offer Indian companies and citizens the opportunity to design and manufacture 4G equipment. 

This ingenuously designed developed and manufactured (IDDM) model could become a solid foundation for the telecommunications company for the Future launch of 5G and will help BSNL keep up with market competition.

During the meeting, it was agreed that there are sufficient resources and skills in India that can provide BSNL with world-class quality equipment for its 4G implementation. If this is so, it will be the true testimony of the fact that the government supports what it says, which is an "Atma Nirbhar Bharat". India will stop relying on international equipment companies, which is definitely a good thing.

What are the adverse impact on Global telecom?

As per telecom latest news from business standard, the Niti Ayog move if executed the telecom gear manufacturers not only china companies Huawei and ZTE but also European majors Ericson and Nokia will loose BSNL's ensuing 4G tenders. (Improve BSNL 4G Internet speed within minutes)

In the first phase of 4G roll-out system integrator's should show proof of concept say in a location like the andaman with existing products. Third phase would be to scale up roll out across the country with dual feature 4G and potential upgrade to BSNL 5G network in India. 
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After withdraw of 200Mbps plan Bharat Fiber BSNL starts new 100 Mbps plan with a 1400 GB or 1.4 TB following Fair Usage Policy (FUP).

High speed internet service provider Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) made the changes in the Chennai circle, where BSNL initially introduced the 200 Mbps plan together with the Telangana circle in January.

Bharat Fiber BSNL starts new 100 Mbps plan offers 1.4 TB data
While BSNL introduced the 200 Mbps plan on a promotional basis with an initial 90-day validity, the BSNL Chennai circle continued to provide 200 Mbps to its users beyond its initial validity. As per telecommunication latest news, BSNL Tamil Nadu Circle and Puducherry Circle continue to offer the 200 Mbps plan with the plan reflected on the respective pages of the circle. The 200 Mbps plan is currently limited to the BSNL Tamil Nadu and Puducherry circles.

New 1.4TB data offering BSNL 100 Mbps plan details

BSNL's new 100 Mbps called "Fibro Combo ULD 1999 CS 15" allows users to browse at speeds of 100 Mbps up to 1400 GB or 1.4 TB. The Fibro Combo ULD 1999 CS 15 has a price of Rs 1999 with the operator limiting the speed to 2 Mbps when the limit of 1400 GB is reached. In addition, BSNL allows users to make unlimited calls to any network in India.

The Fibro Combo ULD 1999 CS 15 is priced the same as the Fibro Combo ULD 1999 CS55 plan which offered speeds of 200 Mbps.

BSNL Bharat Fiber speeds are now limited to a maximum of 100 Mbps at all Chennai prices and in most circles. Although the operator has not specified a possible reason for the change in its offerings, the feasibility of the network may be one of the reasons why BSNL withdrawn the 200 Mbps plan.

Meanwhile, BSNL continues to offer its "33 GB plan" at the price of Rs 1999 across India, with the exception of the Andaman and Nicobar islands. The 33 GB BSNL plan allows users to browse up to 100 Mbps up to 33GB per day with the operator by limiting the speed to 4 Mbps when the 33 GB limit is reached.

In Karnataka, BSNL also offers a CS311 ULD 1999 Fibro Combo plan together with the 33GB plan at a price similar to Rs 1999. The CS311 ULD 1999 Fibro Combo plan allows users to navigate up to 150 Mbps speeds up to 1500GB or 1.5TB. (BSNL Bharat fiber application form Apply Online at selfcare.bsnl.co.in)

In addition, BSNL offers a 1000 GB Fibro CS62 plan in Karnataka that allows users to browse up to 100 Mbps up to 1000GB. The Fibro CS62 1000GB plan has a price of Rs 1995 in the Karnataka circle with the operator reducing the speed to 2 Mbps when reaching the limit of 1000GB. BSNL offers users to make unlimited calls to any network both in the Fibro Combo ULD 1999 CS311 plan and in the Fibro CS62 1000 GB plan.

BSNL speeds on the Andaman and Nicobar islands are limited to 10 Mbps at all prices, including the Rs 7999 top level plan. The Bharat Fiber BB - 225GB_CS333_AN plan at the price of Rs 7999 allows users to browse up to 10 Mbps up to 225 GB with the operator by limiting speeds to 512 Kbps over 225GB.

In addition, BSNL charges Rs 0.10 per MB upon reaching the 225GB limit on the Rs 7999 plan on the Andaman and Nicobar islands. The operator does not have an Rs 1999 plan as in most other telecom circles, however BSNL offers a Bharat Fiber BB - 25GB_CS331_AN plan to its users in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
Bharat Fiber BB - 25GB_CS331_AN priced at Rs 1899 allows users to browse up to 10 Mbps of speed up to 25GB with the operator by reducing the speed to 512 Kbps over 25GB. Similar to the Bharat Fiber BB plan - 225GB_CS333_AN, BSNL charges Rs 0.10 per MB over 25 GB for users on the Bharat Fiber BB plan - 25GB_CS331_AN.

BSNL offers a 200 Mbps plan in the Tamil Nadu and Puducherry circles

The Fibro Combo UL55 CS55 plan from 1999 that BSNL continues to provide in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry circles allows users to browse up to 200 Mbps up to 1500 GB or 1.5TB. BSNL limits the speed to 2 Mbps on reaching the limit of 1500 GB or 1.5 TB and the plan has a price of Rs 1999.

It should be noted that the BSNL Tamil Nadu circle has extended the plan to 200 Mbps to 11 other cities as part of the expansion of the Bharat fiber. The 11 cities that received the Bharat fiber connection include Salem, Namakkal, Mettur, Yercaud, Omalur, Sankagiri, Tiruchengode, Attur, Valapady, Rasipuram and Velur.

BSNL Bharat Fiber plans Vs Jio Fiber plans Comparision Detailed Chart

25% Cashback Offer for BSNL Broadband connection customers

The Bharat Fiber service was initially limited to the main cities of Tamil Nadu, including Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Pollachi, Trichy and Vellore. However, Bharat Fiber BSNL service services provided to Cuddalore, Dharmapuri, Erode, Karaikudi, Kumbakonam, Madurai, Nagarcoil, Ooty, Thanjavur, Tirunelveli and Tutucorin.

It remains to be seen whether BSNL will continue to provide the 1999 CS55 Fibro Combo ULD plan in the Tamil Nadu and Puducherry circles or whether it will introduce similar changes in the Chennai circle.
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The Bharat Fiber BSNL service is currently available in 107 cities across India which facilitates High-speed Internet connection to home.

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) leading telecommunications in India, has invited private franchisee players in various states of India as part of a "New Business Opportunity" to expand their Bharat fiber Internet services i.e for installation of 'Fiber to Home Equipment'. 
Bharat Fiber BSNL New Business Opportunity Offer for Fiber to Home Equipment

As per telecom latest news, BSNL on their official website promises all franchisee players with "Attractive revenue sharing offers" in the hope of attracting entrepreneurs capable of maintaining and installing Fiber Optic Equipment (FTTH). 
Despite the launch in 2019, the BSNL Bharat Fiber service has a limited presence throughout India with the availability of the service limited to the main cities. As of press time, BSNL has officially included the Bharat Fiber service which will be available in 96 cities in India, excluding the 11 cities where it launched its services.

BSNL Bharat Fiber-high speed Internet services Business Opportunity to private players 

Principal General Manager of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, Hyderabad Telecom District, Adharsh nagar, published notification on print media inviting new entrepreneurs in India offering attractive revenue sharing agreement with BSNL for providing high-speed broadband services and install Fiber to the Home equipment.

Another business opportunity from Nagella Trinath, Deputy marketing director of BSNL, shared the "New business opportunities" announcement on Twitter. 

The details about full revenue sharing is not mentioned on its announcement by BSNL Telecom Hyderabad district and Tamilnadu on its Twitter handle.

The BSNL AP telecom has also published multiple tenders for maintaining its FTTH connections in various cities of Andhra Pradesh. 

According to BSNL AP BSNL official website information listed the responsibilities of the private individual including the maintenance of the FTTH equipment and other network infrastructures down to the premises of the consumers. 

BSNL also states that user-reported errors must be eliminated within 12 hours of the telecommunication operator's report.

Bharat Fiber BSNL expands its presence

BSNL expanded the availability of the Bharat fiber service to 11 new offices in Tamil Nadu on Sunday. The new positions include Salem, Namakkal, Mettur, Yercaud, Omalur, Sankagiri, Tiruchengode, Attur, Valapady, Rasipuram and Velur.