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Step by step process for BSNL Broadband FTTH ONT Configuration modem or Huawei ONT device at to access ultra speed internet and voice facilities for Fiber to Home service with new process elaborated, also check the connected status of VOIP and Internet in FTTH ONT Configuration.
BSNL Broadband FTTH ONT Configuration of Huawei Modem

A detailed explanation enables you for configuration process of BSNL FTTH ONT Huawei Fiber Optical Network Termination device by using IP address to activate high speed internet and VOIP based voice telephone service through bsnl ftth ont configuration.

What is a FTTH BSNL?

FTTH means that Fiber to the Home is an advanced BSNL technology where the support is a fiber optic cable instead of a copper cable to transfer data / signals from one place to another.

Also called BSNL Fiber Broadband or FTTH BSNL Broadband. In a fiber optic cable, the signal is transmitted in the form of light, while in a copper cable, the signal is transmitted in the form of current.

The transmission of fiber optic cable is purely digital rather than analog in traditional wire transmission. Get inquiry about or contact BSNL official for reasonable and affordable bsnl ftth ont modem price

How to configure BSNL FTTH ONT Huawei Modem with FTTH Broadband Connection

1. Open your browser and browse the url using IP address
2. Login to ONT using default username (telecom-admin) and password as admin-telecom
3. Check the Status (Vendor ID, ONT Serial no, Hardware Software version etc..) on the panel using Device Info.
4. Click Basic > LAN

Select all the LAN1/2/3/4 ports to enable all the LAN ports and Click Apply

Click Basic > WAN > (For Internet)

Select 2_INTERNET in WAN bsnl ftth ont modem to configure on FTTH Internet

BSNL Broadband FTTH ONT Configuration of Huawei Modem
Type VLAN ID as 10
Select 802.1p as 0
Select IPGetMode as PPPoE
Enter allotted FTTH username and password
Click Apply
BSNL Broadband FTTH ONT Configuration of Huawei Modem

Click Basic > WAN > (For Voice)

Select 1_VOIP_R connection to configure BSNL FTTH Broadband Voice services
Enter VLAN ID as 11
Select 802.1p as 6
Select IPGetMode as Static
Enter the allotted values by BSNL to your number in IP Address / Subnet Mask / Primary DNS Server / Secondary DNS Server / Default Gateway
Click Apply

7. Click Basic VOIP

Fill your sanctioned telephone number by ignoring 0 and adding 91 at starting in the given fields( SIP ID, Auth User Name, Password, Public UserName)
Provide SIP Server (Primary / Secondary)
Submit the allotted server address in
Registered Server Address
SIP Service Domain
Click Save
BSNL Broadband FTTH ONT Configuration of Huawei Modem

Check the VOIP registered status at Status > VOIP

8. View both facilities are connected or not at Status > Device
BSNL Broadband FTTH ONT Configuration of Huawei Modem

The above is the actual process for ONT Compatible with BSNL FTTH VOIP and Internet in Huawei ONT, and if you don’t require to enable telephone facility, just ignore to configure voice facility in Huawei ONT and continue Internet facility with high speed broadband as per your BSNL Bharat fiber plan.
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Portal for Bharat Fiber Broadband Plans and 4G Mobile Recharge plans
Launching BSNL Broadband plans for Bangalore city users servicing on Fiber to the Home introduced new Bharat Fiber tariff plans under specific plans.

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited - BSNL Fiber Broadband plans Bangalore Combo ULD 1099 CS309 gives unlimited internet usage and voice calls to Bangalore telecom district subscribers on FTTH with 70 Mbps speed means more attractive for Garden city or city of Pensioner’s Paradise.
BSNL Broadband plans for Bangalore offer unlimited true internet and voice calls available under specific combo fiber broadband plans of Karnataka state

At Affordable price of Monthly rental of Rs.1099 available of bsnl broadband combo plans bangalore city customers to offer unlimited true internet and unlimited 24 hours voice calls which comes under exclusive specific combo fiber broadband plans available only in Bangalore telecom district of Karnataka state, let’s torch on detailed tariff and freebies coming with BSNL Bangalore Fibro Combo ULD 1099 CS309 Broadband plan.

BSNL fibre Broadband plans Bangalore on FTTH at 70 Mbps Tariff

ParticularsFibro Combo ULD 1099 CS309
Bandwidth (Download Speed)70Mbps till 600 GB, 2Mbps beyond
ApplicabilityAll users of Bangalore Telecom District
Fixed Monthly chargesRs. 1099
Annual payment optionAs per the existing BSNL Cashback scheme
LimitUnlimited Internet downloads and uploads in MB/GB per month
Free Email IDs/Space (perID)1/1 GB
Static IP address (on request)One @ Rs.2000/- per annum additional
Security deposit (Rs.)As per prevailing Instructions for Security Deposit
Minimum hire periodOne month
Telephone Fixed monthly ChargesNIL
Free Calls and additional facility24 Hrs. unlimited free calling to any network in India except some special service and IN calls
ISD Charges on MCU basisAs per existing ISD tariff

In addition BSNL Karnataka telecom authority targeting Bangalore city broadband users, has decided to launch specific fiber broadband plan with monthly rental charges of Rs.1099 nearly thousand plus one hundred offering combo benefits like unlimited data usage at 70Mbps speed upto 60GB and beyond usage the speed will be automatically dropped to 2Mbps according to the Fair Usage Policy of telecom authority.

However, when Bangalore customer reach BSNL Bangalore Office to take new connection or migration to this plans from exiting broadband plan need to Inquiry at customer service center officer about telecomtariff and security deposit, Installation charges etc., and submit customer applicable form along with necessary documents required.

Under combo benefit of this user has provision to make unlimited voice calls to any network in India except in specific service areas.

BSNL fibre Broadband plans Bangalore FAQ

What is FUP limit of BSNL BB 1099 plan?

BSNL's Fibro Unlimited Broadband plan of Rs 1099 used to come with a monthly rental of Rs 1099 (excluding GST), and it used to provide 70 Mbps speed for up to 60GB FUP, and up to 2 Mbps for further usage i.e completion of 60GB initial free data usage.

BSNL Broadband plans Bangalore for existing customers

This Special Offer specific FTTH plan is applicable for both BSNL Broadband plans Bangalore for existing customers.

How can i get BSNL Broadband connection in Bangalore?

Further any information regarding Free Installation broadband connection and other benefits can approach nearest bsnl customer service center in bangalore city or dial BSNL Broadband plans Bangalore customer care number 1800-345-1504.

Which broadband is best in Bangalore?

Under specific category of Karnataka Broadband plans launched in Bangalore city this is the one of the best Fiber Broadband plan for Bangalore city users of Karnataka BSNL Telecom Circle.

Who are eligible for this Combo 1099 FTTH BSNL Unlimited Broadband plan?

BSNL Broadband plans Bangalore city existing customers and new connections are all eligible to get this plan.
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Portal for Bharat Fiber Broadband Plans and 4G Mobile Recharge plans

Do you know How to get Double Recharge Benefits for Data or Extra Talk Value  when we Recharge Twice for Prepaid Mobile Voice calls / Data Usage or Send SMS for a bsnl prepaid mobile number, check the result now and what to do if we recharged wrongly and how to initiate a Refund or Reversal for BSNL recharge amount?
How to get Double Recharge Benefits for Data or Talk Value

At any time you can recharge your prepaid mobile in online or offline for extension or migration to one plan to another, but if same BSNL voucher done twice means, the number will activates with only one, i.e. the voucher of BSNL which is activated finally may comes into effect for activation.

For Instance - If a BSNL customer mobile number successfully recharged with One year validity Prepaid 1699 mobile plan at 10:00AM through a retailer CTOPUP SIM number (Easy Recharge), but when accidentally without any knowledge of father recharged information at 10.01AM his son activates BSNL 666 plan voucher through BSNL Online Recharge portal, then the latest activated plan sixer will comes into effect.

  1. How to Transfer BSNL Sim card Ownership to Other name with same number?
  2. Trick to Check BSNL 4G Compatibility for Your Mobile phone?
  3. BSNL 250 Minutes per Day FUP for Unlimited prepaid pans and STVs
  4. How BSNL 4G Plus Wi-Fi Improve Internet Data Speed in Minutes with Activation
  5. Refund BSNL Recharge Amount, Reversal of wrong Recharge

Why BSNL didn’t take higher denomination into effect for activation if two recharges done on same day?

Due to technical limitations, the latest voucher only will comes into effective for BSNL prepaid mobile number.

What about BSNL freebies available in recharge vouchers, if done twice?

If recharge plan done twice, then the available freebies of both BSNL plan vouchers (Validity prepaid plans) will continue upto their expiry date from the date of activation of plans recharge.

Will the freebies of any type will adds to the plan if done twice?

Yes, all the initial free usage available as per the Prepaid Special tariff voucher / Mobile Plan voucher may activates upon their expiry.

What will happen If i recharge one type of data STV to my number and with in 1 hour my brother activated another combo plan?

The freebies will credit as per the data STV plan and validity, at the same time extra freebies as per the BSNL combo plan may also credits to the account with another validity.

Can i go for BSNL wrong recharge reversal process if done twice?

BSNL wrong recharge reversal process allows only for TOP UP Value Amount in multiples of 10 only.

Is there any procedure for reversal of refund of Topup amount on Wrong Number Recharge?

Yes, On certain conditions like transaction failure or wrong number recharge which does not exist etc., can make a request for refund of recharge amount. In Detailed explained at what conditions this process to be done, Check BSNL Recharge Refund Amount

Do we get double Data benefit on Twice data pack recharge?

Here, one thing BSNL to increase its revenue this free data usage benefit offered on promotional prepaid offer for limited period to prepaid customers. Generally if customer recharge done twice to get double data will be benefited but not work for voice calls or SMS. However the validity may be increased for second recharge.
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Portal for Bharat Fiber Broadband Plans and 4G Mobile Recharge plans

What to do for Refund BSNL Recharge Amount, what happens if i done twice and how to get back, which recharged amounts of mobile number allows to reverse.

Is there any charges for reversal and what are the ways to get back my wrong prepaid recharge if done through Phonepe, Google Pay, Paytm etc.

Clarify your doubts related to the below questions raised on our blog regarding wrong mobile number recharge or  wrong number recharge or twice recharge through online recharge portal or net-banking.

Refund BSNL Recharge Amount, Reversal of Wrong Recharge
What to do for BSNL wrong recharge reversal, what happens if i done twice and how to get back, which recharged amounts of mobile number allows to reverse, and is there any charges for reversal and what are the ways to get back my wrong prepaid recharge if done through Phonepe, Google Pay, Pay TM etc.

In view of demand from customers on BSNL prepaid recharges done through Online Recharge Portal or net banking, the operator allows the reversal of wrong recharge or twice done to your mobile number in home zone done through CTOP UP (Easy recharge) transaction within 6 hours of time with simple SMS procedure.

Procedure for BSNL reversal through CTOPUP SMS

  1. Follow the revised guidelines for reversal of BSNL wrong recharge done through CTOPUP (Channel TopUp) available with PoS (Retailer)
  2. Note down the BSNL CTopup recharge transaction id along with customer mobile number to place reversal request
  3. Send an SMS REV <Mobile Number> <Amount> <Transaction ID> to 58081 for initiating reversal.
  4. Ex: REV 94XXXXXXXX 220 41xxxxxxxxxx
  5. Immediately with in minutes, your reversal amount will be credited to BSNL retailers CTOPUP mobile number

FAQs on BSNL Wrong Recharge Reversal

Which BSNL recharges are not allowed for reversal if done wrong or twice?

Due to technical limitations of the company, BSNL Validity Plan Vouchers, Migration, Special Tariff Vouchers and validity granted through recharge transactions cannot be reversed.

What are recharge amounts of BSNL allowed to get back or reverse?

All the BSNL top up or talk value amounts recharged in multiples of 10 are allowed to get back within specified time for reversal .

What are the charges for BSNL recharge reversal?

Reversal charges are NIL, but retailer(POS) CTOP Up mobile number will be charged with INR 2 for each SMS to the BSNL USSD short code 58081.

How much time we have a place a request for wrong recharge?

The reversal request will be sent by the POS through SMS within 6hours of time from the wrong transaction time but on the same calender date (i.e before 24 hours).

How many times we will place reversal request?

In a month, BSNL POS (Retailer) will place a maximum of 5 reversal requests in a calendar month for wrong mobile number recharge.

What to reverse if done BSNL wrong recharge through Pay TM, Phonepe, Google Pay etc..?

At this cases, there is no responsibility for BSNL, you have to contact the concerned online POS only through mail or contact forms.

I had mistakenly recharged to the wrong number on Paytm How can I get my money back?

Have you Recharged amount to incorrect BSNL Mobile number? Here's how you can Paytm helps to you.

Paytm has become an exceptional platform for fast and convenient top-ups. Just enter the number / account to recharge, select an appropriate on paytm prepaid recharge plan and the number / account will be reloaded instantly. While we work hard to ensure that refills are always simple and intuitive, it is your responsibility to select the correct number / account to recharge.

What next when I have Recharged an incorrect prepaid bsnl number?

When you have Recharged an incorrect bsnl prepaid number, Paytm will not be able to help you, as it immediately sends your order to the BSNL operator and once it has been successful, you cannot reverse it.

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What to do when your Mobile Lost or SIM Damage or SIM Block?

In these cases, it is necessary to contact the BSNL Complaint Portal desk together with the "operator reference number" (ORN) and ask them to reverse the amount.

Paytm is proud of its fast and convenient top-up platform. While we work hard to ensure that refills are always simple and intuitive, we recommend that you carefully select the correct number of BSNL network / prepaid mobile account to recharge.

How do I get a refund if an online recharge through Official portal BillDesk?

  1. To process the transaction made on Official BSNL Portal after debiting amount from bank account, the money was not paid to BSNL the amount automatically refunded to your account within few days usually within two days or two weeks on failed online transactions.
  2. Money will be refunded on all failed online transactions. An online transaction will either update all the relevant databases, or it will fail, in which case you will lose some charges as service charge at the most. Note the transaction ID which will be available in your account transaction details online.
  3. Based on confirmation, SDE/ JTO will decide the amount to be recovered from the mistaken subscriber. Recovered amount may be less than or equal should be minimum Rs 50 to the wrong transaction amount depending upon available balance at that moment in the IN system.
  4. Amount to be credited to the account of POS will be equal to the amount recovered from mistaken subscriber less the amount in lieu of non-recoverable validity. Upon successful reversal, the SMS will be sent from the C-Topup system to the POS and concerned subscriber.  

Amount Reverse the incorrect mobile recharge at BSNL Retail Outlet or POS machine:

For BSNL prepaid numbers, if you want to cancel the incorrect top-up, simply send an SMS to 58081.
SMS format: To reverse the incorrect recharge carried out by the Sim Cop-Up Retailer, Send to BSNL Key USSD Short Code via SMS

REV <space> Movable No. <space> Quantity <Ref. Identification via SMS to 58081.

  • The SMS must be sent within 2 hours of the transaction time but on the same calendar date.
  • In return, you will receive the acceptance request.
  • The SMS must be sent by the same CTOP_No / mobile reseller.
  • The SMS sent will cost Rs. X / SMS.
  • The whole process will take about 4 hours to reverse.
  • A retailer can cancel up to 5 transactions in a calendar month.
  • Only BSNL Validity TOPUP Vouchers can be reversed.
  • The rest of the special vouchers is not allowed for reversal. Any RCV / STV cannot be reversed.
  • The top up amount must be at least Rs 50

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Portal for Bharat Fiber Broadband Plans and 4G Mobile Recharge plans

BSNL Bharat Fiber plans Vs Jio Fiber plans Comparison analysis of the true fiber broadband customer, from Hyderabad, the following points were presented with a comparative chart on the recently launched Jio Gigga Fiber and BSNL FTTH plans.

Before discussing the era of data speed competition, we would like to discuss about what matters to us like a common man in terms of speed and the FUP limit considering budget Broadband plans Unlimited without affecting our daily internet browsing experience.

BSNL Bharat Fiber plans Vs Jio Fiber plans Comparision Detailed Chart
Now with a simple calculation we going to explain in detailed by comparing two devices available in the 4G technology mobile market assume 2 mobile smartphones, one Tablet and High-end Smart TV, so you can finish from 175 to 200 GB and more per month considering 15 hours of HD streaming per week, 7 hours of music per week, 12 hours of social network per week, 3 hours of normal navigation per week.

So, here we generally think that with a good speed we get a good quality of the Internet, yes, we feel the same, but here the fact is that our transmission speeds of HD data from 20 to 30 Mbps are more than enough and what will happen when we have more speed.

Your YouTube videos will be downloaded very quickly, which means that if your kids watch videos without watching them, the full videos will be downloaded in advance and your website's widgets will consume more data at higher speeds, which they don't need, with consequent waste of FUP limits.

Here you should consider the speed up to Mbps and focus more on FUP, think practically and intelligently to select the best BSNL Unlimited broadband plans that start with a speed of @ 40 Mbps with the FUP higher than 300 GB and also available Under Rs.650 for every customer across India, there are many BSNL Bharat Fiber Unlimited plans available in each circle. Let's review and torch on the comparison table for both fiber ISPs.

Reliance Jio Fiber offers additional GB for 6 months only as an introductory benefit.

The two ISPs provide unlimited 24-hour calls to any IP-based landline network.

Fiber PlansMonthly Rent in INRDownload Speed UptoFUP Limit
BSNL 300GB CS337
(West Bengal)
49940Mbps300GB, then 1Mbps
Jio Bronze699100Mbps100GB (+50GB), then 1Mbps
BSNL 500GB CUL77750Mbps500GB, then 2Mbps
Jio Silver849100Mbps200GB (+200GB), then 1Mbps
BSNL 600GB CUL84950Mbps600GB, then 2Mbps
Jio Gold1299250 Mbps500GB (+250GB), then 1Mbps
BSNL 750GB Plan1277100Mbps750GB, then 2Mbps
Jio Diamond2499500Mbps1250GB (+250GB)
BSNL 33GB CUL1999100Mbps990GB(33GB/day), then 4Mbps
BSNL 40GB CUL2499100Mbps1200GB(40GB/day), then 4Mbps

However, the Installation charges for BSNL offers 75% less than Jio Fiber Unlimited plans and the customer Premises Equipment is also available at 50% of the offer price which JIO as shown below

ISPInstallation ChargesSecurity DepositGateway Device
BSNLRs. 250Plan CostUpto 2500 (in Open Market),
If ONT provides by BSNL, its FREE above 675 plans
Reliance JIORs. 1000Rs. 1500Rs.5000

Hence, taking into account all the Compare BSNL Bharat Fiber Vs Jio Fiber plans price, speed and Unlimited Offers provided above and its time for selection of ISPs to provide Fiber to the Home connection which will be the real option that you should consider and not fall prey to the flash. Here another way to check the BSNL Fiber Connection Speed and Reliance Jio Fiber Speed through Online Speed Testing Tool.

To attract Broadband customers across India BSNL already started its campaign conducting Melas in each Circle covering every areas and announced Huge Discount on Unlimited BSNL Broadband plans coming with Landline voice services and more.

If you think BSNL is one of your best option and reach BSNL customer service center or visit BSNL Self care portal to register online to submit bsnl ftth application form to avail maximum benefits coming with BSNL Bharat GigaFiber connection.

Or else Reliance Jio Gigafiber is your best option then visit Jio giga fiber official website for Jio fiber registration.