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On account of New Year 2020 special discount BSNL Recharge Offers Today in India available for all mobile users, Broadband plans subscribers.

One of the Telecom company competitor in India run by Central Government of India, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) in view of the latest trends and customer requirements giving tough completion to the private telecom companies launching attractive and affordable tariff plans in all telecom circles.

Here, BSNL announced special offers for New Year 2020 to start with 4G speed data usage with extra benefits, discounts on mobile recharge plans and vouchers.

Starting with Year 2020, as per bsnl website information, under special mobile offers will get extra validity, full talk time, free sim, unlimited talk time and extra value added services like unlimited change ringtone (PRBT), Lokdhun etc.

Saying Happy new year 2020 to bsnl customers can avail cash back offers on broadband, special discount offers on monthly rental postpaid plans and extra usage freebies on prepaid recharge plans.
In the name of Promotional scheme bsnl started special bonus values and unlimited 3G / 4G net offers under gsm mobile services offering limited period as a start-up gift during the time of festival season.

We, BSNL welcomes you and wishes you Happy new year 2020 and gives a detailed latest updates about bsnl recharge offers for unlimited calls and unlimited data usage with having longer validity available at lowest cost plan.

BSNL Recharge Offers Today for New Year 2020

  1. Prepaid user on recharge of mobile plan 1999 will get extra validity of 60 days i.e with regular 365 + 60 days extra comes with 425 total validity to experience unlimited plan benefits and 4G freebies – Check
  2. BSNL Full talk value on Prepaid recharge plans in India for Christmas and New Year 2020
  3. Get 6 paisa cashback on payment of telephone bill online or offline
  4. Get upto 25% maximum and 15% as minimum cashback on Broadband monthly rental plans – Check
  5. BSNL announced to dispense Blackout days announced every year in view of telecomtariff plans competition in between telecom companies like Airtel, Vodafone and Reliance Jio.

BSNL Expired Offers, Cashbacks, Plans, STVs and News

  1. BSNL withdrawn its existing lowest denomination recharge STV 45

Full talktime offer for New year 2020 on Topup vouchers of Rs.150, 250, and 450.
On recharge of these bsnl balance packs total value talk value and extra talk value will be added to main account balance.

On Topup recharge 150 (Full Talktime), On Topup recharge 250 (275 added i.e Extra 10% talk value of Rs.25), On Topup recharge 450 (500 added i.e extra 10% talk value Rs.45 + bonus value Rs.5).
This offer is available for short period as promotional basis.

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BSNL Portal for Bharat Fiber Broadband Plans and 4G Mobile Recharge plans
Find the reasons, why BSNL selected for 5G waves, what is the launch date and 5G network speed, 5G BSNL plans are more expensive than 5G or less, what are the 5G sim chip cards and devices available on the market.

We all know that 5G is something that everyone around the world expects when we talk about modern telecommunications services and we have many operator services that basically mean operators of telecommunications services and one of the largest state owned telecom company in India BSNL giving high speed internet and mobile technology services across the country.

BSNL known offering affordable plans tariff under broadband and mobile network competing with private telcos and that has been operating for sometime and is now making deals with international 5G service providers to bring this new mobile network technology to India for the first time.

BSNL 5G launch in India and date to get 5G tariff plans
It was one of the few organizations across the country to implement 4G technology and similarly they are in talks with some international 5g telecommunications and technology providers known as suppliers to ensure that India can access 5G in India by next year 2020 positively.

Some of these companies are Coriant, ZTE and Nokia, while on the table there are also conversations with other providers, which have not yet been launched and we all know that 5G has not yet been launched worldwide, with the exception of some cities.

But the head of BSNL has promised that it will launch the latest high-speed mobile network technology on the same day as International Launch Day or date of 5g launch, something that every Indian should expect.

Compared to other mobile operators in India, BSNL has worked hard to deliver 5G technology in India in the coming year 2020 along with proving bsnl 5g sim cards, which may seem to exceed the limits and to be honest, there is a good reason why the first or pioneers in the launch of 5G technology in India, since they adopted 3G services and 4G technology for bsnl very late.

Yes, if you have been a BSNL user for half a decade or more, you will know that they have been slow to adopt new mobile communication technologies due to their vast organization, but not this time because the BSNL head has promised to launch 5G in India as well as the launch for the international day.

What is 5G and why does BSNL acquire 5G network?

5th Generation is the next version of the 4th Generation telecommunications service that will use the same set of mobile sites in the system in any territory, but this version also has greater bandwidth and speed.

The main difference between a 5G and 4G is its Internet bandwidth, data speed i.e internet usage and communication speed, i.e voice calls and these are essential to determine the main difference, but if we talk about a network in terms of hardware, the 5G will also use different antennas and will have to operate in a radio-frequency spectrum that is quite different from 4G so as not to mix those two while working.

The reason why BSNL will bring the 5G service to India is simple to meet the demand of Indian users who are growing day by day, while the services are not prudent enough for everyone.

We all have access to the 4G service, but compared to the millions of users who access the same network, the speed is reduced and most probably the counting of users will increase twice in the next decade, which means that companies like BSNL have to adapt their services and support with the best out there.

Any telecommunications brand like BSNL in India or around the world must strive to provide the best customer service and otherwise, only users now have the option to change or transfer to another service that will launch more fast 5G service.

Therefore, Government-run telecommunications company, makes sure to be announce date launch bsnl 5G service for the first time in India.

Reasons to get BSNL 5G Connection

Suppose BSNL launches its 5G services somewhere in 2020, but you might wonder if it would be a good idea to get bsnl 5G plans and start using the service. All users may have this doubt that the connection will not be very efficient during the initial phase, which is a mistake to think.

All telecommunications brands, including BSNL, have started working on the acquisition of 5G technology and on the other hand, have also implemented the hardware side for further optimization.

In general: 5G service will be the fastest mobile network feature in the world that excels in internet speed, good bandwidth, high-speed coverage and reliability connectivity.

It supports multiple devices: the 4G can accommodate or support less than 500 devices in a 1000 meters or more in a boring one, so there are many towers, but the 5G works with small antennas that can still support 1000 devices in one 1000 meter radius With directional adjustment.

High 5G frequency and high speed: 4G is based on a radio frequency spectrum range of less than 6 GHz, while the new 5G network will operate in the range of 30 GHz to 300 GHz, which is quite wide, and the high frequency range Driving at high speed means that 5G will give better speed in a wide range of areas with more compatible devices.

Data request switch: 5G network devices will have the functionality to switch between 4G and 5G when they know which type of data is requested and transmitted by the network operator.

Bandwidth and speed: Generally the most important criteria to consider are the bandwidth that refers to the amount of data that can be used for a period of a day or a month, depending on the telecom tariff plan. While the 5G speed will be 20 times faster than the 4G connection, which means that the bandwidth will be gradually 10 to 20 times higher than normal 4G data plans.

Minimum download speed: 5G has a minimum download speed of around 20 Gbps, while 4G only has a limit of 1 Gbps.

BSNL 5G data plans or BSNL Internet plans: 5G plans will have a lower price?

As you know that BSNL's 4G network was launched in Kerala and will soon be welcome in other countries. In this gap we could find the 5G BSNL network across India and the data traffic plans will be a bit more expensive than the speed-based 3G or 4G plans, including the upload and download limit provided.

BSNL 5G launching date - When BSNL 5G will be launched in India

Companies and brands of mobile networks are working to acquire 5G technology to implement them as soon as possible, but 5G is available in few cities around the world in the testing phase and BSNL will take a long time to launch its 5G plans, But we are sure that it will happen sometime in 2020.

We hope to see the speed of 5G in the last quarter of 2020 to see how streaming via the web and videos will appear.

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) should implement fifth-generation ultra-high-speed services or launch bsnl 5G in Indian tariff plans "BSNL will launch 5G services on the same day of its international launch," said CMD.

The backs of the 5G launch in India - How can BSNL help 5G device users?

Even after the launch of 5G technology in India, there will be some problems and one of the most important seems to be the limitations of the device. Yes, even if BSNL can start the service, the devices that every Indian should be able to access and use the 5G service.

Now it all depends on the particular company of the smartphone that has to make sure that every smartphone that has launched is updated with the new software update so that it works in sync with the BSNL 5G service.

Frankly speaking, BSNL could do nothing when phone brands needed to make sure their devices could install 5F, but if your device does not have this feature or software update released until then, you may have to look for some other device. or press the sign to get the updates released.

As we speak, all telecommunications providers are working on 5G tests, while smartphone brands are also in full swing to make their devices adaptable to the new technology. Therefore, we can see that most popular brands and popular smartphones are in general. Use can get the update quickly, but we may have to wait for others while the updates come for the usability of 5G.

Launch of BSNL 5G to other mobile operators in India

BSNL is a government-owned organization, as we discussed, and for the Indian government to release 5G, they acquired it from international suppliers at a cost of R. Trilioni, frankly, the government cannot recover the investment on its own of BSNL. in the income of users who will use the 5G service.

In this case, the government will hold an auction in which other services of mobile telecommunications operators based in India will also try to launch the latest ultra-high-speed technology on its platform. In this way, the government can make profits by also obtaining constant income from its BSNL.

The president of Bharti Airtel, Sunil Mittal, asked the government to make sure that the Indian telecommunications market continues to have three private operators. He also urged the Center and the judiciary to "take global consideration" of the sector's relief resource after the Supreme Court's order on adequate gross income (AGR) put companies in difficulty.

Mittal also stated that the telecommunications regulator must take urgent action to establish a minimum price for the tariffs. This, he said, is necessary for the average revenue per user (ARPU) to increase initially to Rs 200 and Rs 300 over time, so that the industry is healthy and sustainable.

"The situation is serious, it's a question of survival for everyone. Vodafone (Idea) is at a loss, Airtel is at a loss, government owned run telecom company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) is at a loss, "said Mittal.
BSNL Portal for Bharat Fiber Broadband Plans and 4G Mobile Recharge plans
Various organizations working across the country BSNL Customer care Helpline numbers in India enables its customers to interact through telecom Toll Free Numbers provided by BSNL.

BSNL Customer Care Helpline numbers in India for Various Services

It presents the assistance number of various organizations and departments working in each state and throughout India provided by BSNL. All assistance numbers provided by Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited in all circles help those wishing to reach the department / office in question through telephone support.

When contacting a helpline number, it is advisable to dial the destination number by adding it with the STD code also from your BSNL mobile number or other network, if you are not connected when you Dial Helpline Number directly.

All assistance numbers provided by BSNLTariff in each state and throughout India are not available for free, some are paid and charged based on the signed billing plan and others are free.

We are furnishing Portal Help desk helpline numbers from various departments for your key information by phone to get advice on a particular topic, so let's check your needs.

Andhra Pradesh, Arunchal Pradesh, Andaman and Chattisgarh

Helpline Service ofPublic Utility Number (dial STD code + number if not connected directly)
Command Control Center Ananthapur Andhra Pradesh155399
Ambulance Services in Andhra Pradesh108
Andaman Nicobar Tourist Police Helpline155307
CPGRAMS Call Center, Govt of Arunachal Pradesh155250
Bihar Prashasanik Sudhar Mission Society14403
Sanchar Kranti Yojana Helpline – Govt of Chattissgarh155309

Helpline numbers of Delhi

Helpline Service ofPublic Utility Number (dial STD code + number if not connected directly)
High Court of Delhi for Helpline for Disabled people1888
Delhi High Court for its Helpline for disabled people1888
CISF Metro Helpline Delhi Metro155655

Helplines in Gujarat

Helpline Service ofPublic Utility Number (dial STD code + number if not connected directly)
M/S Agarsh Credit Cooperative Society18002330, 18002332, 18002333, 18002334, 18002339
Prohibition and Excise Dept Gujarat14405, 1800 233 0272
Torrent Power Surat19128
Torrent Power Ahmedabad19129
Electricity Department Daman, Diu19125, 18002705551
Dadra Nagar, Haveli Power Distribution Corporation19126, 1800 233 9500
Torrent Power Dahe19127

Himachal Pradesh State Helpdesk numbers

Helpline Service ofPublic Utility Number (dial STD code + number if not connected directly)
Helpline for Intellectually Disabled Persons155326
Himachal Pradesh Police helpline for Drug Menace Related Issues1908

All India Helpline Numbers

Helpline Service ofPublic Utility Number (dial STD code + number if not connected directly)
Registrar General and Census Commissioner14421
Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB) – Shri Amarnath Yatra Helpline14464
National Consumer Helpline to Ministry of Consumer Affairs14404
Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP) to NITI Aayog14412
Prayagraj Mela Pradhikaran for the KUMBH MELA 2019
(Available up to 31.03.2019)
1920 or 0532+1920
Emergency Helpline for Railway Employees1329
Army Helpline1904
Disaster Management & Relief from Cyclone1938
Call Enhancement Services to mobile subscribers of BSNL by DEFNE50026, 50036, 50046, 50056 or *526#, *536#, *546# and *556#
Call Center / Helpline under POSHAN Abhiyan (Erst wlwhile National Nutrition Mission) created by Ministry of Women & Child Development, Govt of India14408
NHPS Helpline – Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt of India14555 or 1800111565
MEITY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology) GOI for promottion of Digital Payments Tansactions14444
Helplines of Bharat Sanchar Nigam LimitedState wise BSNL Customer Care numbers
Emergency Number100
M/s Creative Antenna Mediaworks Pvt Limited for Premium Consultancy Services57878
BSNL SaaS Conferencing Services to M/s Door Sabha Nigam Limited1292
Central Quipment Identity Register (CEIR) project of Department of Telecom14422
M/s One97 Communications LimitedSMS based Contest – 530301
NIC (Govt Initiative) Voice14444
Dept of Posts1924 (Withdrawn)
All India Helpline for Passengers to Indian Railways138
Rajeev Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation Ltd155237
Accounts Wing DOT14560, 1800113580
GST Networks for GST Return filing service14409
AB PMJAY (Ayushman Bharat PMJAY) for Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt of India for NHPS Helpline14555 / 1800111565
Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC)155370
Multi Lingual Help Desk called “Mothe and Child Tracking Help-desk : MCTH10588
Indian Post Payment Banks155299
National Informatics Center14441
Legal Assistance helpline to State Legal Service Authority in all States/Union territories1516
Indian Air Force (IAF)155280
M/s India Games Limited55435, 554356
Geo Redundancy57173
OTP based authentication of Unlimited FUP broadband plans55999
Speed-pay Service*369#
Human Rights Helpline to National Human Rights Commission155203 / 14433
Reserve Bank of India, Public Awareness Helpline14440
Aadhaar based OTP Authentication14546
Road Accident Management Services under NHAI1800 258 5845 / 1033
Animals in distress and Animal Mobile Medical Ambulance Helpline to all State Govt / UT’s1962
Cyber Crime Prevention for Women and Children under Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt of India155260
UIDAI Planning Commission SMS1947
Urja Mitra Helpline – Ministry of Power, GOI to facilitate Distribution companies across India to send Electricity Outage Information to customers14401
Labor Helpline155214
South Bengal Border Helpline to Directorate General Border Security Force, MHA14419

Jharkhand Helpline numbers

Helpline Service ofPublic Utility Number (dial STD code + number if not connected directly)
Women & Child Tarfficking Helpline for Govt of Jharkhand10582, 1800110582
Grievence Helpline Center to Rural Development.. Govt of Jharkhand155250

Karnataka State New Helpline Numbers

Helpline Service ofPublic Utility Number (dial STD code + number if not connected directly)
Drug Menace in Bangaluru under Bangaluru City Police155260
Rowdyism / Extortion Menace Helpline to Bengaluru City Police155249
Medical Services to JSS Hospital, Mysuru14456
Medical Emergency Services to Aster CMI Hospital Bangaluru155248
JSS Hospital Mysuru14455
Medical Emergency Services to Narayana Health Network Bengaluru155213
Kerala Helpline Service Numbers: Find the latest kerala helpline numbers provided at new source.

Maharashtra Helpline Service Number

Helpline Service ofPublic Utility Number (dial STD code + number if not connected directly)
CitiZen Grievence Redressel System Collector Office Chanrapur155398
Social Welfare Helpline Maharashtra155338
Grievence Redressel Helpline to Collector Office, Ratnagiri155399

Updated Helpline Numbers of Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Haryana, Rajasthan

Helpline Service ofPublic Utility Number (dial STD code + number if not connected directly)
District Level Police Helpline Madhya Pradesh155390
Medanta Hospitals, The Medicity – Gurgram Haryana, Indore in MP and Ranchi in Jharkhand1068
Panchayat Raj & Drinking Water Department, Govt of Odisha for its Water Helpline1916
Citizen Contact Center (CCC), Govt of Rajasthan155250
Helpline of Haryana Shehri Vikas Pradhikaran for Housing155237

Tamilnadu Helpline Numbers

Helpline Service ofPublic Utility Number (dial STD code + number if not connected directly)
Tamil Development Information Department, Govt of Tamilnadu14469
Railway Vigilance Mobile Helpline for Indian Railways155210
Tamilnadu School Education Helpline14417
Indian Red Cross Society Tamilnadu155247

Telangana Helpline Numbers

Helpline Service ofPublic Utility Number (dial STD code + number if not connected directly)
Telangana State Mineral Development Corporation Ltd155242
IT Department, Govt of Telangana14406
Tata Trusts for Elderly People Helpline in Telangana14403
Arogya Lakshmi ICDS Helpline in Telangana155209

Helpline Numbers of UP, Uttarakhand, West Bengal

Helpline Service ofPublic Utility Number (dial STD code + number if not connected directly)
Chief Minister Helpline to Govt. of U.P1076
AB NHPM Uttar Pradesh for PMJAY155368
Irrigation and Water Resources Dept UP155324
UttaraKhand State Election CommissionSTD Code + 1950 or 18001804189
Criminal Investigation Department , West Bengal Police14407

If having any other helpline numbers of any state/central departments/PSU’s or any private organizations, please intimate here through comments to help other netizens who are required.
BSNL Portal for Bharat Fiber Broadband Plans and 4G Mobile Recharge plans
PAN India BSNL Cheapest 50GB Unlimited Broadband Plan launched in all telecom circles on promotional broadband offer.

State run Telecom company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) launched one of the best and lowest telecom broadband tariff plan at just 299 per month with Unlimited browsing benefits  provides 20Mbps download speed (as per feasibility) with FUP limit and unlimited calls to any network during 24 hours.
BSNL Cheapest 50GB Unlimited Broadband Plan with 20Mbps at 299

BSNL's cheapest and lowest rate broadband unlimited tariff plan 299 is a additional plan available on promotional scheme which gives unlimited data usage at 20Mpbs speed upto 50GB per month thereafter the broadband speed automatically reduced or dropped to 1Mbps following Fair Usage policy (FUP).

BSNL not allowing existing broadband plan customers for migration and also the new customers who subscribes under this 50GB plan shall be migrated to regular broadband plan. A consent in this regard shall be taken from the subscriber at the time of new CAF filling, let’s have a look at tariff.

PAN India BSNL Cheapest 50GB Unlimited Broadband Plan

Particulars50GB Plan Tariff
Bandwidth (Download Speed)
subject to Technical Feasibility
Upto 20 Mbps till 50 GB, thereafter 1 Mbps
ApplicabilityAll users of all the circles in India
(except Andaman Nicobar circle)
Fixed Monthly Charges (Rs.)299
Annual / 2 / 3 Year Payment Option (Rs.)Not Applicable
Download/Upload Limit (MB/ GB)Unlimited Internet per month
Additional Usage Charges/ MB beyond free download/upload limit (Rs.)NA
Free E-mail IDs/Space (Per E-mail ID)1/1 GB
Static IP Address (On Request)NA
Security Deposit (in Rs.)500
Minimum Hire PeriodOne month
Telephone fixed monthly charges in Rs.NIL
Free Calls and Additional facility24 hours Unlimited free calling to any network within India.
ISD Charges on MCU basisAs per existing ISD tariffs

There is drawback on subscription of this 50GB 299 broadband of BSNL is purely a DSL service and not available on FTTH Broadband plans network and also the ISP didn’t provide the same indicator to the customer if disconnects and applied as a new connection, and this tariff is available as a promotional offer.

When it comes to plan availability Cheapest BSNL 50GB Unlimited Broadband plan with 20Mbps is available upto 18th December, 2019 across India for all Broadband customers.
BSNL Portal for Bharat Fiber Broadband Plans and 4G Mobile Recharge plans
Step by step process for BSNL Broadband FTTH ONT Configuration modem or Huawei ONT device at to access ultra speed internet and voice facilities for Fiber to Home service with new process elaborated, also check the connected status of VOIP and Internet in FTTH ONT Configuration.
BSNL Broadband FTTH ONT Configuration of Huawei Modem

A detailed explanation enables you for configuration process of BSNL FTTH ONT Huawei Fiber Optical Network Termination device by using IP address to activate high speed internet and VOIP based voice telephone service through bsnl ftth ont configuration.

What is a FTTH BSNL?

FTTH means that Fiber to the Home is an advanced BSNL technology where the support is a fiber optic cable instead of a copper cable to transfer data / signals from one place to another.

Also called BSNL Fiber Broadband or FTTH BSNL Broadband. In a fiber optic cable, the signal is transmitted in the form of light, while in a copper cable, the signal is transmitted in the form of current.

The transmission of fiber optic cable is purely digital rather than analog in traditional wire transmission. Get inquiry about or contact BSNL official for reasonable and affordable bsnl ftth ont modem price

How to configure BSNL FTTH ONT Huawei Modem with FTTH Broadband Connection

1. Open your browser and browse the url using IP address
2. Login to ONT using default username (telecom-admin) and password as admin-telecom
3. Check the Status (Vendor ID, ONT Serial no, Hardware Software version etc..) on the panel using Device Info.
4. Click Basic > LAN

Select all the LAN1/2/3/4 ports to enable all the LAN ports and Click Apply

Click Basic > WAN > (For Internet)

Select 2_INTERNET in WAN bsnl ftth ont modem to configure on FTTH Internet

BSNL Broadband FTTH ONT Configuration of Huawei Modem
Type VLAN ID as 10
Select 802.1p as 0
Select IPGetMode as PPPoE
Enter allotted FTTH username and password
Click Apply
BSNL Broadband FTTH ONT Configuration of Huawei Modem

Click Basic > WAN > (For Voice)

Select 1_VOIP_R connection to configure BSNL FTTH Broadband Voice services
Enter VLAN ID as 11
Select 802.1p as 6
Select IPGetMode as Static
Enter the allotted values by BSNL to your number in IP Address / Subnet Mask / Primary DNS Server / Secondary DNS Server / Default Gateway
Click Apply

7. Click Basic VOIP

Fill your sanctioned telephone number by ignoring 0 and adding 91 at starting in the given fields( SIP ID, Auth User Name, Password, Public UserName)
Provide SIP Server (Primary / Secondary)
Submit the allotted server address in
Registered Server Address
SIP Service Domain
Click Save
BSNL Broadband FTTH ONT Configuration of Huawei Modem

Check the VOIP registered status at Status > VOIP

8. View both facilities are connected or not at Status > Device
BSNL Broadband FTTH ONT Configuration of Huawei Modem

The above is the actual process for ONT Compatible with BSNL FTTH VOIP and Internet in Huawei ONT, and if you don’t require to enable telephone facility, just ignore to configure voice facility in Huawei ONT and continue Internet facility with high speed broadband as per your BSNL Bharat fiber plan.