BSNL Landline Offers discount Rs.100/- for 6 months to existing users

Good news for BSNL Landline Connection users offering discount of Rs.100/- for first six months to the existing landline customers in all telecom circles.

Public Telecommunications Company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited - BSNL has announced special discount offer for existing landline connections those not having broadband connection or broadband services.

BSNL Landline Offers discount

Public Sector Unit BSNL to retain its landline connections working in all telecom circles without Broadband services has decided to offer special discount on landline bills for those existing landline customers who are not having broadband connection or who subscribe to any BSNL's Bharat Fiber Broadband plans.

In association with TIPs/Partners on revenue share basis bsnl providing new connection to the customers in all telecom circles. 

The above discount scheme will be available for a period of 90 days under bsnl promotional offer with immediate effect in all telecom circles. 

This promotional discount scheme implemented according to the 43rd Amendment of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) instructions / Guidelines issued from time to time.

Note: Depending up on technical feasibility and availability of service telecom circle the date of implementation scheme may vary.

How to get discount or apply for bsnl discount scheme?

Simple call bsnl customer care number landline 1500 from BSNL mobile or Landline and 1800-345-1500 from other operator mobile or Landline.

Procedure for bsnl broadband new connection apply online for discount scheme?

Just visit bsnl self care portal www.selfcare.bsnl.co.in and register your landline number and apply for new bsnl broadband new connection over FTTH services (Fiber-to-the-home).

What next after applying for new bsnl broadband connection?

BSNL contact registered connection number and provide services as requested and same may be processed in the next ensuing landline connection bill.
User can manage all bsnl services at one stop i.e bsnl self care portal selfcare.bsnl.co.in by registering your connection type of service.

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BSNL 499 recharge plan Double data offer with Unlimited benefits

Under BSNL Tariff plans of prepaid mobile, BSNL doubles customers data usage when they recharge with STV 499 on PAN India basis.

Public Telecommunications company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited - BSNL has announced double data usage for prepaid customers of GSM mobile with Unlimited features with special tariff voucher of Rs.499 in all telecom circles.

BSNL 499 recharge plan

Public Sector Unit - PSU BSNL under rationalization of prepaid recharge plans and special tariff vouchers has announced double data usage for customers of prepaid sim mobile on recharge of Rs.499 STV. 

One of the most popular prepaid unlimited STVs in prepaid plans / vouchers bsnl on demand and give maximum benefit to its valuable customers has decided to add extra 1GB data usage to 499 recharge plan, 1st June, 2021 across all telecom circles.

MRPExisting FreebiesExisting Validity Revised FreebiesRevised Validity
4991 GB Data/day + Unlimited Voice calls (local/STD)(On-net/Off-net) in Home LSA and National roaming (including Delhi and Mumbai) + 100 SMS/day is including MTNL area Mumbai and Delhi + BSNL tune + Zing90 2 GB Data/day + Unlimited Voice calls (local/STD)(On-net/Off-net) in Home LSA and National roaming (including Delhi and Mumbai) + 100 SMS/day is including MTNL area Mumbai and Delhi + BSNL tune + Zing90

According to the latest information from the bsnl official website bsnl.co.in, BSNL's STV 499 will offer 2GB of data per day instead of 1GB of data per day without any changes to the MRP or validity of the existing STV. 

It means customers can enjoy unlimited voice calls to any network (including MTNL areas of Delhi and Mumbai), 2GB of data per day, 100 free SMS per day to any network, and Zing Music app subscription for 90 days. Free SMS is also available from anywhere in India without restrictions.

The above prepaid tariff revision will take effect from 1st June 2021 in all telecommunications circles. The implementation of the bsnl tariffs takes place in accordance with the 43rd Amendment of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India - TRAI orders / guidelines / clarifications issued from time to time.

How to Activate BSNL Prepaid STV 499?

Prepaid mobile customers can activate the above recharge coupon 499 (Check Latest Prepaid BSNL Recharge Offers) via online bsnl official recharge portal or via BSNL Retail Store / BSNL Customer Service Centers (BSNL CSC) or any third party recharge websites like Amazon, Paytm, Freecharge or Mobikwik. 

But, for this voucher 499 selfcare Activation is not allowed and customer need to recharge online or offline, as this plan is included with the free BSNL songs. Customers are advised to use the My BSNL app / BSNL payment portal for all billing payments BSNL services.

BSNL STV 499 is already active on my number. Can I take advantage of this revised offer?

Existing BSNL Recharge 499 customers will continue to enjoy the same benefits (1GB / day) until their current offer expires i.e validity period. However, at the next renewal they will also be able to take advantage of the revised scheme, i.e. 2GB of data / day. Multiple recharge facility is not available for this prepaid 499 recharge plan.

Take advantage of the 4% discount on online recharging through the My BSNL application

If you are a new user to install the My BSNL application on your mobile, you can take advantage of a fixed 4% discount on the MRP of any prepaid STV. 

To take advantage of this scheme, simply download and install the My BSNL app from the Google play store and register with your mobile number. You can also take benefit of discount of 4 percent when you recharge / bill payments for your friends or family via the My BSNL app.

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What are standard broadband plans (Standard broadband fibre)?

Standard broadband plans (Standard broadband fibre) are simply plans that offer the same benefits and are priced the same across all circles. To put it simply, bsnl offers all of its Broadband tariff plans at the same price and benefits across all telecom circles.

While there are only four telecom operators in India, there are many other Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and the number continues to grow as the days go by. As a result of the pandemic, all ISPs have received a boost as demand for fixed-line fiber Internet connection has grown. 

Standard broadband fibre

Private operators such as Excitel and other lesser known companies have expanded their services in new parts of the country to acquire greater market share in line with the growing demand for the service.

However, there is one thing that all new private ISPs need to consider and that is whether their broadband plans are standard or not.

What are standard broadband plans?

Standard broadband plans are simply plans that offer the same benefits and are priced the same across all circles. To put it simply, JioFiber offers all of its plans at the same price and benefits across all telecom circles. Therefore, JioFiber offers "Standard" plans across India.

For the sake of it, instead of calling them standard plans, let's call them "coherent plans". Coherent broadband plans are much better than plans that offer various benefits in different environments across the country.

Why are standard / coherent broadband plans better?

Standard or constant broadband plans are better because psychologically they offer safety and comfort to the user. Also, it helps the user not to feel cheated. For example, if a user living in Delhi gets a 100 Mbps broadband plan from a hypothetical company called "XYZ" for Rs 1,000 and another user living in Mumbai simultaneously gets the same plan from the same company for Rs 700 rupees; the user living in Delhi would feel a bit betrayed.

Fibration costs, infrastructure development costs and other operational costs for businesses can vary in different regions. Regardless, broadband companies should focus on offering plans that offer standard plans to users across the country.

With standard / coherent plans, users can also move home or move their connection to another city or circle if they are moving home. That's why the plans of companies like JioFiber, Excitel, Airtel Xstream Fiber, BSNL Bharat Fiber look great.

At the same time, ACT Fibernet's plans appear to be very confusing, and this is the case with the plans offered by You Broadband in flagship cities.

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BSNL Tariff plans of Prepaid 198 with extra validity and Lokhun content

Under Rationalization of mobile prepaid tariff plans BSNL revised 198 special tariff voucher validity and added extra benefit to users in all telecom circles.

Public Telecommunications Company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited - BSNL has announced rationalization of mobile tariff plans of prepaid giving extra benefit by adding Lokdhun content to existing freebies coming with prepaid plan 198.

BSNL Tariff plans

Now, Prepaid subscriber can enjoy a longer 50-day validity and free Lokdhun content which is already started from June 1, 2021 under data offering - STV 198 (Prepaid plan). However, when any customer recharge 198 voucher they will get revised validity of 50 days instead of 45 days and free Lokdhun content from June 1, 2021. 

Existing bsnl prepaid plans 198 data offers unlimited internet usage upto 2GB per day and BSNL Tunes for 45 days. Now, its revised to 50 days by adding extra Lokdhun content to per day data usage limit to benefit prepaid customers in all telecom circles.

According to the latest information of bsnl official website bsnl.co.in, this prepaid data rechage plan 198 will provide customers with a longer validity period of extra 5 days at no additional cost. 

BSNL has also decided to bundle this recharge offer with Lokdhun's content with effect from 01-06-2021 onwards. However, the existing BSNL Tunes offering will be removed from this STV after the fare review.

STV MRPExisting FreebiesExisting Validity Revised FreebiesRevised Validity in Calendar Days
198Unlimited Data (speed reduced to 40Kbps after 2 GB Data / day)  + BSNL tunes45Unlimited Data (speed reduced to 40Kbps after 2 GB Data / day)  + Lokdhun Content50

Updated prepaid mobile data STV 198 from BSNL in effect from June 1, 2021 onwards.

The above bsnl tariff of prepaid revision will be implemented with effect from 1st June, 2021 in all telecommunications circles. The implementation of the bsnl tariffs takes place in accordance with the 43rd Amendment to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) orders / guidelines / clarifications issued from time to time.

How to activate BSNL Data STV 198 (BSNL recharge 198 offer)?

Prepaid mobile customers can activate STV 198 of bsnl through easy recharge or Online Recharge Portal or Selfcare bsnl portal. Know more Latest Mobile bsnl tariff prepaid plans

The customer already recharged 198 plan before 1st June the extra Lokdhun content offering not available. This revision is applicable to all existing and new BSNL prepaid mobile customers on any plan.

What are the modes available for bsnl recharge plans activation?

  • Easy recharge activation: Customers can activate unlimited data STV 198 by reloading their mobile number at any nearest bsnl retail outlets or bsnl customer service center or bsnl channel partner.
  • Activation through BSNL Official online recharge portal: Just use the BSNL payment portal or selfcare recharge portal or My BSNL app and recharge your mobile number with Rs 198.
  • Self Care Activation by sending SMS or dial: Here customers with sufficient prepaid main account balance can use activation method via sending SMS or using USSD activation code to 123 as below.

SMS activation (Send SMS to 123): STV(space)DATA198
USSD activation: dial *444*198#

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BSNL WiFi connection plans WiFi-BU-234 and WiFi-BU-212 launched

In view of huge demand for bsnl internet connection plans unlimited BSNL introduces two new WiFi plans "WiFi-BU-212" and "WiFi-BU-234" and withdrawn existing "WiFi-BU-214" plan for mass users.

Public Telecommunications Company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited - BSNL has announced the launch of new two new WiFi plans for mass users: "WiFi-BU-212" and "WiFi-BU-234" to provide WiFi internet connection services to bulk customers in cooperation with WiFi service providers for access points (HSSP).

BSNL WiFi connection plans

In addition to the above introducing new plans, the Public sector unit BSNL has also decided to scrap one of its existing bulk user Wi-Fi plans named "WiFi-BU-214" for new customers. 

After withdrawing wifi internet plan will not be available to new customers, however customers who have already subscribed to the withdrawn plan can enjoy the benefits and will continue till the validity period.

This latest bsnl tariff plans revision applicable for new wifi bulk user of bsnl with effect from from 3 June 2021 in all telecommunications circles.

As per official statement from bsnl website bsnl.co.in, under the rationalization of wifi internet plans for bulk users the review of wifi tariffs reads as follows: -

BSNL WiFi connection plans

To replace new bsnl wifi connection plans the existing and running WiFi-BU-214 designed for Wifi bulk user the Competent Authority bsnl has withdrawn for new customers to launch two new WiFi Bulk User plans to provide WiFi services to Bulk User customers in association with HSSP (Hot Spot Service Provider). Which Internet connection is best wired-wireless

New Bulk User BSNL WiFi Plans via WiFi Hot Spot Service Providers (HSSPs)

Plan NameBackhaul Bandwidth to HSLNo. of APsAnnual Charges
WiFi-BU-2122 Mbps1 to 296,000/- (Excl GST)
WiFi-BU-2342 Mbps3 to 42,00,000/- (Excl GST)

Withdrawn BSNL Bulk User WiFi Plan for new customers

Plan NameBackhaul Bandwidth to HSLNo. of APs Annual Charges
WiFi-BU-2142 Mbps1 to 42,00,000/- (Excl GST)

The revenue sharing with the HSSPs will be split according to the respective work order / agreement.

The above instructions will be implemented with effect from 06-03-2021 in all telecom tariff circles. 

All other existing Bulk User WiFi plans to provide WiFi services to Bulk User customers in association with HSSP and other terms and conditions will remain the same as the published or circulated earlier.

BSNL WiFi connection plans

These two 2Mbps speed offering Wifi-bu-212 and wifi-bu-234 are know to be the best bsnl wifi plans for Business / Corporate customers such as Hotels, Hospitals, universities, colleges, autonomous local authorities, public libraries, etc. 

BSNL targeted Business / Corporate customers and designed annual package bsnl wifi plans to take advantage of the BSNL WiFi services at the most convenient tariff plans of bsnl. 

BSNL will install these WiFi access points through WiFi service providers. Pricing plans depend on the number of access points (APs) and the backhaul bandwidth provided at the access point location. BSNL will be responsible for the authentication, authorization and accounting of WiFi users, and thus mass clients need not worry about user authentication and related issues.

We already reported on this website that bsnl wifi plans unlimited for home launched and best bsnl wifi router are available for customers to enjoy high-speed internet services.

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BSNL Bharat fiber broadband new connection crossed 14 lakhs

One of the great achievement and trust on PSU made BSNL to cross 14 Lakhs of Bharat Fiber Broadband new connection in May 2021.

Public Telecommunications Company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited - BSNL is back on track, crossing 14 lakhs broadband fiber connections only in May, 2021.

BSNL Bharat fiber broadband new connection

Congratulations to the entire BSNL team and their affiliate network across India who are behind to achieve this target. State-owned telecommunications company announced that it had traversed over 14 lakhs of Bharat FTTH Broadband connections in May 2021.

BSNL was able to achieve this incredible performance only with the help of its franchise network, which includes: local cable TV operators (LCOs), telecommunications infrastructure providers (TIPs) and multiple system operators (MSOs) across the country. 

The quality of service and superior performance of the BSNL Broadband Bharat Fiber connection are the main reasons that have helped BSNL achieve this extraordinary performance during this pandemic period. 

BSNL could outperform almost all private fiber broadband operators in the country that experience difficulties in bandwidth congestion and network outages even during peak hours.

How to apply for new bsnl broadband connection Online? Step by Step procedure
At this time, BSNL has extended its sincere appreciation to all of its franchise partners who have helped achieve this wonderful performance by offering quality customer service. 

The main contributors are the southern telecommunications circles, which include: Kerala, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Chennai, Andhara Pradesh and Telangana. As previously reported, BSNL had surpassed the FTTH customer base of 1 million as of December 2020.

BSNL has begun aggressively bringing new Fiber Broadband FTTH connections by partnering with local cable operators (LCOs), Multiple System Operators (MSOs) and Telecommunications Infrastructure Providers (TIPs) across India. 

Customers can now use the BSNL FTTH connection in any corner of the country, either directly or through BSNL's authorized Bharat fiber affiliates.

BSNL Broadband Safe Secure Connection via Cyber Swachhta Kendra security tools

BSNL's new Bharat fiber strategies are just awesome!

BSNL broadband new connection plans has launched (Fiber Basic 449, Fiber Value 799, Fiber Premium 999 and Fiber Ultra 1499) in selected cities / areas. 

Now BSNL Fibervalue, Fiber Premium and Fiber Ultra for all users! Areas list

Subsequently, based on the growing demand for BSNL FTTH, BSNL authorities launched another unlimited FTTH plan: Fiber Basic Plus 599 with 60 Mbps download speed and 3.3 TB usage as a regular offering available in all circles of telecommunications in India. The BSNL Fiber Basic Plus 599 plan is available to all new and existing users across India.
Activate Hotstar Premium Free account with BSNL Broadband plans

Welcome offer for new BSNL ftth plans customers

The BSNL Fiber Basic 449 plan is also available in all telecom circles as a welcome offer. It means that new BSNL FTTH customers can opt for the BSNL Fiber Basic 449 plan which offers a download speed of 30 Mbps up to a usage of 3.3 TB. 

However, with the prior consent of broadband customers at the time of new connection subscribed to the 449 plan will automatically migrate to the Fiber Basic Plus 599 plan after 6 months, this according to the terms and conditions of bsnl broadband. (Check Latest Broadband tariff plans)

Why should we choose BSNL Bharat Fiber plans (FTTH)?

BSNL Bharat fiber ftth plans is considered to be the cheapest and most stable fiber broadband connection available in India with a maximum download speed of up to 300 Mbps. The main attraction of the BSNL FTTH connection setup is superior performance and bandwidth stability guaranteed even during peak hours.

BSNL Bharat fiber broadband new connection

BSNL FTTH connection allows unlimited voice calls to any network

Without charging to voice calls making from subscribed plans under BSNL Bharat Fiber, customers can access unlimited voice calling to any network in India. All BSNL FTTH plans are bundled with unlimited free calling. All you need to do is buy a landline phone and connect it to the Bharat fiber modem to make free calls to any number in India at no extra cost.

Migration of existing landline number to BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH)

Existing fixed line / broadband ADSL customers can migrate their connection to FTTH while keeping their old fixed line number. BSNL allows this facility in its NGN exchange areas. BSNL expects to complete the upgrade of its existing fixed line telephone exchanges to next generation telephone exchanges (NGN) in a couple of months. 

Customers wishing to use the existing landline number for BSNL FTTH can submit the request to the nearest BSNL Customer Service Center (BSNL CSC).

BSNL has launched online booking for Bharat's new fiber connections

Customers wishing to subscribe to the new BSNL FTTH Broadband (Bharat Fiber) service can book their connection through the Book My Fiber portal (https://bookmyfiber.bsnl.co.in/) or through the My BSNL app. 

Customers wishing to use the BSNL FTTH service can Register on this portal by providing their name, mobile number and email address. Once an FTTH lead is received, the lead will be routed to the nearest BSNL / BSNL OLTE franchise based on the geo-tagged location for connection provisioning. 

The BSNL officer closest to the customer site will interact with the customer to complete the KYC documents. Customers from all telecommunication circles can use the Book My Fiber portal to register for the BSNL fiber broadband service.

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