BSNL Selfcare Portal: New mobile app for BSNL customers

New BSNL Mobile selfcare web portal APP has launched for customers across India for Prepaid recharge plans and Postpaid bill payment etc.

BSNL TARIFF Highlights:

  • BSNL selfcare portal for prepaid mobile plans, check main account balance, plan validity, latest offers and Postpaid bill payment, view bills, download receipt
  • Prepaid customers can download from Google Play Store or the Apple Store to recharge bsnl plans and stvs
  • No need to install other third party apps to recharge prepaid plans

Public Telecommunications Company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited - BSNL has announced the launch of new mobile application named "BSNL Selfcare Portal APP" and can be downloaded at free of cost from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. 

BSNL Selfcare Portal

As per latest information published on bsnl official website bsnl.co.in, this recently launched application bsnl selfcare portal for prepaid mobile, is very useful for all BSNL customers to know the details about their prepaid mobile plans, main account balance, plan validity, latest offers, etc.

BSNL Selfcare Portal

BSNL Postpaid mobile customers also benefit from this recently launched BSNL Selfcare mobile app, as this app enables a hassle-free bill payment service. Furthermore, BSNL's mobile customers can also check their existing bsnl tariff plans, available recharge packs, total free data included in the existing plan, consumed data usage, remaining data, etc. also the information can be recolled with the BSNL mobile selfcare web portal app. 

Currently, the "BSNL Selfcare Portal" app offers services only to its mobile customers. BSNL prepaid and postpaid mobile customers can download this new mobile bsnl selfcare app from the Play Store of Google. (Check BSNL Mobile selfcare web portal - www.selfcare.bsnl.co.in)

BSNL customers can gain control of all BSNL Mobile services conveniently with one click with the "BSNL Selfcare portal account" mobile app.

BSNL Selfcare Portal

Features and Benefits of "BSNL Selfcare Portal Prepaid" mobile app

More importantly, the newly released app has a beautiful user interface that is absolutely excellent compared to all the other mobile apps released by BSNL so far. Now let's explore the various facilities available in the BSNL Selfcare quick mobile app. The menu bar shows the following options in the BSNL Selfcare mobile app.

Mobile BSNL Selfcare App - Menu Options

  • Payment of bills
  • Recharge
  • Self Control to Manage account
  • Transaction history
  • Special offers
  • BSNL Customer care support and service
  • Gain or Redeem BSNL rewards
  • Language assistance
  • Settings
  • Log Out
BSNL Selfcare Portal

How can I download the BSNL Selfcare mobile app?

BSNL launches the "BSNL Selfcare Prepaid" mobile application for its mobile customers.
For Android mobile phone users, the application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, while the application will be available for iPhone users from the Apple Store. Search for BSNL Selfcare text in the Google Play Store or Apple Store search bar and tap to download and install the application on your mobile.

  • Compatibility with Android mobile devices: Compatible with Android versions 5 and above.
  • IOS Compatibility: Compatible with iOS versions 11 and above.

Is there a cost to download the BSNL Selfcare app?

The BSNL Selfcare App for prepaid is available absolutely FREE of cost for all BSNL customers. The only thing is that customers need to have an active internet plan to download the bsnl app from the mobile app store.

Can I use the BSNL Selfcare app on non-BSNL mobile device?

Yes, the BSNL Selfcare app works on all telecom service providers sim platform mobile device. However, in case you are using the application on a non-BSNL mobile phone, to use the BSNL services on the BSNL Selfcare application, you must connect it to any of the BSNL mobile numbers to get bsnl selfcare portal account.

BSNL Selfcare Portal

What kind of services can I use through the BSNL Selfcare mobile app?

  • For Postpaid mobile subscribers
  • View Postpaid bill (Pending and Unbilled Amount)
  • Data usage
  • Pay the bill
  • Download Bill
  • Download the payment receipt

For prepaid mobile customers

  • View Existing plan
  • View details about using the plan
  • Recharge any prepaid plan account
  • Browse Latest plans, stvs by category
  • Download the recharge receipt

BSNL Selfcare App User Registration: How can I register for the BSNL Selfcare Mobile App?

After downloading the BSNL Selfcare app, the BSNL customer can access the mobile app in two of the following ways.

  • Register bsnl selfcare account
  • Log in with OTP
BSNL Selfcare Portal

How can I top up my BSNL prepaid mobile phone?

The process is very simple and easy with the BSNL Portal Selfcare app. Click Recharge Now on the app home page. Select your plans or stvs from the down listed plans link. Check the details of the plan. Choose the plan or top up. You will then be immediately redirected to the payment desk to complete the payment process. After completing the payment, an acknowledgment of receipt will be sent by SMS.

How can I take advantage of the special offers for my bsnl prepaid mobile account?

You can take advantage of special offers when BSNL announces it. You can check the bsnl tariff plans by selecting the 'Special offers' option on the home page and in the side menu.

How can I find out all about the various 4G / 3G / 2G data packages for my BSNL prepaid mobile phone?

You can check all available top-up packs including 4G / 3G / 2G data offers in the BSNL Selfcare app from the Top-up option on the home page or side menu. For details, you need to enter your BSNL prepaid mobile number and then click on the "Browse Plans" link provided on the page.

BSNL Selfcare Portal

How can I pay my BSNL postpaid mobile bills using the BSNL Selfcare app?

Payment of the BSNL postpaid mobile bill can also be done easily with the BSNL Portal Selfcare app. For this, you need to click on the "Billing" option on the home page or in the side menu. Then enter BSNL postpaid mobile phone number or account number to get the latest bsnl postpaid bill payment receipt details. 

BSNL Selfcare account app will get the amount to pay for you or you can enter the amount you want to pay. Next, click on Quick Pay and the app will be redirected to the bill payment table. After successful payment, BSNL will send an acknowledgment of receipt via SMS.

How can I see my outstanding invoice amount for my BSNL postpaid mobile phone?

To find out your pending bill, simply log in via your postpaid mobile number. The application will display the outstanding invoice amount in the home page panel.

Enhanced security with fingerprint authentication

BSNL Selfcare mobile app enables greater security for users through fingerprint authentication. With this, unauthorized access to the application can be prevented and thus the BSNL Selfcare application gives you peace of mind regarding its security features.

BSNL Selfcare Portal

How to change my profile in the BSNL Selfcare app?

You can click on your profile picture on the home page or in the side menu bar. Then click Edit Profile. You can now change your profile picture or edit your details. Next, click the Save button at the top right of the page.

How to change the application language?

BSNL Selfcare App is available in two languages: English and Hindi. Customers can change their language preference by going to the sidebar menu and selecting the language option. Or you can go to the profile page and click on the language switch icon. Then the app will ask you to choose the language you want. After selecting the language, the application will render in the selected language.

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