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Latest E auction BSNL Fancy numbers / Vanity Numbers Offers Telecom  Circle

StateStartEndCategoryView Details
AhmedabadTelecomNANAMobileGrab Now
AndamanNicobarTelecomNANAMobileGrab Now
MobileGrab Now
AssamTelecomNANAMobileGrab Now
MobileGrab Now
Chandigarh telecom districtNANAMobileGrab Now
Chattisgarh Telecom CircleNANA
MobileGrab Now
Gujarat Telecom Circle11-12-202320-12-2023MobileGrab Now
Gurgaon Telecom DistrictNANAMobileGrab Now
Haryana Telecom CircleNANAMobileGrab Now
Himachalpradesh Telecom CircleNANA
MobileGrab Now
Hyderabad Telecom DistrictNANAMobileGrab Now
Jalandhar Telecom DistrictNANAMobileGrab Now
Jammu kashmir telecom circleNANAMobileGrab Now
Jharkhand telecom circleNANAMobileGrab Now
Karnataka Telecom CircleNANAMobileGrab Now
Kerala Telecom circleNANAMobileGrab Now
Kolkata Telecom District09-12-202317-12-2023
MobileGrab Now
Madhyapradesh Telecom CircleNANAMobileGrab Now
Maharashtra Telecom circle05-12-202315-12-2023
MobileGrab Now
Nasik Telecom DistrictNANAMobileGrab Now
North East Telecom CirclesNANAMobileGrab Now
Odisha Telecom circleNANAMobileGrab Now
Punjab Telecom Circle10-12-202319-12-2023MobileGrab Now
Rajasthan Telecom CircleNANAMobileGrab Now
Rajkot Telecom DistrictNANAMobileGrab Now
RTTC HyderabadNANAMobileGrab Now
Tamilnadu Telecom CircleNANA
MobileGrab Now
Telangana Telecom CircleNANAMobileGrab Now
UP (East) Telecom CircleNANA
MobileGrab Now
UP (West) CircleNANAMobileGrab Now
Uttaranchal telecom circle13-12-202323-12-2023MobileGrab Now
West Bengal telecom circleNANAMobileGrab Now

BSNL E Auction fancy numbers booking Terms and Conditions participate for bidding online.



1. BSNL Vanity Auction for all mobile sim card users 
2. BSNL Vanity number auction site available for each telecom circle
3. BSNL Vanity number means - Also known as Fancy Number for easy memorable   

BSNL E Auction process and Procedure details

1. The customer has to pay the online registration fee for the selected vanity mobile number After paying the registration fee, the customer has to offer the minimum bid

2. Required by clicking on the "CLICK TO MAKE AN OFFER" button in the Status menu of my offer.

3. Potential customers / companies must be Indian citizens or companies registered in India.

The registration fee for customers (other than H1, H2, H3) is refunded within 10 days from the end date of the auction cycle of the respective state.

4. If H1 has taken sim for the amount offered by H1, then H2, H3 will be refunded the client's registration fee within 20 days of the respective state's auction cycle end date.

5. If H2 has taken sim for the offered amount H2 in case H1 has not taken the offered number, the H1 registration fee will be canceled and the H3 registration fee will be refunded within 31 days of the end of the auction cycle date. end of that state.

6. If H3 took sim for the amount offered by H3 in the case of H1, H2 did not take the number offered, then the H1, H2 entry fee will be canceled.

7. The maximum bid amount payable is only for assigning a custom fancy numbers bsnl number. 

8. All other costs for creating additional mobile numbers and mobile services are at the published BSNL rate.

9. BSNL Vanity / Fancy number after the award may not be sell to others at highest bidder price, in which case BSNL has the right to cancel it.

10. The custom number will be assigned to the highest bidder upon receipt of [(Bid Amount +% GST on Bid Amount) - Registration Fee Paid] at any BSNL Customer Service Center within the specified time period, subject to verification of all required documents.

11. BSNL reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time by notification on this portal with immediate effect.

12. BSNL reserves the right to accept any of the winning bids or even decline based on the expected auction price and may repeat the auction process for a particular number or vanity group.

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