BSNL Broadband Landline connection Shifting, Name trasfer charges revised

BSNL revised name change and shifting charges for bsnl broadband and landline plans over FTTH, ADSL Broadband, Bharat Air Fiber services.

Public Telecommunications company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) - India's largest fixed-line operator has announced the revision of external shifting charges and name transfer charges for voice and broadband services in the Consumer Fixed Access (CFA) segment. 

According to the latest information from bsnl official website bsnl.co.in, the revised exchange rates for the landline connection (provided via a copper wire) are Rs 250 per shift.

For broadband connection (provided via copper wire), the same modification fee of Rs 250 / - applies for transferring the existing broadband line connection to a new location. 

BSNL Broadband Landline connection Shifting, Name trasfer charges revised

Customers can also change their existing Bharat Fiber over Fiber-to-the-home services or Bharat Air Fiber or BBoWiFi (Broadband over WiFi) connection to a new location by paying the revised switching rates of Rs 500/- per shift. 

The Bharat Fiber ftth / Copper wire Cable / BBoWiFi / Bharat AirFibre over Wifi connection category charges of Rs.250/- are revised for name transfer.

Revised Shifting - Name Transfer Charges in detailed

Sl NoService ParticularsCharges in Rs
1External Shifting of Voice/Broadband connection (LL/Standalone/Combo) under Cu category as per feasibility250/- per external shift
2External Shifting of Voice/Broadband connection (LL/Standalone/Combo) under Fibre category as per feasibility500/- per external shift
3External Shifting of Voice/Broadband connection (LL/Standalone/Combo) under BBoWiFi, Bharat Air Fibre category as per feasibility500/- per external shift
4Name Transfer under Cu/Fibre/BBoWiFi/Bharat Air Fibre connection category250/- per occasion

Note: For switching independent connections, i.e. for fixed line and broadband, the transfer costs will be applied separately for fixed line and broadband.

The shifting of the aforementioned services will be allowed only in the places where BSNL provides the service. The changes will not be possible if the services are not available in the new location where the change needs to be implemented. 

No commission / revenue share is paid to BSNL authorized affiliates / TIPs / partners for the above external exchange fees. These instructions will be implemented with immediate effect on a regular basis in all telecom tariff circles.

Shifting of BSNL broadband landline/ Bharat Fiber / Air Fiber / BBoWiFi Connection

External Shifting: To change the existing BSNL telephone connection to a new location, the customer must Download bsnl landline broadband application form in the prescribed format to submit at nearest BSNL customer service center (BSNL CSC). Normally the shifts are of the following types: -
1. Within the same exchange area
2. From one telecom exchange area to another telecom exchange area in multiple multi-exchange areas
3. All India Shift
Shifting Eligibility for connections: Customer should be noted that the phone shifting is only eligible if the Registration Date of the initial request to change the telephone connection falls within the release period of the relevant category belonging to the telecom exchange that needs to be shifted.


Under Non-OYT registration category if the phone has been working for at least 18 months and for OYT registration for a period of 6 months. In case of violation of any of the above criteria, the phone will be kept in custody and will be replaced when the above criteria are met.

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The subscriber has to bring the telephone tools / accessories himself to the new installation address. The phone will be moved to a new location with existing facilities. Any required changes can be made to the new address after the phone is installed.

Name transfer for BSNL bharat fiber landline over FTTH / Air Fiber / BBoWiFi Connection

The transfer of a BSNL telephone to a third party is permitted after the first invoice has been issued without any preconditions. In the absence of a claim by one or more legal heirs, the name can be changed to anyone who is in good faith on the same premises. 

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However, It is mandatory for customer to submit form along with all supporting documents / necessary documents enclosed with prescribed CAF (Customer application form - Download) at nearest BSNL Customer Service Center (BSNL CSC) for verification and further services.

For more information dial to bsnl broadband landline customer care 1800 345 1500

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