Refund BSNL Recharge Amount, Reversal of Wrong Recharge

What to do for Refund BSNL Recharge Amount and get reversal of wrong recharge, through bsnl portal online recharge in few specific genuine cases.

What happens if i done twice and how to get back, which recharged amounts of mobile number allows to reverse.

Is there any charges for reversal and what are the ways to get back my wrong prepaid recharge if done through Phonepe, Google Pay, Paytm etc.

Clarify your doubts related to the below questions raised on our blog regarding wrong mobile number recharge or  wrong number recharge or twice recharge through online recharge portal or net-banking.

Refund BSNL Recharge Amount, Reversal of Wrong Recharge
What to do for BSNL wrong recharge reversal, what happens if i done twice and how to get back, which recharged amounts of mobile number allows to reverse, and is there any charges for reversal and what are the ways to get back my wrong prepaid recharge if done through Phonepe, Google Pay, Pay TM etc.

In view of demand from customers on BSNL prepaid recharges done through Online Recharge Portal or net banking, the operator allows the reversal of wrong recharge or twice done to your mobile number in home zone done through CTOP UP (Easy recharge) transaction within 6 hours of time with simple SMS procedure.

Procedure for BSNL reversal through CTOPUP SMS

  1. Follow the revised guidelines for reversal of BSNL wrong recharge done through CTOPUP (Channel TopUp) available with PoS (Retailer)
  2. Note down the BSNL CTopup recharge transaction id along with customer mobile number to place reversal request
  3. Send an SMS REV <Mobile Number> <Amount> <Transaction ID> to 58081 for initiating reversal.
  4. Ex: REV 94XXXXXXXX 220 41xxxxxxxxxx
  5. Immediately with in minutes, your reversal amount will be credited to BSNL retailers CTOPUP mobile number

FAQs on BSNL Wrong Recharge Reversal

Which BSNL recharges are not allowed for reversal if done wrong or twice?

Due to technical limitations of the company, BSNL Validity Plan Vouchers, Migration, Special Tariff Vouchers and validity granted through recharge transactions cannot be reversed.

What are recharge amounts of BSNL allowed to get back or reverse?

All the BSNL top up or talk value amounts recharged in multiples of 10 are allowed to get back within specified time for reversal .

What are the charges for BSNL recharge reversal?

Reversal charges are NIL, but retailer(POS) CTOP Up mobile number will be charged with INR 2 for each SMS to the BSNL USSD short code 58081.

(BSNL Prepaid Mobile Customers Manage Account with Short Code Keys)

How much time we have a place a request for wrong recharge?

The reversal request will be sent by the POS through SMS within 6hours of time from the wrong transaction time but on the same calender date (i.e before 24 hours).

How many times we will place reversal request?

In a month, BSNL POS (Retailer) will place a maximum of 5 reversal requests in a calendar month for wrong mobile number recharge.

What to reverse if done BSNL wrong recharge through Pay TM, Phonepe, Google Pay etc..?

At this cases, there is no responsibility for BSNL, you have to contact the concerned online POS only through mail or contact forms. (Google Nest Mini and Nest Hub BSNL Offer)

I had mistakenly recharged to the wrong number on Paytm How can I get my money back?

Have you Recharged amount to incorrect BSNL Mobile number? Here's how you can Paytm helps to you.

Paytm has become an exceptional platform for fast and convenient top-ups. Just enter the number / account to recharge, select an appropriate on paytm prepaid recharge plan and the number / account will be reloaded instantly. While we work hard to ensure that refills are always simple and intuitive, it is your responsibility to select the correct number / account to recharge.

What next when I have Recharged an incorrect prepaid bsnl number?

When you have Recharged an incorrect bsnl prepaid number, Paytm will not be able to help you, as it immediately sends your order to the BSNL operator and once it has been successful, you cannot reverse it.

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What to do when your Mobile Lost or SIM Damage or SIM Block?

In these cases, it is necessary to contact the BSNL Complaint Portal desk together with the "operator reference number" (ORN) and ask them to reverse the amount.

Paytm is proud of its fast and convenient top-up platform. While we work hard to ensure that refills are always simple and intuitive, we recommend that you carefully select the correct number of BSNL network / prepaid mobile account to recharge. (FUP Limit for Unlimited Prepaid plans and STVs)

How do I get a refund if an online recharge through Official portal BillDesk?

  1. To process the transaction made on Official BSNL Portal after debiting amount from bank account, the money was not paid to BSNL the amount automatically refunded to your account within few days usually within two days or two weeks on failed online transactions.
  2. Money will be refunded on all failed online transactions. An online transaction will either update all the relevant databases, or it will fail, in which case you will lose some charges as service charge at the most. Note the transaction ID which will be available in your account transaction details online.
  3. Based on confirmation, SDE/ JTO will decide the amount to be recovered from the mistaken subscriber. Recovered amount may be less than or equal should be minimum Rs 50 to the wrong transaction amount depending upon available balance at that moment in the IN system.
  4. Amount to be credited to the account of POS will be equal to the amount recovered from mistaken subscriber less the amount in lieu of non-recoverable validity. Upon successful reversal, the SMS will be sent from the C-Topup system to the POS and concerned subscriber.  

Amount Reverse the incorrect mobile recharge at BSNL Retail Outlet or POS machine:

For BSNL prepaid numbers, if you want to cancel the incorrect top-up, simply send an SMS to 58081.
SMS format: To reverse the incorrect recharge carried out by the Sim Cop-Up Retailer, Send to BSNL Key USSD Short Code via SMS

REV <space> Movable No. <space> Quantity <Ref. Identification via SMS to 58081.

  • The SMS must be sent within 2 hours of the transaction time but on the same calendar date.
  • In return, you will receive the acceptance request.
  • The SMS must be sent by the same CTOP_No / mobile reseller.
  • The SMS sent will cost Rs. X / SMS.
  • The whole process will take about 4 hours to reverse.
  • A retailer can cancel up to 5 transactions in a calendar month.
  • Only BSNL Validity TOPUP Vouchers can be reversed.[Prepaid Plan 153]
  • The rest of the special vouchers is not allowed for reversal. Any RCV / STV cannot be reversed.
  • The top up amount must be at least Rs 50

BSNL EPay Online recharge Refund policy

All online recharges done through the bsnlepay platform are final without any refund or exchange allowed. You are responsible for the FTTH number or account number for which you purchase the top-up and all expenses resulting from these purchases.

It is also responsible for information relating to the reloading of data cards and toll-tag recharge and for all charges deriving from such purchases. [How to get Double recharge benefits]

BSNL associated online quick payment services bsnl EPay is responsible for any prepaid top-up purchases for an incorrect mobile phone number or incorrect data on the data card or toll.

However, if in a transaction made by you on the FTTH epay platform, the money was charged to your card or bank account and a top-up is not delivered within 24 hours of completing the transaction, you must notify us by sending an e-mail to, support@bsnlepay.com bsnl customer care service email address. [Covid19 Helpline number]

Include the following details in the email: FTTH number, operator name, top-up value, transaction date and order number. BSNL Online epay will investigate the incident and, if it is found that the money has actually been charged to your card or bank account without the top-up being delivered, you will be Refunded the money within 21 working days of the date your email is received.

All refunds will be credited to your account.
The money will take between 3 and 21 business days to appear in your bank account, according to your bank's policy. [How to Transfer BSNL SIM card ownership to others]

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