How to get Double Recharge Benefits for Data or Talk Value

Do you know How to get Double Recharge Benefits for Data or Extra Talk Value  when we Recharge Twice for Prepaid Mobile Voice calls / Data Usage or Send SMS for a bsnl prepaid mobile number, check the result now and what to do if we recharged wrongly and how to initiate a Refund or Reversal for BSNL recharge amount?
How to get Double Recharge Benefits for Data or Talk Value

At any time you can recharge your prepaid mobile in online or offline for extension or migration to one plan to another, but if same BSNL voucher done twice means, the number will activates with only one, i.e. the voucher of BSNL which is activated finally may comes into effect for activation.

For Instance - If a BSNL customer mobile number successfully recharged with One year validity Prepaid 1699 mobile plan at 10:00AM through a retailer CTOPUP SIM number (Easy Recharge), but when accidentally without any knowledge of father recharged information at 10.01AM his son activates BSNL 666 plan voucher through BSNL Online Recharge portal, then the latest activated plan sixer will comes into effect.

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Why BSNL didn’t take higher denomination into effect for activation if two recharges done on same day?

Due to technical limitations, the latest voucher only will comes into effective for BSNL prepaid mobile number.

What about BSNL freebies available in recharge vouchers, if done twice?

If recharge plan done twice, then the available freebies of both BSNL plan vouchers (Validity prepaid plans) will continue upto their expiry date from the date of activation of plans recharge.

Will the freebies of any type will adds to the plan if done twice?

Yes, all the initial free usage available as per the Prepaid Special tariff voucher / Mobile Plan voucher may activates upon their expiry.

What will happen If i recharge one type of data STV to my number and with in 1 hour my brother activated another combo plan?

The freebies will credit as per the data STV plan and validity, at the same time extra freebies as per the BSNL combo plan may also credits to the account with another validity.

Can i go for BSNL wrong recharge reversal process if done twice?

BSNL wrong recharge reversal process allows only for TOP UP Value Amount in multiples of 10 only.

Is there any procedure for reversal of refund of Topup amount on Wrong Number Recharge?

Yes, On certain conditions like transaction failure or wrong number recharge which does not exist etc., can make a request for refund of recharge amount. In Detailed explained at what conditions this process to be done, Check BSNL Recharge Refund Amount

Do we get double Data benefit on Twice data pack recharge?

Here, one thing BSNL to increase its revenue this free data usage benefit offered on promotional prepaid offer for limited period to prepaid customers. Generally if customer recharge done twice to get double data will be benefited but not work for voice calls or SMS. However the validity may be increased for second recharge.

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