How BSNL 4G Plus Wi-Fi Improve Internet Data Speed in Minutes with Activation

Details of the BSNL 4G Plus Wi-Fi service, activation and everything you need to know

BSNL has launched a new BSNL 4G Plus service for its subscribers, which allows them to use their data balance through the Wi-Fi broadband network throughout the country.
BSNL 4G Plus Wi-Fi service which allows them to use their data balance through the Wi-Fi broadband network
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), the state telecoms operator, has recently taken all necessary measures. Although the telephone company was slow to launch 4G and was not the most popular company in the industry, it has been gradually increasing its 4G customers base with its attractive plans and freebies offering in mobile services. BSNL has launched new STVs and new prepaid plans that encourage customers to return to them. In its latest initiative, BSNL also launched a service called BSNL 4G Plus. This service follows the BSNL Wi-Fi network and BSNL subscribers on any phone will be able to access the data from any BSNL Wi-Fi access point throughout the country with this new BSNL 4G Plus service.

BSNL 4G Plus Benefits and uses

When BSNL customers are near a BSNL Wi-Fi network, they can access the Wi-Fi network instead of the 4G network. The 4G Plus service offers BSNL subscribers the right to freely use the BSNL Wi-Fi network as their own network. To use the BSNL 4G service, subscribers must choose one of the two methods. The first is to activate their number through the EAP method and the second, activate their number through the non-EAP method for non-EAP. Compatible devices such as laptops, tablets, etc. They will not be billed separately, but will use your account data through the Wi-Fi network.

Enable EAP devices in BSNL 4G Plus

First, to enable the device with the EAP method, enable Wi-Fi on the device and select the SSID called BSNL 4G Plus. Now choose the EAP method as SIM authentication and select BSNL SIM Slot. Click Connect to join the network after authentication. Alternatively, for devices that are not EAP, the way to connect to the network varies a bit.

Enabling non-EAP devices in BSNL 4G Plus

On your non-EAP device, first activate Wi-Fi. After that, select the BSNL 4G Plus SSID. After choosing the correct SSID, enter the mobile phone number to receive the PIN. Enter the received PIN code on the screen for the connection to succeed. It should be noted that you can use the data according to the plan of your mobile phone number and that the deductions will be made only in your mobile account.

Activation of BSNL 4G Plus through mobile application

BSNL users who want to use the BSNL 4G Plus service must also consider another way to activate the service, through the mobile application. To activate the service through the application, subscribers must download the application "BSNL 4G Plus", after which they must log in using their BSNL number. You should also make sure that the BSNL SIM card is in the first slot and then click BSNL Mobile User Download for a correct BSNL 4G Plus connection.

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