Google Nest Mini and Nest Hub BSNL Offer at Rs 99, 199 only

Customers having BSNL connection, can subscribe and get Google Nest Mini and Nest Hub Offer for BSNL user on monthly subscription subscription basis. The price of Nest Mini is 99 Rs per month, while the Nest hub will cost 199 Rs per month.

Key Features

  • BSNL will offer Google Nest Mini and Google Nest Hub to its broadband subscribers with an annual subscription.
  • Google Nest Mini is the company's entry-level smart speaker and is priced at Rs 4,999.
  • Google Nest Hub is also a smart speaker, but with a 7-inch screen and it costs Rs 9,999 in India.
Do you want an intelligent speaker? Here is a good opportunity to get one if you are already a BSNL broadband plan user. BSNL has introduced a new offer for its Internet consumers to utilize the opportunity to obtain the Google Nest Mini and Google Nest Hub with an annual subscription.

Get Google Nest Mini and Nest Hub Offer for BSNL user at Rs 99 and 199 only on monthly subscription basis
The subscription price must be paid at the beginning of the plan, but calculated for the entire duration, the cost reaches Rs 99 for Google Nest Mini and Rs 199 for Google Nest Hub.

The BSNL offer is available for a 90-day promotional period from September 04, 2020. Currently the existing offer is applicable in all telecom circle customers. The annual subscription duration for Google Nest offers is 13 months. The current market price for the Google Nest Mini is 4,999 Rs, while the Google Nest hub costs 9,999 Rs.
Advance Payment for Service Offered for DSL / Bharat Fibre Plans Applicable Bundled Google Nest Charges to pay
12 Months 13 Months Service From Rs.799 Monthly charges Google Nest Mini = Rs. 1287 (13*99)
12 Months 13 Months Service From Rs. 1999 Monthly charges Google Nest Hub = Rs. 2587 (13*199)

Google Nest Mini BSNL offer

In November, 2019 Google Nest Mini smart speaker was launched. The main features of the Google Nest Mini smart speaker are that it has a stronger bass effect than the Mini speaker that was previously launched. Google Nest Mini is priced at Rs 4,499. It appears in Flipkart with a price of Rs 3,999.

BSNL broadband users who subscribe to the company's Rs 799 plan per month or higher can take advantage of the Nest Mini offer. If they have decided to get Nest Mini, they will have to pay a single fee of Rs 1287. This will be provided by Google Nest Mini and will only have to pay the monthly fee for their broadband plan.

BSNL offers Google Nest Hub

Google Nest Hub is an intelligent speaker with a 7-inch touchscreen. It has an EQ light sensor on the front and two far-field microphones and a full-range speaker on the back. The Nest center starts at Rs 9,999 and is available on Flipkart for Rs 8,999.

To take advantage of this offer, BSNL broadband users must subscribe to a broadband plan with fixed monthly rental of Rs 1,999 or above plans. To get the Nest Hub google with BSNL connection, customers need to make a one-time payment of Rs 2,587 (Rs 199 per month for 13 months).

It is important to keep in mind that this is not the first time that a broadband provider has connected to Google to offer the company's smart devices to its users. Typically BSNL does not present such offers, but current offers can be viewed as a move to compete with Jio Fiber.

For example, Jio Fiber is presented as a complete service in every way and comes with a number of smart devices that include Bluetooth speakers and even televisions with long-term plans.

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