What is bsnl gp1 and gp2 means and How to Avoid prepaid sim disconnection?

BSNL Mobile Prepaid: Explanation of Plan Validity, Grace Period 1 (GP1), Credit Settlement Date, Grace Period 2 (GP2).

Mobile Prepaid bsnl gp1 and gp2: Alert message helps mobile user to explain the Plan Validity, Period of prepaid sim active, balance in account, credit amount clearance.

Public Telecommunications company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) strictly following the standards of Telecom regulatory authority of India instructions / guidelines issued from time to time for mobile operators to benefit customer for management of mobile connection.

Recently, most of the mobile phone cellular operators existing in India have made slight changes to their prepaid mobile phone plans, both in the recharge amount and in the sim plan validity period.

BSNL push alert message to its valuable prepaid customers about to explain to extend the plan validity further using plan vouchers to avail benefits / features coming with the recharge prepaid plans loaded in the main account.

What is bsnl gp1 and gp2 means and How to Avoid prepaid sim disconnection?

Customer receive SMS alerts before the plan validity expires and most of these SMS will contain technical terms such as Plan Validity date, Credit clearance Date i.e balance recharge amount retained in the main prepaid account, GP1 and GP2, etc.

In this article we cover all the details about bsnl gp1 and gp2 and we endevor to explain all the terms and conditions formed by the bsnl for its prepaid customers of mobile.

What is BSNL technical term code GP1 and GP2 means?

BSNL GP means, GRACE PERIOD, there are two kinds of Grace periods set by BSNL before Expiration of Prepaid plan voucher.

What is BSNL Prepaid Plan Validity extension?

The validity period is the period during which it is allowed to make or receive calls and starts with the activation date of the SIM card i.e at the time of activation of First recharge coupon or recharge of prepaid plan voucher.

Each prepaid mobile phone customer will have to enroll to any particular BSNL Tariff Plans and there will be a plan validity for each of these plans. In this case, plan validity refers to the total number of calendar days that a customer will receive free incoming calls, make outgoing calls and receive SMS after loading of available plans in each telecom tariff circles.

To know the details of your plan such as: 

Validity, status, GP1, GP2 and plan name, simply Dial *123# from your BSNL prepaid mobile number

What is BSNL GP1 meaning (Grace period 1)?

When customer reaches expiry date and after 7 days the expiry of the validity of prepaid SIM card. BSNL will remain for approximately 7 days as GP1, within that period, if the prepaid user have to recharge the same plan voucher to avail the same benefits already running the main account. 

Through any of the plans available in the telecom circle can recharge any type of mode i.e online recharge or any reaching bsnl customer service center, or bsnl retail outlets or any bsnl channel partner or any bsnl franchisee or bsnl official recharge portal etc. to reset all the services.

Credit settlement date i.e Credit clearance date:

The last day of GP-1 is the credit settlement date i.e vanishing of amount retained in the prepaid main account. In any case customer of bsnl prepaid do not recharges Validity voucher to their mobile number with the plan coupon during grace period 1 (GP-1), existing account balance will expire and the number will move to grace period 2 (GP-2). 

In this case there will be no refund of amount is allowed all the amount retained in the main account of prepaid will be cleared, customer again have to recharge balance amount to activate sim card or make out going calls or receive incoming calls.

What is GP2 (Grace period 2)?

When your prepaid plan crosses GP1 in bsnl from the 172 days after expiry of the validity of your SIM. Within this period, if you can recharge once with any of the existing plan coupons, you can restore all your services. 

In case if you do not reloaded any of available plan voucher to your prepaid number during Grace Period 2 (GP-2), your account will be closed and you may LOOSE YOUR EXISTING MOBILE NUMBER (NUMBER WILL BE SENT FOR DELETION. 


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