CYMN Auction for BSNL Mobile Fancy Numbers Bidding Process for Customers

CYMN means Choose Your Mobile Number by participating in bsnl eauction to bid BSNL Mobile Fancy Numbers at affordable price

The vanity / premium numbers are having some specialty like repetition of same digits or digits in ascending / descending order, Rhythmic tone based numbers etc., which ar e easy to remember. The customer’s across PAN India can enjoy the facility and information on newly releasing series and can opt for his choice number that matches his date of birth, Rhythmic number, Total coming to an auspicious magic number as per the numerology etc., The customers will be enjoying his choice number so that it can be remembered easily and shared with his friends etc.

BSNL has introduced the auction of premium numbers through website. The main advantages are:
To increase the scope and reach of the customer’s across PAN India. 

Any customer with or without BSNL number can easily participate through web interface.
Easy to participate in the auction and pay the requisite amounts in a secured and transparent procedure.
To enhance the participation of customers in the auction in a true competition spirit, sitting at home.

BSNL Premium mobile number auction through web
The customers will access the web site for getting registered to participate in web based auction of GSM premium mobile numbers.

Initial Process:-
  • The portal registration is free.
  • The customer will be presented with available premium mobile numbers and their status of bidding at the time of his login.
  • The customer can select the number of his choice and proceed for registration of the same by pa ying the prescribed fixed charges Rs. XXX/- (Registration charges – Non Refundable).
  • After successful registration for a number by paying the requisite registration charges for that number the customer is eligible to participate in the bidding for that number.

Final Process:-
  • The customer can participate in bidding of his selected premium number through web or through SMS from his registered mobile number. The bidding process will take the first come first server method to accept the bidding and in return will update all the remaining bidders.
  • On closing date the successful bidder can approach the nearest CSC for completing the formalities and getting the Sim after payment of BID amount.
  • In case the first bidder to fails to accept the offer within 7 working days, the same number will be released for next auction process after two rounds.

Details of BSNL Premium mobile number auction through web

Eligibility for participating in the Auction.
The Cellular subscribers intending to participate in the Auctioning of the BSNL Mobile Numbers for getting the Vanity/Premium BSNL Mobile Numbers of the circle are required to fulfill the following eligibility conditions.
Participants shall be Residents of the selected State and shall possess the Address proof.

All the existing BSNL Mobile Postpaid and Prepaid customers intended to change their existing Mobile Number to Vanity/Premium Numbers.
Any new customer who posses resident address proof in the state can bid through their family/friends BSNL Mobile number. However in such cases the liability to pay the amount, if declared highest shall remain with BSNL cellular subscriber from whom the bid is made.
New customer can also take a new BSNL Mobile connection on usual procedure through any of the BSNL Point of sale (POS) and bid through the same mobile number. Once the vanity/premium number. Once the vanity/premium number is awarded being highest bidder, the change of number can be done.

Customer Registration (Free)
The Customer can register for the first time, by entering E-mail ID, BSNL Mobile Number. The customer thus registered will get an E-Mail and SMS with the password to confirm the registration. The customer needs to click on this link for completing the registration process. The customer registration is free of cost.

Customer Login:
The web registered customers can login to the auction web site by providing username and password. Once the authentication is success, the customer is allowed to modify his personal details in his profile. E-Mail ID / Mobile Number given will be taken as criteria to disallow the customer for another registration with the same parameters.
The customer can opt for bidding alerts through SMS / web or from both.

Existing BSNL customer can bid for a vanity number for changing his/her number. Existing BSNL customer can also bid for taking a new connection. Allotment of vanity number shall be subjected to submission of Customer Acquisition Form (CAF) and other prescribed verification procedure in both cases.
  • For prepaid customers, the minimum balance in their account should be Rs.XXX/- to participate in bidding. The registration charges of Rs.XXX/- will be adjusted in the bid amount of those successful bidders who ultimately purchase the number, irrespective of the bid value.
  • The bidding shall be allowed in multiples of Rs.XXX/- above the minimum reserve price.
  • Bid below the minimum reserve price shall not be accepted.
  • At the end of auction, only highest bidder (H1) shall be informed by BSNL, about their status and request them to provide Name, Address and details of ID(to ensure that number is allotted to selected customer only). These details shall be used to contact the selected bidder. Therefore it is ver y essential that bidders are always available on the mobile phone.
  • In case a bidder, when intimated to deposit the bid amount, fails to deposit the amount, then his/her BSNL mobile number shall be debarred from all future auction of Vanity/Choice numbers.
  • For bidded amount applicable taxes shall be extra.
  • Selected bidder can have his/her choice number under any existing mobile plan(prepaid or postpaid) of BSNL.
  • However the normal SIM/Activation charges, Security Deposit (in case of Postpaid plan) etc., shall be charged extra on actual basis.
  • Amount paid for the vanity number taken in auction is non-refundable.
  • Entire bid amount shall have to be paid in single installment before obtaining the choice vanity number.
  • BSNL Circle reserves the right to cancel allocation of any vanity number at any time without assigning any reason.

Approaching of successful bidder for new connection: The successful bidder can approach the nearby CSC by showing the SMS intimation for vanity / premium number. The CSC in-charge can generate the invoice for payment of bidding amount / the balance of BID amount after deduction of required Deposits which are already paid through Auction portal. After payment of bidding amount along with the CAF should be submitted to the BSNL customer service center.

Premium Number Registration (Fixed One time charge, Rs.XXX/-)
On successful login to the website, the customer need to select the premium / vanity number from available list, or use an option to search by giving few digits. On viewing the Premium numbers list as desired by him, the customer can personalize the selected numbers in his viewing pattern, so that on every login, he can monitor the number for which he is in the process of bidding and the numbers for which he is intended to join for bidding. The general view will have the list of Numbers in Level I, Level II, and Level III as per the sorting order by current highest/ Lowest bid.

The customers n eed to select the number from available list and proceed for online payment of Registration charges. The customer can select any number and for each number a fixed amount of Rs.XXX/- will be required to pay for participating in the bidding. The customer has been felicitated by providing the payment gateway option through web interface, where the customer can select the payment option mode like Credit Card / Debit Card / online banking.

Bidding Process:
The customer can bid for one or more number of registered Premium numbers and monitor its progress through web site or through E-Mail / SMS alerts as per his choice. The customer can also monitor the trend in bidding for his selected Premium Numbers, so that he can join the bidding process at his choice level of bidding. However, apart from his selections, the customer will have a general view of the bidding process in progress for all premium numbers with a selection of highest going bid or the least bid number in sorting order. The customer can have a choice of selecting the Premium numbers from three categories as decided by BSNL, like LevelI, Level II, Level III.

The customer will be given an option to bid against his choice number, the price opted should be above Reserved price for each level and is in multiples of the amount prescribed by BSNL for an incremental value at a time.

After the AUCTION completion a system generated E-Mail / SMS will be sent to the highest bidder asking him to present himself with ID proof and make payment for the number / numbers of his choice. The customer need to accept at least one premium number if he has bid for more than one.
The customers will be given a suitable alert as per his choice (either on SMS or E-Mail or both of them). Whenever any customer bids higher value for his choice number.

SMS will be sent to all registered bidders who have bid lower than the present customer’s bid value for that number.

The customer has been given a choice to participate in bidding by accessing the web or by using his mobile for sending SMS. The customer profile will have an option to allow him to participate from Mobile by sending SMS. 

Once the customer decided to participate from mobile also, then the system generated PIN will be given to the customer for participating in bidding process. This is helpful for the customer to bid from anywhere without getting fixed to web. This is also helpful for non BSNL Customers who can follow the same process of web registration. 

The customer will be given an alert in his non BSNL mobile and also he can participate in the Bidding process by using the PIN given by the system, by sending his bid through an SMS. An acknowledgment will be sent to him confirming the acceptance of his bidding. Alternately the customer also can see his bidding status on web site. 

Customer also can check the bidding process by sending SMS with defined prefix, so that the reply SMS will b sent immediately. The customer’s bidding values will be taken on first come first updated basis.

Bidding process through SMS by existing BSNL Customers
Send SMS REGVAN for normal Registration. Send SMS REGVAN to 56666.
Normal Registration will be charged @Rs.X/-.
To know the VANITY numbers list, send SMS :VLIST(SPACE)(CIRCLE SHORT CODE)(SPACE)(PATTERN) to 56666.
VLIST MP 12345 TO 56666:
Rs.X/- will be charged for the above SMS.
To know the highest bid available for your choice number send SMS :
CHOICE(SPACE)10 digit mobile number to 56666.
Eg: CHOICE 9400000000 to 56666.
Rs.X/- will be charged for the above SMS.
To participate in bidding for a vanity/premium number send SMS:
CHOICE(SPACE)(10 digit mobile number)(SPACE)Y to 56666. Eg:
CHOICE 9400000000 Y to 56666.
(Rs.XXX/- will be charged for the above SMS. Now customer can be able to participate in bidding for the above registered number. )

To bid for a Vanity number send SMS:
CHOICE(SPACE)10 digit mobile number(SPACE)AMOUNT to 56666.
CHOICE 9400000000 20000 to 56666.
(To bid for the mobile number 9400000000 at an amount Rs.XXXXX/-) Rs.X/- will be charged for the above SMS