Choose Your Mobile Number (CYMN) - eAuction BSNL Vanity Numbers Procedure through SMS / Online

How to Register:
For registration, intending bidder shall send SMS
REG10 DIGIT Mobile Number (for which he/she wants to bid) to 56666
For example if you are getting registered to bid for mobile number 944111222
REG 944111222
Know the Highest Bid before you bid:
To know the highest bid already available for your choice number, send following SMS to 56666
For example:
Your choice number 944111222 send following SMS to 56666
CHOICE 944111222
 How to Bid:
First check the Minimum bid position for the type of desired fancy number
1) To bid for a numer, send following SMS to 56666
For example if you'r bidding Rs.1000 for 944111222 then you'r SMS shall be as below
CHOICE 944111222 1000
2) You shall receive a back SMS intimating about the highest bid if already received for this number.
If you'r bid is the highest then it will be confirmed in the back SMS
3) During the process of bidding, as and when any other bidder exceeds your bid, which was intimated
as the highest, then an intimation shall be given to you through SMS.
4) Bid below the minimum reserve price, shall not be accepted.
5) Bid shall be acceptable in multiples of Rs.100 only. If the current bid for your choice number is Rs.1000
then you can bid any amount above Rs.1000 in multiple of 100 i.e.Rs.1100 Rs.1200 etc.
For example:
Each SMS, sent to 56666 shall be charged @ Rs.X (it will change subject to phase auction)
6) During the bidding a bidder can increase previous bid by maximum of Rs.10,000 once the bid reaches
the Rs.25,000.
An existing highest bidder cannot exceed his/her own bid by any amount unless sombody else exceeds his/her bid amount.
7) First intial bid for any number cannot be accepted beyond Rs.25,000.
How to cancel the Bid During the Bidding Process:
Before closure of the bidding process a customer can cancel his/her bid by calling Callcenter mobile no
9400024365 or 18001801503.