APBSNL (AP Telecom) introduced a new scheme in Andhra Pradesh Telecom circle. It is a promotional Prepaid bsnltariff plan.
'''' VENNELA PLUS'''''
Visit for Revised Nestham plan
Andhrapradesh Telecom plans


BSNL Website for Most Trusted Brand and Government Owned Telecom Company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) Latest Tariff plans of 4G / 3G /2G Services and Offering schemes at Affodable rates across India under Mobile, Broadband and WiFi segements for its customers

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  1. wow what a sheme introduced by bsnl supperrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

  2. nice offer
    let me know how to activate this family and friends offer

  3. hey,
    ananthnag..to activate your F&F i.e freinds and family...just follow..
    In this F&F - one landline is mandatory (compulsory) with STD code.

    FFE 04023456789 9440024365 9440024365 9440024365 9440024365

    send SMS to 53733

    You can change your numbers in this option for every after sixmonths

  4. Hello, Please let me know whether we can activate STD(other states) BSNL phone numbers in the family and friends offer...Thank You

  5. hi,
    yes! you can activate other state BSNL phone number with STD code in F & F offer...

  6. hi i'm using vennela plus i'm not getting call cost after a call can pls tell me how can i get ?

  7. hello..thank you..but it is not accepting STD numbers..please let me know how many local and how many STD numbers can we activate..

  8. hi,
    after a call the rate of call charges can get:

    dial *102#

    then you will get amount of call

  9. hi,
    i am very sorry..
    Due to non-technical feasibilty it is not possible to opt STD numbers of other states in F&F.
    It is limit to Andhrapradesh numbers only.

  10. hi,
    i took vennel plus, but it is showing validity upto sep'2009 that means only 3 months.. they said it is upto 3years.. please tell me what i have to do..

  11. hi,
    dinesh,don't worry...
    Actually this plan is....you have to recharge for every 3months with a Topup Rs.110/- so you will get extra 3months validity up to 3years. Now this has been changed and the validity has extended...it means if you got recharged Rs.110/- with in 3 months validity period you will get 3months extra..if you recharged Rs.221/- you will get 6 months extra validity..
    ...for more detailed info plz refer my post...dated..18-06-09.
    YOU CAN SEND MAIL FOR ANY EXTRA INFO: bsnltariff@gmail.com

  12. hi
    is tomorrow last date for this offer are is this extended?

  13. No,
    it is been regularised....
    no date limit for vennela scheme..

  14. Hi I have taken BSNL Venella Plus read about the the same in this blog only, I had done an online top up on 17th July for Rs.110/- using ICICI (the talk time was immediately added but the validity is not updated).

    As per this plan once we recharge or top up for Rs.110/- (we get a talk time of Rs 100 and validity increases by three months).

    I am very much dis appointed, and the BSNL call center has very poor response.

    Many times the agents do not pick the phone or even if they pick they put it aside.

    At last one person picked my call and told he took my complaint but i got no reference or complaint number.

    My validity is not yet increased :-(.

    I cannot take off from my office going around BSNL offices across Hyderabad and I am afraid the services of BSNL are poor

  15. hi i have taken vennela plus sim just 2 weeks back and now am tring to act ff number by "FFE 0874424xxxx 9440xxxxxx" only two numbers in the same way but am getting error message as "invalid numbers please send sms "FFE 1st_no 2nd_no ...." as the am recieving message i called to cus care but no use at all pls help me

  16. First of All I am happy to thank BSNL for rectifying the Validity extension issue I had posted earlier on this blog,

    though it took almost a week to provide resolution But at least I did not have to runn from pillar to post, as I had thought,

    I just dropped a mail to bsnltariff@gmail.com

    And as an existing user of BSNL I can give my suggestions to Bhagavan

    As far as I know BSNL will activate FFE only to 5 numbers and not 2 so your format is wrong (This being an automated code accepts only 5 numbers as input)

    1.so gather all 5 numbers and try


    2. if u have only 2 numbers fill in the last 3 numbers with the same (so that the computer porgram accepts your 2 numbers again and it has 5 numbers as input)

    I sincerly suggest you to give all 5 in one shot,

    All the best

  17. I sent a msg for registering freinds & family numbers .I typed as 08723xxxxxx 08457xxxxxx and three mobile numbers of bsnl.I recieved a reply from 53733 as"invalid request, please send FFE landline number , mobile number.For Example ffe o4xxxxxx, 944xxxxxx-bsnl mobile"
    kindly clarify .


  18. hi,
    plz send Ur mobile number to check the status of ur F&F, so that book a compliant on Ur mobile, if any problem is found.

    One request to all the viewers of my blog it is better to leave Ur mobile number to verify the exact problem what it is. Orelse send mail to me to maintain privacy of Ur mobile number.

  19. Hi,
    This is Jalapatirao, my mobile number is sent to you by Email.please advise me further.

  20. hi,
    Sorry, Ur mobile no. not received...
    email ID is

  21. hii.. an anyone tell me how to deactivate my dailertone

  22. To deactivate dialer tune..
    Send SMS request as

  23. hey, i want to change those FFE no's,, plz tell me how to change them. i hav vennela plus offer.
    kindly plz reply me

  24. hi i am also using vennela plus .
    but as of now i have more of std friends .
    please inform me about the std call rates and sms rates , and any vouchers .

  25. hi,
    plz refer 'Download forms' links.. click prepaid tariff card-1 in this blog.

  26. thanks a lot whoever u r
    BTW any any std vouchers (call or sms)

  27. are there no std vouchers to reduce call costs or sms costs

  28. hi,
    thre are no special vouchers in 'VENNELA PLUS' plan to reduce the STD call charges and sms charges....

  29. hi i am in bsnl vennela plus offer i have activated FFE no, but now i want to change one no in FFE, i have called to customer care they said me to send sms as FFM 94XXXXXXXX(old no) 94XXXXXXXX(new no) to 53733 but when i send the reply i am getting is invalid request plz tell me how to change one F&F no reply or mail me @ pbpradeep@in.com

  30. hi i am in bsnl vennela plus offer i have activated FFE no, but now i want to change one no in FFE, i have called to customer care they said me to send sms as FFM 94XXXXXXXX(old no) 94XXXXXXXX(new no) to 53733 but when i send the reply i am getting is invalid request plz tell me how to change one F&F no reply or mail me @ pbpradeep@in.com

  31. even my recharge is not reflecting properly with BSNL Venella Plus Plan

    I got a recharge of Rs.110/- done
    but it is not reflecting properly in terms of the validity period, it is the same validity period for me

    BSNL help desk is also not responding properly

    I am really fed up calling BSNL call center

  32. hi.
    now im in power pack plan....On 03-10-09 i made online recharge(i.e., e-recharge) of Rs.199 to convert from power pack to vennela plus.I got the balance of Rs.50 with 3 months validity but my paln is not migrated .....what can i do now plse reply to me.
    email: jagadeesh.jan20@gmail.com

  33. hi.
    now im in power pack plan....On 03-10-09 i made online recharge(i.e., e-recharge) of Rs.199 to convert from power pack to vennela plus.I got the balance of Rs.50 with 3 months validity but my paln is not migrated .....what can i do now plse reply to me.
    If the vennela plus is done through online means it wil activate or not.plse reply as soon as posisble
    email: jagadeesh.jan20@gmail.com

  34. Hi
    Now i am in power pack plan and my validity expires next month , does vennela plus plan needs to b recharged every 3 months?
    Also tell that 1paise tarriff plan is only for saral anant plan

  35. hi
    yes! u hv to recharge for every three months @110/-(topup)...
    1 second 1 paise scheme applicable to saral ananth & General prepaid..
    for more details see the tariff card in this blog post dated 4th september 2009.

  36. Hi
    if we recharge with 500 once then can we get 15 months validity as many in this forum are saying they have problems in validity extension.
    Pls help me to choose a better plan.

  37. how can I activate 5 F&F numbers with BSNL vennela Plus SIM? Is the 5 numbers within the local network i.e. BSNL or other networks also? plz. clarify

  38. Dear omkar,
    In F&F - one landline is mandatory (compulsory) with STD code.

    FFE 04023456789 9440024365 9440024365 9440024365 9440024365

    send SMS to 53733

    You can change any number at any time @ Rs.20/- per number...
    following the same format..

  39. "invalid numbers please send sms "FFE 1st_no 2nd_no ...." as the am recieving message i called to cus care but no use at all pls help me

  40. Dear bedampeta,
    In 'F&F' first no must be the landline and then follows mobile...
    if ur problem is not set then feel free to send me the numbers u want to register for F&F ... to.. bsnltariff@gmail.com...

  41. Can we add two landline numbers in the F&F offer.

  42. hi, ramya
    u can add Two LL nos. along with other three Mobile nos..

  43. Hello,

    I am using a power pack which is going to expire this month end. so i contacted the customer care for a better plan and executive suggested STV 45 (1 paise/sec) saying that it has a validity of 365 days. I though it was a recharge coupon and bought one and activated it. Only after that i realized it will not give extended validity for one more year. Now i migrated to vennela plus. My question is STV 45 supporting card which i activated before migrating to vennela plus still work after migration. Plz reply.

    Thank you...

  44. hi,
    yes! offcourse it works...

  45. i am using the vennela plus plan which has 250 free msgs per month ...
    is there any option to get msgs after the limit at a lower price than 20 ps

  46. can we change from bsnl venella plus to bsnl 3G or to 2G?

  47. Yes deftly, but what ur in plan i.e is 2G plan ..3G plan is quiet different..for more details about
    3G plz visit:

  48. hi..
    i am using bsnl vennela plus . and i have lot of std friends of diffrent network. can u tell me if i can get free sms pack or low call rates as i am spending too much money on rechargeing my mobile. my mobile no is 9493478315 and my mail id is vaish_1001@yahoo.com.

  49. hi,

    in nestham plan can we register 3 numbers for f&f at a time and remaining 2 later,pls tell me. thanku

  50. Hi,

    Very good to see queries being answered here. I appreciate your efforts for being in touch with costumers in this way when waiting for call center executives has been frustrating. Many of my queries have been answered in above posts. I just have this query on SMS.

    I here there are 2000 sms free if we recharge with rs 23. but when i send to 53733 i get invalid entry.

    Can you please let me know the Specific format in which I need to send sms to avail the sms offer.
    Also please let me know if it is valid for 3G vennela plus plan.

    Thanks in advance.

  51. hi kanni,
    thanks its plssr to serve u.
    Actually Rs.23/- is a STV voucher.
    If u recharge u will get 2000 sms/month with a validity of 30 days.
    If u are in vennela plus or Vennela super or Nestham plans then..
    for F&F option follow this...
    FFEspaceLANDLINENOspaceMOBILENO1spaceMOBILENO2spaceMOBILENO3spaceMOBILENO4 then send SMS to 53733

  52. hi ravi
    no it is not possible u have to register at time 5 numbers..
    if u try it will not accept ur request...

  53. hi sir,
    myself kiran....yesterday i activated the nestham plan..i cant understand how to activate the 5 no's..can u plz suggest me ..and i didnt get the 2000 free msgs.is the plan plan existing till now or not..

  54. hi kiran,
    To activate 5 nos in F&F plz follow..
    SEND SMS TO 53733
    u can opt any network five numbers
    BSNl@10ps & Other Network@30p/min
    If ur new & starting plan is Nestham u will get that 2000 SMS free for the first month.
    If ur migrated to Nestham from another plan then u won't get that 2000 SMS free..

  55. Hello Sir,This is Sathish, am using 3G general with mobile no. 9494404248,In order to migrate to 3G vennala Super ,Today I recharge with 140(through online) Now I received Rs125, but there I am in the same old plan ....

  56. Hi,

    BSNL has been offering attractive schemes, But the basic need of a network is to offer uninterrupted service to the customer. I am very sorry to say that BSNL is doing miserably in this field. Especially when there is a rain fall, There is no network signal. It is very hard for us to make calls or for others to reach us when there is rain.

    This is the one frustrating reason as why i changed from 2G to 3G hoping better signal performance. But it too let me frustrated as performance is poor but requirement for us to communicate is high in situations of rainfall.

    Can you please make me and others understand as to why this happens? Is the infrastructure so poor or the team that maintains signals technically weak?? All other operators who take bandwidths from BSNL and operate their signals are doing better in the field then why cant BSNL do better??

    Hoping to see improvement in the service and an explanatory answer to the above.


  57. Hi. I am in the vennela plus, with all @ 49 paise scheme. I get 250 local smses free every month. My query is on STV-13, whihc makes all local and std smses 1paise per sms. My questions are these:(a) Is STV-13 available for me? (b) Since this stv has only a 30 day validity, what happens after that if i do not want the stv again. will my 250 free local sms continue? (c) How do I get this STV voucher - is it possible by sending an sms or does one have to get it from some vendor?

    Thanks in advance.

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. hi i m raghu..i m new to bsnl services...taken 3g sim with vennela super plan..in this the local f&f costs 30ps/min..but in nestham it is 10ps/min..so i want to change from vennela super to nestham....how can i change?plzzzzzz help me

  60. Hi There,

    I have recently migrated from Vennela Plus to Nestham plan.
    I am trying to activate 5 friends and family numbers using my mobile, but in vain.

    Error message says "Message Not Sent.Try Again Later."

    I assume this comes only when there is no balance in my cell, but that is not the case. There is sufficient balance in my cell.
    Can you please look into this and do the needful? ( I have sent a mail with my mobile number already)

    Thank You

  61. sir
    i am using nestham plan i want to know the sms balance.please tell me the number to dial for sms bal.

  62. gani said.....
    plz tel me 3g general to nestham plan conversion vocher

  63. hi gani,
    sorry there is no direct voucher for 3G to nestham, u have come back from 3G general to 2G general as follows..
    From 3G to 2G send SMS 'M2G' to 53733
    after 24hrs u have been converted to 2G general and then go for Nestham migration voucher of Rs.40/- u will get 35/- talktime..
    if u have any further more doubts plz send: bsnltariff@gmail.com

  64. I have bought a BSNL SIM in october 2009 with Excel plan. The next Year changed the tariff for my calls at 1paise /second using STV 45. this expired in december 2010 and i have then gone for a second STV 45 this month of 2011. but today i am shocked to notice that 60 paise/minute and 70 paise/minute are being charged for calls to other BSNL nunbers and other network numbers.
    I want to quit BSNL for its pathetic functioning. I am vexed of using BSNL services.

  65. manoj cld u plz mail ur Mobile number and the details of recharge to check the problem...
    mail : bsnltariff@gmail.com

  66. Hi,
    I have recharged with RC23 How can i check my sms balance and expiry date

  67. hi,
    I have moved to Nestam plan 2 days back and I have recharged with 110.
    When I try sending SMS to my friend it gives error saying "message not sent try again later". I checked my message center number that is: +919440099997. I called customer care and asked abt it, They told tht they registered a complaint. but still I am not able to send SMS.
    I also tried message center number +919442099997 but still same problem. please help.
    contact details:

  68. I am in Excel Anant (General) and I want to migrate to other attractive prepaid plan. Which is best plan?

  69. hi kvroa,
    There are two excellent plans in under 2G Prepaid
    1) Vennela Match plz check this link for details (http://bsnltariff.blogspot.com/2011/04/bsnl-new-2g-and-3g-vennela-match-plans.html)
    2) Nestham plan (http://bsnltariff.blogspot.com/2009/12/reduced-sim-cost.html)
    For more details send email : bsnltariff@gmail.com

  70. please let me know the procedure to migrate from vennela plus to nestham.

  71. hi,
    To migrate from Vennela plus to Nestham:
    Just recharge nestham migration voucher of Rs.40/- u will get Rs.35/- talkvalue
    enjoy Nestham features after 24hrs...

  72. Hi i want to know my bsnl number plan whether it is vennela or nestham?
    how to know the plan?

  73. To know vennela or nestham plan,
    dial *123#
    to know the plan, validity and balance

  74. hi i am using vennela plus plan.
    please let me know offers to reduce STD calls.

  75. hi...my bsnl sim validity expired on january 2012...i want to reactivate that..is there any way to reactivate my sim...plz help me..n my plan was vennela plus plan

  76. Hi ahmed,
    pls mail us ur mobile number(bsnltariff@gmail.com) to check the status of your sim......how much chances have to reactivate your BSNL sim

  77. Can any one help me to know how to extend the validity of my sim. I'm using that for 2G internet. Earlier I used to top up with 110 to get 3 months validity.

  78. hi,
    My BSNL sim validity expired on 29-03-2012. I want to re-activate that. is there any way to reactivate my sim. Please help me and my my plan Vennela Plus.

    Let me know if you need any other details.

    Sreenivasa Rao.

  79. My bsnl vennela plus plan is expired so now i have to activate A new plan r vennela plus

    Can u say what z d bst offers to activate again


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