How to change plan in Postpaid by sending SMS

Till now if the BSNL customer wants to change plan in Postpaid they have to run for BSNL Customer service center to change plan by completing required process.
Now Customer no need run for BSNL Customer Service center for one plan to another plan in Postpaid Services under both 2G and 3G Mobile services. BSNL has provisioned SMS based facility to its customers for plan change in Postpaid Mobile services.

This facility runs if the customer send SMS from his own mobile to which the Plan Change is Required.
Procedure to change one plan to other plan by sending SMS
How To change the Plan : 
type CHG<space>Old plan Name<space>New Plan Name
eg: CHG PLAN325 PLAN525 (To change one plan to other i.e eg: PLAN325 to PLAN525 )
send SMS to 53733

Whats next after sending SMS:
After getting back the reply SMS, the customer has to give confirmation SMS as follows
type CHG New plan Name Y (Add Y) 
eg: CHG PLAN525Y
  • How much time it will to change one plan to another plan after the above process:
  • The Plan change request will be effected with in 24 hrs after receipt of SMS for Plan change
  • The subscriber can opt for the SMS based Plan change once in a Month.

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