Beware of SIM Card Cloning via Missed calls

We heard about Cyber Hacking online where Hacker hacks most enlightening sites their intention is to hack sites and inject bugs on victim sties for their self concerned targets. Terrorist attempts are likely to proven in most of the cases. Now hackers are searched new type of hacking methods i.e Cloning of SIM cards. According to the recently reports revealed that most of the Mobile users have fallen prey to New Advanced Telecom hackers, this has been confirmed by Intelligence services.

If any mobile user got any missed calls numbers starts with +92; #90 or #90, then be alert Don’t call back to those numbers. If you’ve attempted call back to the above series starting numbers automatically your sim may be cloned and your valuable data may stored in the hackers desk.
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) General Manager, said in this regard all the necessary alters issued to the BSNL Subscribers and passed instructions to convey this message to all the BSNL subscribers via SMS.

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How Hackers steal data from your Mobile?

Hackers by using advanced technology and with special software push missed calls to all the mobile users (These mobile numbers obtained from social network sites or from online Telecom forum sites). 
Generally most of the mobile users won’t remember their long digit personnel account number/Credit card number and their password. These mobile users store their valuable data on their mobiles for ready reference; this type of small mistakes takes advantage of Mobile hackers to steal data very easily when the prey calls back.
The menace of Hacking has been gradually increased in many ways i.e for terror attacks, or for fun or commercial usage or for abuse practices. Once Mobile users call back to the above series numbers immediately mobile subscribers number and data stored in Mobile transferred to Hacker desk instantly.

How to defend you mobile from these hackers?

  • First if you’re using and participating regularly on social networking sites i.e Facebook or twitter or others, don’t share your mobile number in public or share with your friends in public.
  • Don’t share your mobile number on Online Telecom sites or Forums, if you’ve any grievance then mail to those sites desk mail address to find solutions.
  • If you got any call from the above series numbers don’t get exited and call back.
So, Mobile users be alert don’t call back or press #09 or #90 or +92 series numbers.

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