Consumer’s of all the telecom operators are facing quality of talk and increase in voice call drops along with slow down of Data services suddenly. In few areas consumers were complaining about not getting of signal and break down signal interrupting calls in these months. In the earlier post we’ve discussed about How Radio Frequency effect on human body after implementing of new radiation norms for cellphone towers. These norms are very useful and good for your health.

After norms came into effect on September the radiation limit reduced from 9.2 w/sqm to 0.92 w/sqm a 10-fold decrease, it is lower than the US, Russia and China countries.
Most of the Towers are established in core areas of Delhi and Mumbai and Bangalore and Chennai apart from other tier-1 cities. There are 4.5 lakh Telecom Towers in India which don’t meet the new norms.
BSNL has also started the process for implementing the new norms instructions of TRAI for slow downing of power supply to the towers which will bring down in the new radiation levels without changing the entire infrastructure. This means that the coverage area of each Tower goes down and new more towers will be needed to overcome this low signals. In continuation to this the Data services will also be affected.
To complete a call number of handovers required, while a call phone searches for the newest tower and handedover call duties to new tower. Companies are trying to move towers around or add new ones, gaps are also likely to emerge in the network, leading to insufficient coverage for both calls and data services. More towers to be needed to install to meet the requirement to complete a call.
More radiation will emits by a 3G tower than 2G and it needs to update for new norms. The decrease in the Data services will be more than 2G and the gaps in the network will be larger.

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