Leading Telecom Operator in India Bharat Sanchar Ngiam Limited (BSNL) has launched lowest monthly tariff Wimax Business plan in Wireless Brodband Services across Kerala Telecom Circle and Pubjab Telecom Circle.
The BSNL Competent Authority of Kerala Telecom Circle has regularized Wimax Postpaid Business Plan (BUWI 850) which is already popular across kerala circle and now introduced in Punjab Telecom Circle from receiving huge response from the customers. This new Wimax Postpaid Business Plan (BUWI 850) comes with 512 kbps to 2 Mbps bandwidth speed with FMC (Fixed Monthly Charges) Rs.850/-. BSNL enabled two provisions for purchasing customer premises equipments (Outdoor, Indoor and USB dongle) as per their usage, outright purchase from BSNL or Rental Equipment at lowest rates in Rural and Urban areas across under Wireless Broadband services.
On one year (12 months) subscription customer will be charged only 11 months i.e one month free, the details are here under:
Item wise details
Business Plan (BUWI 850)
(Wherever Technically Feasible)
512 Kbps to 2 Mbps
Applicability All Users
Single / Multi User (SU/MU) Multo User (MU)
Activation / Installation Charges Rs. 250/-
Fixed Monthly Charge (FMC) Rs.850
Annual Payment option in Rs. (11*FMC) 9350
Free usage per month 9 GB
Additional usage beyond free limit (1ps/100KB) Rs. 100/GB
Free Email ID/Space 4/5 MB
Security deposit for WiMax Service 1-Month Fixed Monthly Charges
Security deposit for WiMax CPE, where CPE taken on Rent Rs. 1000/-, Uniform for all CPEs (Exclusive of service tax)
FMC for Indoor & Outdoor CPE installed by BSNL 40
FMC for USB Dongle installed by BSNL 30
Minimum Hire period One Month

The above new Wimax Business plan ‘BUWI 850’ will be implemented and with effect from 15-10-2013 across Punjab Telecom Circle and available for Kerala Telecom Circle from 28-11-2013.
All other terms and conditions will remain the same.

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