What to do when your Mobile Lost along with BSNL sim card or Damage SIM card or SIM block
What to do when your Mobile Lost along with BSNL sim card or Damage SIM card or SIM block
Unfortunately mobile users there are times to lose their mobile device or damage SIM card or due to mishandling of mobile device SIM blockage might happen. At this stage without any confusion mobile users should dial to the concerned telecom company Call center or approach near by Customer Service Center to get back same number for lost SIM card or lodge complaint about SIM theft along with mobile phone or to unlock SIM services. Here few tips which helps you at the time of the above incidents.

If you have lost your SIM whether Postpaid or Prepaid card first call up to your telecom operator Call Center and tell them about loss of SIM card to block lost SIM Card.

When you lost your mobile phone along with SIM card, first should approach near by police station to lodge a complaint to get back mobile phone and along with FIR copy move toward telecom company customer service center to submit CAF (Customer Application Form) providing necessary relevant information with ID proof and photo. Instantly take back blank SIM card (paired with running mobile number) and get activated with in hours to block lost SIM card.

Some times changing SIM card to one mobile to another or other reasons may damage your SIM card and message displays on your mobile as ‘SIM registration failed’. At this time of SIM damage reach to your telecom operator customer service center and deposit damage SIM card along with your CAF to get new replacement SIM card paying nominal changes as prescribed for restoration services on the new SIM card.

Registered mobile subscriber must ensure to follow the Telecom operator’s terms and conditions co-operating with staff.

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