In competition with advanced private telecom Operators State run telecom operator also finds its solution to attract customers and retain their subscribers to experience what private telecom operators are providing through VAS (Value Added Services) across the country.

Earlier GSM subscribers have only way to send SMS (short messages) in text mode from their Prepaid or Postpaid mobiles. There is only the way to send text message in International language (English) and it’s not possible to send text message in Indian regional languages to express mobile user views immediately. Mobiles are not compatible to read all Indian regional language text messages across the country now things changed mobile users can send messages in Voice mode in their regional language at affordable price.
Voice SMS services in BSNL Karnataka Telecom Circle
India’s most trusted telecom brand Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) already implemented Voice SMS services in south telecom circles now its continuing its services in other North Telecom circles through VAS (Value Added Services) to benefit customers.
BSNL subscribers can send Voice SMS to friend/relative etc through VSMS by depositing the same to VSMS server. A notification will be forwarded to recipient in voice mode from sender.
Voice SMS services in BSNL AP Circle / Telangana Circle
The procedure for submission and retrieval of Voice SMS is under follows:
For Normal (Non VPN) customer:
A party customer can submit voice SMS by dialing +followed by ten digit mobile number eg: +9400024365
For VPN customer:
The subscriber has to dial/prefix 19001 instead *followed by ten digit mobile number eg: *9400024365

For both Normal and VPN customer:
VSMS can be retrieved by recipient  by dialing short code 19000 (in North Zone) or long code 7839019000 (in Roaming scenario in other Zone).

The submission as well as retrieval of VSMS will be charged at Rs.0.75 per minute.
The above service available in North Zone (Punjab Telecom Circle) customers.
All other terms and conditions will remain the same.

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