BSNL allows users to perform multiple recharge simultaneously with BSNL Advance Prepaid plan using Queuing facility.
To compete rival private telecom's BSNL tariff plans allows users to perform multiple recharge simultaneously with BSNL Advance Prepaid plan using Queuing facility.

One thing that prepaid customers don't like is the reminder that their plan will end soon. If you are reloading for a full year, then this is a different problem. But if you are someone who lives on short or medium term packages, then you know the frustration of reloading again and again.

Government ready to issue sovereign guarantees of Rs 15,000 crore to BSNL, MTNL The Department of Economic Affairs has approved the proposal with numerous brokers. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) are now ready to receive a sovereign guarantee of Rs 15 billion from the Indian government. In October 2019, the Council of Ministers of the European Union approved the BSNL and MTNL revival package which included the allocation of the 4G spectrum and the issuance of a sovereign guarantee of Rs 15,000 crore. The proposal to release the sovereign guarantee to BSNL and MTNL has now received the go-ahead from the Department of Economic Affairs (DEA) in the ministry of finance.  The sovereign guarantee allows BSNL and MTNL to raise funds The sovereign guarantee of Rs 15,000 crore which includes Rs 8,500 crore to BSNL and Rs 6,500 crore to MTNL, allows operators to restructure their debts. In addition, the sovereign guarantee used by BSNL for the issue of long-term bonds, MTNL helps operators to meet certain capital expenditure requirements for the launch of 4G services.  However, in a letter of July 8, the DEA approved the proposal but established several corridors. State operators were said to pay a 1% guarantee fee each to the government.  The guarantee is also said to cover only the principal amount and normal interest. Basically, it was also stressed that the sovereign guarantee will not be transferable and "would cease to exist if ownership of the entity is transferred by the Indian government".  The letter also states that the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) will examine the correct use of guaranteed funds.  In the event of a default, the DEA has stated that the lending agency will invoke the guarantee within 60 days of the default. The DEA stated that the collateral "would cease to exist for that part of the tranche" if the lending agency does not invoke the collateral within the time frame.  The BSNL Revival package also includes 4G spectrum allocation It should be noted that the BSNL and MTNL revival package also includes the allocation of the 4G spectrum with government-funded spectrum costs. The revival package also included a voluntary retirement plan (VRS) for BSNL and MTNL employees aged 50 or over. The government also said that state operators will monetize their resources to help operators gather resources for improving and expanding the network. In addition, the revival package also included a merger of BSNL and MTNL in principle.
One thing that some telecom companies allow their customers facility of multiple recharges. Advance multiple recharge for bsnl validity extension is a type of reloading that the customer can do before the end of the current prepaid plan.

So once the first recharge for bsnl prepaid validity is finished, the second prepaid plan starts automatically. This allows for a smooth calling and data experience. Now, Public telecommunications in India  Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has also announced its multiple Advance-recharge scheme.

BSNL multiple recharge for bsnl validity extension scheme

BSNL prepaid connection users can now reload more than once without having to wait for their current Prepadi plan voucher or prepaid special tariff voucher validity to complete. Subscribers can recharge for bsnl prepaid validity with multiple PV / STV of the same denomination.

All plans and benefits will pile up and the subscriber won't have to worry about reloading again and again. Once the first refill has expired, the second will automatically start.

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When the first bsnl prepaid plans expires and another starts, customers will be notified via message. For the initial phase of this offer, you are limited to a few plans.

The PV / STV for which this offer is valid for the denominations available in the mobile market listed from higher denomination to lower rate prepaid packs are Rs.1999, Rs.1699, Rs.997, Rs.699, Rs.666, Rs.485, Rs.429, Rs.399, Rs.319, Rs.247, Rs.187, Rs.118, Rs.99, Rs.98 and Rs 97.

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