New BSNL eSIM Tariff plans start at Rs.15 per month

BSNL launches two other new eSIM tariff plans for M2M and IoT connections; BSNL eSIM plans start at ₹ 15 / - onwards.

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has announced the launch of new eSIM tariff plans for M2M and IoT connections. According to the latest information, the power supply has introduced two new blocks for a number of connections between 1 lakh and 1.5 lakh and for more than 1.5 lakh.

New BSNL eSIM Tariff plans

Now BSNL's eSIM pricing plans start at just ₹ 15 / - per month onwards. BSNL recently revised its eSIM plans by eliminating the annual recurring charges for private APNs. Corporate customers can take advantage of eSIMs with private APNs for IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M (Machine-to-Machine Communication) applications by paying Rs 10,000 as a one-time charge for each private APN.

Plan NameFree Mobile Data Per MonthFree Onnet SMS Per Month10 to 10,000 SIMs (eSIM charge P.M)10,001 -50,000 SIMs (eSIM charge P.M)50,001-1,00,000 SIMs (eSIM charge P.M)1,00,001-1,50,000 SIMs [NEW SLAB]More than 1,50,000 SIMS [NEW SLAB]
IOT 110 MB502018171615
IOT 250 MB1002220181716
IOT 3100 MB2002422201816
IOT 4300 MB5003128252220
IOT 5500 MB10003532302725
IOT 61 GB10006256504540
IOT 75 GB100010090807060
IOT 810 GB200015013512010590
IOT 925 GB2000200180160140120
IOT 1060 GB2500250225200175150

Private APN charges for M2M/IoT Services

  • One Time Charge for each Private APN:     Rs 10,000/-
  • Annual Recurring Charge for each Private APN:     NIL

BSNL M2M / IoT  Service - Additional Usage Charges After Free Usage in BSNL Area

  • Data Charges after free usage:    1 paisa / 10KB for Home LSA and National Roaming
  • SMS Charges after free SMS limit and Off-net SMS: 15 paisa per SMS
  • Outgoing Voice Calls (On-net & Off-net): 30 paisa per 60 sec
  • Incoming Voice Calls: FREE

The above tariff charges do not include GST. The plan applicable to a customer will be reviewed month by month based on the number of connections in operation. All other terms and conditions will remain the same. The BSNL eSIM plans examined above are applicable with immediate effect from the date of issue of this circular, or with effect from 30 July 2021 in all telecommunications environments until new orders.

BSNL eSIM for IoT / M2M applications

IoT / M2M services are those that require communication between two or more devices (machines) without the intervention of a human being. It is the backbone of the Internet of Things (IoT) and needs the connectivity of telecom service providers for this communication to take place. 

M2M / IoT services are future revenue opportunities for telecom service providers and therefore TRAI has implemented a dedicated 13-digit numbering model for M2M services.

Here, the telecom service providers will provide backhaul connectivity to the application servers of the M2M / IoT service providers, and the M2M service providers will offer real services to their end customers. 

Most major telecommunications service providers (TSPs) have begun to sign agreements with M2M / IoT service providers who, in turn, will provide services to end customers using the connectivity provided by TSPs.

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