BSNL has announced happily a special plan in Andhrapradesh Telecom circle for AP Telecom BSNL Customers and it launched a new scheme in under 2G Prepaid voice plan with name 'BSNL VENNELA'
It is a wonderful package where night time free talking with low rates..
Follow the tariff details below..........
Sim cost : 150 , Free local talk time : 50/-
Validity : 300 days
Call charges per/minute in Rs:
To BSNL network (including LL/WLL/GSM) : 0.60 paise
To other network (including LL/WLL/GSM) : 0.70 paise
Happy hours within Andhra pradesh PLMN (09:30 PM to 07:30 AM ) (on/net)
STD call charges Rs:
To BSNL network (including LL/WLL/GSM) : 1.00 p/m
To other network (including LL/WLL/GSM) : 1.50 p/m
ISD call charges Rs:
National roaming : 1:00 , I/C in visited LSA : 1:00 , O/G outside visited LSA : 1.50
SMS Charges (160 characters) :
Free SMS Local per month : 250 (above 250 @ 20paise)
Family and freinds (one landline + Four GSM BSNL mobiles within AP PLMN) : Rs.0.30 p/m
All the customers of this plan will be converted to prepaid general plan after the expiry of validity period.
This period valid up to 90 days from this date 19.01.09 starts.
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  1. This period valid up to 90 days from this date 19.01.09 starts.?

    means this plan available with in six months?

  2. Can anybody tell me upto which date this VENNELA offer will be there?

    - Panduranga Chary Kasoju

  3. Will this offer be extended to this month end?

  4. plz tell the phone no to activate it

  5. My callas are mostly STD to non BSNL mobile phones .. Can i change from Vennela to another plan ? How ?
    I already have a Vennela SIM Card

  6. Mr.John Jojo..
    Yes you can migrate to other prepaid or postpaid plan... simply
    if you are using Vennela sim...
    1) Firstly send sms eg: MGEN to 53733
    2) wait for 24hrs to convertion to general plan...
    3) After wards as you wish to change any plan....

  7. Now vennela scheme is their
    Please give the lates scheme details

  8. Mr.gokul
    Now BSNL Vennela scheme is changed to new promotional scheme called ""VENNELA PLUS"".
    Vennela scheme is no more.
    Whatever features in vennela is applicable in this new 'vennela plus' scheme.
    Please see my 22nd may 2009 post.

  9. may i know the ISD call charges from my BSNL vennela mobile to uae, saudi arabia, dubai, etc..,.

  10. hi,
    For ISD call @ Rs.9.6 p/m for UAE and other EU countries.
    Just follow the General Prepaid tariff for other countries..for more information..
    Dowload Prepaid tariff card..see link ...above

  11. Can I migrate from my other Prepaid plan to Vennela?

  12. u not mentioned in which plan ur ...ok
    You can migrate from any other prepaid plan to vennela plus plan..

  13. How do I deny service offer calls from BSNL? I get call from number '12630033' for BSNL Mobile Radio subscription and even if I cut the call I automatically get subscribed to BSNL Mobile radio and will be charged Rs 19/- per month. I wont get back my money even after calling the call center 9400024365 and get unsubscribed.

  14. Hi i have used Anath plan and my recharge date was on 9th Aug 09 on the same day i have changed to vennala plan by recharging with Rs 200. i got mesg as it got activated with vennala plan. but the next day on dialing number its showing as Error in connection...Plz let me know whts de problem?????

  15. hi,
    There is a problem in will be resolved in one or two days. U will get incoming calls but while dialing O/G you will get an error message....

  16. Is there any plan in vennela plus for lower calling charges to BSNL Mobiles in other states ( STD )

  17. yes!
    U can call any where in India with cheap rates, with STVs (Special tariff vouchers) here..
    Rs.45/- (one sec/one ps)
    Rs.49/- (STD 49 ps)(vldity 180dys)
    RS.99/- (STD 49 ps)(vldity 365dys)
    for more details see blog posts..

  18. hii....iam in bsnl vennela plan.on dec17 2009 the validity period experied.on 17th i went to bsnl customer care office and inquired whether i can change to powerpack plan.they told me yes and i bought a migration card worth Rs 249/-.they told me after the expiry of vennela paln,it will change to general plan automatically and then i can use the migartion card.i even sent a message to 53733 for changing to general plan as early as possible.later when i contacted customer care 9400024365,they told me that shifting from vennela to powerpack is impossible.iam unable to know whether the sim is now in vennela or general.what should i do with the migration card???if it can change automatically to general,how much time will it take,how can i know it??when iam dialing *123#,request uncompleted is the response.should i ask for the replacement of power pack migration card with vennela plus migration card worth RS 199/- and return me the remaining extra money??

  19. Hi,

    My validity expired 10days back.I using saral anant plan.Now i wanna convert to vennela plus plan.wat to do plz help me..i cant even send a mesg to cust care as validity expired
    also tell me whether i can use 1paise/sec offer with vennela plan asap.

  20. hii.....
    Im currently havin the power package.I need a facility with free roamin charges.Plz do let me know to which plan i should upgrade.

  21. I own a bsnl vennela sim card.As most of my calls are STD calls, i want to change the plan into a prepais plan that cost me 1p/sec or 1.2p/sec.How do i do that?? Can anyone help me out???

  22. hi sita,
    plz refere this link
    and choose your best plan for ur best requirement. If u have any further doubts plz mail:


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