APTelecom BSNL 2G Prepaid Vennela Voice plan

Andhrapradesh Telecom Circle (AP Telecm) BSNL competent authority has decided that under 2G Prepaid - " Vennela " voice scheme is regularised and it will continue the same to the BSNL customers to avail by seeing its popularity.

Every BSNL Customer will happy about this announcement, that 2G Prepaid "Vennela voice plan has been regularized.

There is no limit for the above scheme.

Now the Vennela sims available at all retails and Customer service centers of BSNL......
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  1. can u please tel me how to get converted to this plan from "new excel ananta"??????

  2. swetha...
    You can migrate to Excel Ananth (life time) plan to any other prepaid plan or postpaid plan...
    Just follow this instructions...
    1) Fistly send eg: MGEN sms to 53733
    2)You recieve confirmation return sms and then its take 24hrs to convert Excel Ananth to General plan..
    3) Then after converting General plan recharge Vennela migration voucher Rs.199.
    4) Again it takes 24hrs to convert general plan to Vennela plan.....

  3. hi,nagasireesha
    To Ur first question..
    you can migrate to vennela plan without changing Ur current mobile no...you not mentioned Ur current plan in which plan Ur...

    To ur second question...
    To setup 5 bsnl numbers in vennela plan @ 30 paise p/min...see eg:
    (one Landline is mandatory with std code)give space in between nos.

    FFE 04027000000 9440024365 9440024365 9440024365 9440024365

    send sms to 53733
    then wait 24hr after registering for confirmation.
    Check your mobile plan after 24hr by sending sms *123#

  4. How to convert to Vennela plus from Excel rejoice , how much time will it take to convert and when I have to setup the five Freinds and Family numbers

  5. hi,
    To convert from rejoice plan to 'Vennela plus'.
    Take a migration voucher of vennela plus of Rs.199 and then recharge it.
    It will take about 24hours to convert from rejoice plan to 'vennela plus' plan.
    please check by sending sms *123#
    whether it is converted to vennela plus or not. then
    Instantly when it coverted to vennela plus you can opt for Freinds and family option.
    Best of luck.

  6. Nice offer....
    Can i set only 3 numbers for F&F because i want to add other two numbers later..plzzz reply me

  7. hi,
    sorry to say you..it is not possible.
    you can opt at a time 5 numbers for F&F.
    if you opt 3 nos it will not accept your request.

  8. Thank you for ur reply...
    one more doubt...is happy ours feature valid after setting F&F????

  9. hi,
    yes!happy hours valid after your F&F settings.
    It is applicable for both F&F and happy hours.

  10. Hi
    Nice Offer......
    How can we know about left messages in 250 msgs???
    plz help me out.....

  11. hi,
    This provision is not yet present in 'Vennela plus' but it is there in 'Power pack' plan.

  12. hi,
    New vennela plus is better when compare with Powerpack...examine
    Power pack:
    validity is 1 year.
    500 sms free,
    F&F 5 numbers @ 30paise
    call rates are @ 60paise (BSNL) @70paise (other network)
    You can change numbers only after 6months in F&F
    Vennela Plus:
    Validity is 3 years
    250 sms free
    F&F 5 numbers @ 30paise and happy hours from night 9:30 to mrng 7:30 @20paise p/m.
    you can change numbers in F&F any time @ Rs.20/- per number.
    Call to any network number @60paise p/m
    one drawback is you have recharge Rs.110/- topup for every three months.

  13. hi,
    offcourse youcan migrate to vennela plus plan to powerpack plan....
    my advice is vennela plus is better than powerpack plan..
    Now bsnl has extended expiry period... plz refer my post dated 18-06-09.

  14. hi,
    yes! you can get fancy numbers in prepaid...
    There are levels starting Rs.500/- 1000/- 2000/- 5000/- 7000/- 20,000/-.
    This amount will be paid near by any BSNL customer service center and you can get it.
    If you chosen any fancy number mail to me .. i will tell ur fancy number level.

  15. hi,
    you can get ' 786 ' number @ 500/-

  16. Hi,

    i am under "Excel Power Pack"

    i want to know is there any rental for "FFE" ? while purchasing sim i neglected retailers instructions about activating FFE numbers

    can you tell is there any monthly charge for this? or free?


  17. Hey kartik

    Thanks for u r reply regarding rental on FFE numbers.

    One more questions....

    These five numbers should be only BSNL or we can add any other numbers like Airtel etc?


  18. hi!!!
    no it should be only bsnl and that too one bsnl landline mandatory. by the way can i know ur name if u dnt mind

  19. hi,
    plz send ur mobile no. to book a complaint and check the status of ur problem..with out Ur mobile no. it is not possible to check..
    send Ur mobile no. to'

  20. hi,
    send ur mobile number to check the status of Ur problem...without ur mobile no it can't be solved ur problem send mail...to...

  21. Well thanks BSNL for introducing the great offer for teens. May i know how to know whether i have used 250 SMS in month or how many i have used in a month.

  22. Hi,

    I'm currently under Ananth plan and have recharged with 199 Vennela plus migration voucher without sending any SMS.Without sending SMS do i get converted to Vennela plus? if so, how long does it take and what is the validity period?

    For FF option, is one landline mandatory? Can the landline be from any part of the state and 30 paise offer is applicable to that?

    can i just opt only one mobile at a time or need to opt for all 5 numbers at a time?

    Thanks in advance...

  23. I am under Vennela plus.Can I recharge with a top-up card of Rs.220 & get extension for 6 months. similarly with a topup of Rs.500extension of 15 months is possible. kindly clarify.

    Jalapati Rao

  24. praveena ji,
    plz send ur mobile no and recharge details to bsnltariff@gmail.com,
    to check ur problem and status...
    in this way it is not possible to know ur problem...

  25. Now I am in Vennela plan which expired on 29thNov 09 after 300 days. whether the scheme continues or shall I have to change to Vennela Plus. what is the procedure?
    Damodara Naidu

  26. hi naidu,
    There is a separte vennela plus migration voucher of Rs.199/- where u can continue vennela plus plan.
    actually original vennela is changed to 'Vennela plus' with same .. extra features,
    1. 3years validity
    2. U have to rechage RC/Topup every three months or else u will get extra 3months validity on every recharge of RC/Topup 110/-.

  27. in bsnl power pack after completing 500 sms the sms charges are 20ps for each sms,are there any other offers so that sms are charged less than 20ps

  28. dear rincky,
    yet present! there is no offer, but.. it is going to be lauching ensuing months..ur request scheme is under proposal to launch early..

  29. I have vennala plus prepaid connection. How to convert to Vilakshan now?

  30. hi sat,
    simply recharge Rs.45/-..along with the vennela plus features u can avail vilakshan feature i.e ..
    1 sec 1 paise...for 1year validity. (Vilakshan is only the provision to talk 1 sec pulse) u will remain in vennela plus plan as usual..

  31. hi
    i use the power pack plan.. my validity expires 18th jan
    can i extend the same plan...is there any option for that???
    please reply

  32. yes,
    u hv to recharge PPack extension voucher of Rs.130/-..

  33. i am using the vennela plus plan which has 250 free msgs per month ...
    is there any option to get msgs after the limit at a lower price than 20 ps

  34. i want to change the numbers that ivhad given prior.....for 5 numbers 20 ps feature....now i want to change the numbers is it possible pls reply


  35. My Plan is En nanban can i change the plan pls reply and contact me : mujaabahmed@yahoo.com

  36. Hi..Can you please tell me...How to Convert from BSNL Vennela Plus Plan to BSNL Nestam Plan???I am using Vennela plus plan from the last one year...

  37. I just changed the same "vennela plus to Nestam" by doing 40 Rs easy recharge/topup

  38. hi,
    presently i am using Excel 3G GENERAL Plan, i am not able to activate 1ps/second card.
    i want to migrate to any general plan cause the plan i am undergoing costs 70ps/min.
    any suggestions

  39. Sorry, there is no provision in online recharge...u have to go for manual recharge i.e easy recharge of Rs.40/- (nestham migration voucher)u will get Rs.35/- talk time etc features..

  40. hi shahinaj,
    u cn call @49ps to any NT work....
    by recharging STV (Special Tariff voucher ) of Rs.69/ (six months validity) RS.99/- (1 year validity)

  41. to migrate from nestam plan to Vennela Super plan, how much STV to be used. 9440190250

  42. hi srikanth,
    there is no vnnl plus
    vennela super plan is there
    to convert from
    nestham to vnnla super..
    recharge of Rs.123/-
    vnnla super migration voucher..

  43. can i know what is cost of migrating from vennela plus to vennela super???

  44. To migrate from vennela plus to
    Vennela super recharge..
    Vennela super Migration voucher of Rs.123/-

  45. hii...i hav a bsnl sim which is in graceperiod 2. i tried to re-activate it with 55 and 110. but it didnt wokred. Even the bsnl office people in my area are helpless. If any one hav any idea kindly post. Thanks in advance.

  46. hi bhanu
    forward ur mobile number to check the status : to

  47. Hi, Can you please tell me how to migrate from Excel General to Nestham plan (2G). Thanks in Advance.

  48. To migrate from 2G Prepaid Excel General plan to Nestham recharge Nestham migration voucher of Rs.40/-

  49. I am having EXCEL GENERAL SIM Card . I am in TN. I want to know the tariff charges for this sim since I bought it long back.

    Can I migrate to Venella plan with the same no.?tks

  50. hi rk,
    if u belongs to ap offcourse u can opt for vennela..
    pls send full details to;

  51. i would like to change my pyari jodi to vennela plan, what i should do pls inform. my no is 9400686060 .what is vennela plan pls furnish details thanks in advance Dileepkumar ekm

  52. Hi ani,
    If wana change ur landline numbers then u have to approach near by Customer service center...or else u want to retain the landline number and modify ur mobile numbers then type as below...
    FFM send SMS to

  53. how to change from 2G venela match to 3G vennela match

  54. hello geethika,
    first u have to migrate from 2G to 3G by sending simple sms for free of cost type:
    send to 53733
    then after youve to Confirm sms as M3GY to 53733
    within 24hrs ur mobile sim will be converted from 2G to 3G then after converting 3G go plan change..

  55. How to convert Vennela match to vennela super plan Please.

  56. To convert from BSNL Vennela Match plan to BSNL Vennela super plan..plz recharge migration voucher of Rs.123/- from any easy recharge....


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