In this busy scheduled life mobile phone users are always without checking battery charging leaves to work and suddenly when they are attending an important call suddenly mobile phone shut down due to low battery.
Sometimes mobile users won’t have enough time to charge their mobiles because of mobile takes maximum time for charging. In few cases mobile users leaves their mobile for charging at night time to next day, this process is not good for battery health.

Mobile users don’t know why mobile takes maximum time for charging. Here, if the mobile users follow these methods for speeding up mobile charging to make long life battery.

  • Just connect mobile phone to the outlet of charger instead of charging through computer (It’s not safe for battery and mobile).
  • Turn off all the application running on mobile while charging mobile, especially GPS, Bluetooth.
  • Turn off mobile screen also at the time of charging.
  • Bring back to mobile phone from vibration mode to sound mode.
  • At the time of charging avoid listening music.
  • How to make your battery long life?
  • Battery and its charger are the two important accessories for mobile phone long life running. Here just follow the below tips for improving life for battery and backup.
  • After reaching battery charging level to zero start the process for charging. This will improve your battery life period.
  • Follow regularly cleaning of battery.
  • Turn of applications like 3G, Bluetooth when you don’t need other wise your strength of your battery weakens.
  • Limit usage of video application to avoid maximum energy consumption for video application.
  • Disable vibration mode and unnecessary sounds.
  • Don’t use maximum resolution of screen savers
  • Reduce brightness, backlighting
  • If your message is short don’t tempt to call just leave a message.
  • If you don’t need phone at the time meeting or urgent work instead of converting to vibration mode just Turn off mobile phone.
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