Experts cautioned Android Smartphone Mobile users who are favorite downloading apps from stores. Indian cyberspace and Internet security sleuths detected spreading Virus which steals SMSes, Emails data and personal information stored on Android Smartphone Mobiles. Newly detected virus is affecting all versions of Android previous to 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean).
Computer Emergency Response Team of India (CeRt-In) says, they have observed that hackers are targeting Android Version enabled smatphones inserting a legitimate malicious code in apps which makes it possible to alter an apps code very easily without affecting the cryptographic sign of the app, basically permitting a malicious author to trick the Android device into considering that the crafted apps unchanged.
Software professionals and developers warning Android enabled smartphones users that, this new virus can easily steal personal information, email user name and password (Which is in mode of Remember my password), SMSes, IMEI number, mobile banking apps login information and its transaction details stored at backend. Hackers can easily trap Android enabled Mobile users sending SMSes, Calling, misuse of mobile account without users knowledge.
Indian Cyber Police team has suggested that, attackers exploit injecting vulnerability files with the same name into an application package or Duplicate application with legitimate files. During installation verification occurs against first file process and immediately second file (legitimate files) will automatically installed along with Android package.
Do not install apps available openly on Google Play Stores or other e stores chances of duplicate apps. When it comes to Money Transaction related process Download apps from Official bank sites don’t experiment to download from e-store. Avoid clicking of untrusted sites links, running of apps or enabling of auto update option. Scan mobile device with a mobile security solution or mobile anti-virus solution before you download apps or untrusted sources.

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