Technology influencing people to adopt in their daily life like mobile. No once can reject this word that ‘without mobile phone there is life’. Latest mobile devices, Smartphones runs on Android version software (How Hackers are targeting Android Smarphones to steal information?).

Recently United States or America news sources revealed that technology influencing people move to use Smartphones for various related purposes especially in banking sector.

Let’s watch dangers of using Smarphones and safety measures.

Don’t use Shared Devices

Maximum risks will come across using of shared devices chances of losing valuable information for mobile banking. Explain your shared device colleague about chances of losing data while browsing high-risk sites online as it develop possibility of users downloading key-logging software onto device.
In this course make sure that other users not handling wrongly your mobile banking.
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Don’t enable auto-save username and password

Off course routinely users time of login to email, social media accounts, banking related sites online from personal desktop or laptop enables Auto-Save option to re-login automatically when needs instead of typing again. But this type of practice makes you trouble especially time of using public internet connection or on shared devices or on mobile phones or mobile apps.
Experts say, one should never allow remembering username and/or password. The information becomes easily for other persons to get access to your accounts without knowing you.

Lock your Mobile with password

Most of the smartphones phones or tablets enabled with password protection option. Without using locking system option with password increase of misuse, lose data while you’re away from mobile. Without proper security measures like password, anyone can log into mobile phone access what they required.

With help of Camera and banking app Depositing cheque

Technology converting people need by offering instant service. Banking sector also adding to improve their service by providing better service compare with other banks offering instant funds to those customers who deposit checks remotely with help of camera and using banking app. People are acquiring latest technology for funds transferring using mobile apps (Un-secure app or installing Duplicate app) instead of using banks ATM or bank Cheque drop box time taking process.
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Where to download bank’s app?

Most of the hackers are spreading their hands using latest technology by creating fake or duplicate banking apps. Lot’s of apps are available on Google, Apple or other estores at the same time banking related duplicate apps are also visible. Mobile users before they install mobile apps for banking or money related purpose download directly from bank’s official website. Using of fake apps may make you lose relevant information like username and password. American Bankers Association’s Vice President Doug Johnson says, that consumers tend to assume that just because an application is on an app store, it’s been heavily vetted by either Google, Apple or otherwise.

Few devices are more susceptible to viruses

A research director for Aite Group says, 97 percent of all the malware released into the mobile background was under attack against Android. Malware viruses Developer’s favorite brand Android compare with other brands. Smarphones are more susceptible for losing data by means of virus attacks in connected banking services.

Use micro SD cards for storing purpose

Maximum number of mobile users downloads free apps like games, chatting and Social media directly into mobile internal memory. But this type of perform grounds so many problems especially harms mobile software and disturbs functioning of mobile properly. In this course if mobile users downloaded untrusted apps or sensitive apps then you’re under trap. Always use storage cards and use a program that will completely clean your device especially before you discard or resell mobile phone.
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Install security apps

To protect your valuable data on mobile don’t ignore to install security app and make sure to update security app regularly with latest versions licensed.

Sense before you takes mobile connection

Most of the private and public sector telecom operators are partners with other private organization which offers mobile banking, SMS services and other services. The probability of losing information in transit is much higher when operating network connectivity is low since mobile apps broadcast data into open air.


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