Use of Mobile by Teachers in Classrooms banned by Puducherry Government

The Puducherry Government has imposed ban on usage of mobile phones by teachers in the Classrooms. After several complaints received from students and parents against teachers use mobile phone in classrooms the Directorate of School Education has decided to restrict the teachers from using of mobile devices inside the classrooms.

Teachers before entering into the Classrooms have deposit mobile devices to the head of the Institutions, Headmasters or Principals. A special team officers appointed for inspection to make surprise visits to the schools to watch over whether the teachers are strictly following orders, action will be taken those teachers who violate the order.

Pondicherry State Students and Parent’s Association welcomed the Government decision. There are about 6,000 teachers in 452 schools in Puducherry, where the quality of education in Government schools would improve. Use of mobile phones especially is with mobile having camera (Smartphones) in classrooms sidetracks the students and teachers.

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