Free Download Days Left Widget to Birthday, Exams for Android Smartphone Users
Gradual increase in usage of Smartphones enabled with Android or Windows version OS making people requirements enormous. Most of the people make necessary arrangements for upcoming dearest ones Birthday or Anniversary day or Exam date for Students, simply they counts days left daily. To make that event memorable or unforgettable or to get success in exams, specific preparations planned and arrangements or materials put to one side.
To remind you daily how many days left to event or exam special widget or app to be installed on Smartphones. Android users have chance to install this Days Left Widget on mobile at Free of cost. Smartphone users can easily set event dates and install widget to remind you daily how many days left to get success in your life. With this widget mobile users can count days left to event and according to plan for event or exam.
Days left widget ‘Description’ and procedure details of installation on Google play stores
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  • Did you ever forget an important date? Do you want to count down the days until a game or gadget release? Did you ever forget your moms or girlfriends birthday? You did? - oh no how could you!
  • Help yourself with this shiny new little widget for your home-screen. Never miss an important day again. Set up an daily countdown to new years eve, to Christmas, to your birthday or to a totally random day - just because you like daily countdowns!
  • If you want to customize the widget you can choose between several colors and overlays to combine them into your own designed day counter!
  • All of that - for free.
  • BUT, if you like the Widget please let others know by giving a rating! And if you want to show your love for this widget, you can also Donate money to me by clicking on the Donate button in the Setup view.
This is a homescreen widget THUS IT IS NOT meant for INSTALL ON SD according to google - Apps2SD will not be enabled in this application, i am sorry.
You didn't find a way to start this App? Well, that's because it's an Widget not an App - go longlick on your homescreen -- add Widget -- "Days Left" there you go

Free to Download for Android Smartphone users ‘Days Left Widget’

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