Free Broadband BSNL Work from Home plan offers 5GB data per day

Highlights of BSNL @ Work Home plan
  • This plan especially designed for landline customers
  • BSNL offers 5GB free data usage per day under the 'work from home broadband plan'
  • Launched on promotional basis to encourage stay at home for its users amid the novel corona-virus outbreak
Government owned Telecommunications in India Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) on promotional basis Work @ Home free broadband plan announced for all customers of the BSNL fixed connection i.e landline connection, those who are not having broadband services, in view of pandemic Covid19 novel corona virus spread across the country.

New unlimited free bsnl work@home broadband plan is a completely free plan for all existing landline customers who do not have broadband and this new promotional plan is available on PAN India circles, except Andaman. Nicobar Telecom Circle within BSNL broadband services.

The further extension to the fourth stage of the blockade is a move by the telecommunications operator to encourage its users to stay home amid the country's new coronavirus outbreak and provide them with high-speed Internet services.

Free Broadband BSNL Work from Home plan offers 5GB data per day
As part of the "work @ home" broadband plan, telecommunications offer 5 GB of data per day to all users at a speed of 10 Mbps. Once 5 GB is exhausted, the connection speed drops to 1 Mbps. According to the bsnl telecom website, the new offer is valid for existing BSNL landline connection customers who have not used the high speed broadband service from BSNL".

High-speed Internet access is possible, according to the BSNL India website, by simply connecting the modem. This bsnl work from home plan does not require additional installation costs or security deposits, but customers must have a modem or local customer equipment (CPE) in advance to use the services.

The company provided toll-free numbers for bsnl work@home plan activation dialing customer care for broadband services. Customers can call 1800-345-1504 for assistance bsnl work@home activation with installation, but the service is only available to those users who already have a BSNL broadband connection.

"After the promotional period expires, existing bsnl work from offer subscribed customers will be migrated to normal broadband plans,".

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Any broadband deposits included in the phone bill?
No, at the time of the free broadband connection offer period, there are no deposits, but after the necessary migration, the security deposit for BSNL broadband can be included in the subsequent monthly rental telephone bill.

How to avail bsnl work from home plan free BSNL broadband via online or customer care?
In addition to the nearest customer service center and BSNL franchisees / resellers, you can also sign up for a free 5G trial broadband plan by calling the bsnl toll-free number 1800 345 1500, then ITPC BSNL generates customer advice notes on the above scheme.

Can existing BB customers subscribe to bsnl work from home plan how to apply?
No, this is a new offer only for existing / new BSNL landline users who do not have a broadband service, yet this broadband offer is available for one month from the activation date.

A customer subscribes once for free broadband and disconnected, whether he is eligible for free offer again now?

If he/she booked and activated the broadband free offer previously and disconnected completely means, he/she eligible to get free broadband again in the present offer period.

Are BSNL landline voice calls free?
No, under bsnl work from home pack the Customer will be charged accordingly on the basis of the fixed telephone plan subscribed for the use of voice calls.

Can BSNL's free broadband customer migrate to other plans or not?
Yes, if you applied before the end of the work from home bsnl plan period, you will migrate to the required telecom tariff India plan, but if not, you can automatically migrate to the BB CUL plan.

After migration to BB CUL, you can send the migration request at any time online or offline, as required.

Terms and conditions for providing broadband bsnl work from home plan

  • BSNL work@home plan activation will be available in all the telecom circles (except Andaman and Nicobar) on promotional basis for a period of one month with immediate effect to existing BSNL's landline customers only not having broadband services.
  • However, new customer can opt this bsnl work@home broadband plan after activation of any regular landline plan. The facility of bsnl work from home offer will be available for one month from the date of activation.
  • No Installation and security deposit charges shall be levied to existing landline connection under bsnl work@home plans.
  • Bharat fiber partners are given option to offer bsnl work@home plan in their jurisdiction under Fibre category.
  • Customer premise equipment (CPE)/Modem shall be customer owned for existing BSNL’s landline (i.e. not having Broadband) customers only.
  • After expiry of promotional period, existing customers under above plan shall be migrated to regular Broadband plan as per their usages.
  • The choice of the existing regular circle specific/PAN India DSL/FTTH Broadband plan from the customer who opted above plan shall be taken by the circle.
  • For customers who are not opted any regular DSL/FTTH Broadband plans at the time of CAF filling, ITPC shall ensure to migrate these customers (after expiry of promotional period) acquired under above plan to the Broadband plan as their their usages or ‘2GB BSNL CUL’ (for Cu line) and ‘100GB CUL’ (for Fibre line) automatically.
  • In addition to nearest customer service center and BSNL Franchisee/Retailers, above Broadband plan can also be subscribed by calling Toll Free number- 1800 345 1500. ITPC shall also ensure that BSNL’s Call Centers are suitably guided to take customer request, and generate advice notes for the above scheme.

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