BSNL Fiber IPTV services to be launched in Kerala Telecom

On Trial basis in Kerala Telecom circle bsnl fiber IPTV services will be launched in August, 2020.

Public Telecommunications in India, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has announced that they going to launch its Internet Protocol Television services (bsnl IPTV India)in Kerala telecom state in August, 2020 on "Trial basis". 

BSNL IPTV services to be launched in Kerala Telecom

The development was shared by P. G Nirmal, general manager of sales and marketing of BSNL Kerala, in a letter addressed to the managers of the operator's business area. It should be noted that BSNL iptv plans introduced in Kerala in February. 

However, the iptv services of bsnl in the region remained a "non-starter" due to the lack of an "acceptable revenue sharing formula" between BSNL, the IPTV service provider and the local cable operator (LCO).

BSNL ready to launch IPTV tariff plans in 3 areas

According to the letter, BSNL will launch its bharat fiber IPTV services in three areas, namely Ernakulam, Alleppey and Thrissur. The trial period should be between August 27, 2020 and October 31, 2020.

Users who sign up for the bsnl fiber IPTV service by September 10, 2020 would receive free access to all free channels (FTA) for one month.

The operator is likely to share more details about the service in the coming days, including charges for the bsnl broadband IPTV service beyond the free period.

Rs 130 per month may charge for the BSNL IPTV ftth iptv services

In early May, it emerged that Cinesoft, the IPTV service provider for the operator, proposed a fifty percent revenue sharing model that allowed BSNL to earn Rs 65 per connection. Under the proposed revenue sharing model, Cinesoft would have earned Rs 65 for the Rs 130 FTA plan. Additionally, the service provider is said to have offered in their initial discussions to provide IPTV feeds for Rs 25 per user to LCOs, which would have allowed LCOs to earn Rs 40 per connection.

However, the proposed model was said to be an "extremely unattractive package" as state LCOs were offered better revenue sharing schemes with other multi-system operators (MSOs). The Sanchar Nigam Executives Association, BSNL's executive association and BSNL Employees Union with more than 12,000 members, proposed a different revenue sharing scheme which set the revenue sharing between BSNL and Cinesoft at Rs 25 each. (Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh Agitation Nation wide)

Additionally, the model proposed by the BSNL executive association allowed LCOs to sell the connection at Rs 130 per user, but the LCOs were set up to receive Rs 80 per connection.

Whether the operator opted for the revenue sharing model proposed by its Sanchar Nigam Executives Association remains to be seen. Meanwhile, BSNL has also announced the launch of its bsnl IPTV channels to service in various states, including Gujarat. (BSNL Music Services from BSNL Live Channels)

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