BSNL 99 plan postpaid Now BSNL 199 postpaid plan

BSNL postpaid plan 99 closed and customers upgraded to the bsnl 199 postpaid plan which offers the same unlimited voice calling benefits to postpaid mobile customers.


  • BSNL withdrawn 99 postpaid plan in all telecom circles for the new connections.
  • Existing customers on the 99 postpaid plan have already been advised to upgrade to the next higher level plan or any other plan.
  • Customer not opted for migration till date have been automatically switched to the 199 plan.

BSNL 99 plan postpaid Now BSNL 199 postpaid plan

Public Telecommunications company in India Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited - BSNL has announced that it has decided to scrap the Postpaid 99 Mobile Plan under GSM mobile services of postpaid category. 

In other words, customer unable to continue with the BSNL 99 postpaid mobile plan from further by paying monthly rental bill Rs.99/-. 

However, all the Existing customers with the BSNL 99 mobile plan have already migrated to the next higher plan named bsnl 199 postpaid plan. We have already received inquiries from a good number of BSNL postpaid mobile phone customers regarding this increase in the postpaid mobile bill issued by BSNL this month. (As of October 2021).

One of the most popular bsnl postpaid plans with fixed monthly rental postpaid mobile plan 99/- has been closed and all the existing mobile customers under bsnl 99 postpaid plan migrated to the next higher plan of 199/-.

Now Bypass BSNL FUP limit with postpaid plan 199 ! Know How

Revised monthly rental bill BSNL postpaid customers received in October 2021!

Postpaid customers under 99 plan shocked when they received double amount monthly bill of october, 2021 with revised rate of Fixed Monthly charges of Rs.199/- with extra GST. 

BSNL postpaid mobile customers who not aware of this revised rental charges of postpaid mobile plan Rs.99 plan received a billing shock this month as they received bills with revised charges. 

BSNL Eros now free subscription for postpaid plans user

Most of them may have already contacted the nearest BSNL customer service centers (BSNL CSC) for clarification on the increased monthly bill amount. The BSNL postpaid mobile bill issued in October 2021 contains an additional security deposit of Rs 100/- as a one-time charge and a monthly fee of 199/- as a fixed monthly fee. 

Therefore, customers who previously received a monthly invoice of only 99/- + GST ​​can get a higher bill amount than Rs.299 + GST ​​in October 2021.

The competent authority has decided that Plan 99 should be removed from the IN server and existing Closed Plan 99 customers automatically be migrated to the lowest active postpaid rental plan 199 with effect from 01-09-2021.

Who can continue with the BSNL 99 Postpaid Tariff Plan?

However, the PSU has also made it clear that any customer who has opted for an annual or higher prepayment scheme on the 99 postpaid tariff plan will remain on the same plan until the end of the advance rental period. Such customers will be migrated to the lowest active plan only after the expected rental period.

New features added to BSNL postpaid plans

BSNL has overhauled its entire range of postpaid mobile plans by launching a series of new tariff plans, namely Tariff Plan 199, Tariff Plan 798 and Plan Tariff plan 999. 

BSNL has introduced the data transfer feature in all postpaid Tariff plans. With the data transfer function, a customer can use unused data from previous months. 

BSNL has also launched FREE Rental Family Connections, where a customer can take advantage of additional FREE connections along with their main BSNL postpaid number. BSNL customers can have a maximum of 3 additional connections with a postpaid mobile number as a FREE family rental supplement.

Enjoy unlimited voice calling with the BSNL Tariff 199 Postpaid mobile Plan

With the BSNL Tariff plan 199 of Postpaid, customer can enjoy True Unlimited voice calls to any network with no Fair Use Policy (FUP) limits or minutes of use. 

Customers can receive 100 free SMS to any network per month and 25GB of high-speed data usage (with a data transfer feature up to 75GB). Free rental family connection is not available with the 199 BSNL Tariff mobile plan.

How to change BSNL Postpaid plan?

There is no need to change or opt for higher rental tariff plan, bsnl already updated on its IN server with nearest bsnl postpaid tariff plan with 199 postpaid plan. All the bsnl postpaid bills will be updated with revised rates adding extra GST and deposit amount.

Further any clarification for the above revision or migration from plan 99 to plan 199 or for bsnl postpaid bill payment customer can contact bsnl postpaid customer care number 1500 345 1503.

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