APBSNL competent Authority decided to change its earlier plan to with new additional features to its customers in a new manner. Now with the promotional scheme of prepaid BSNL introduced new shceme called ''''VENNELA PLUS''''. Previously it is '''VENNELA''', it is been changed to ''VENNELA PLUS'''.The sims which were now available at retail or Customer service center are only ''VENNELA PLUS''' sims.
Customers should aware of this scheme and avail this opportunity...


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  1. Vennela Plus offer is very nice and best.but you have to implimate this offer every state in india early and BSNL sims are not available in more shops so it is difficulte to the custumers.kindly request to you "sim cards & recharge cards will be arrange to any shop". thanking you, from M.Ramu

  2. Ramu sir thanks for your compliment.
    Implimentation of 'vennela plus' is not possible in every state because, this offer is valid only in Andhrapradesh. Every state has its own plans & schems with same feautures with different names.
    I agree with you some, Accordingly the sims of vennela plus is full fledgly now available in all BSNL customer service certers-BSNL Franchisees-Direct selling agents. If this problem still persits it is better to contact near customer service center.

  3. Mr.Ramu

    I was initially wondering why BSNL was never attaining Number 1 position, but after seeing its services it is very clear,

    I have BSNL VENELLA PLUS, but none of the online recharges from portal.bsnl.com were successful in one shot.

    First time the validity was not updated, after prolonged communications to BSNL I some how got it rectified.

    Now this time when I recharged Rs.110/- the talk time added to my account is only Rs.30/- instead of Rs.100/-

    When I call up the Call center we get astonishing replies form the Call center guys,
    Once BSNL CALL CENTER replied that, Sir U are in BSNL VENELLA PLUS, and be fortunate you got some amount at least, Many of them are having lot of problems.
    So that person never took a complaint at all
    Other time the BSNL CALL CENTER replied that updation of the validity is a very common problem for BSNL VENELLA PLUS, and so this cannot be lodged as a complaint
    So now I am cautioning all the people who read this blog to be prepared to get only half the talk value for what you pay before you recharge

  4. Sir,

    I am using Vennala Plus plan. When tried to activate F&F facility, it did not get activated. I sent SMS as FFE 040xxxxxxxx 040xxxxxxxx 040xxxxxxxx 040xxxxxxxx 94410xxxxx to 53733 (4L/L and 1 mobile). Kindly advise me the correct format.

  5. can anybody tell me when the vennela plan will convert to general???validity period has expired but before that i even sent a message to 53733 to change the plan to general so that i can migrate to power pack plan.it has been more than 24hrs since i had sent the message.

  6. hey its so nice of u 2 answer al da questions askd....thanq atleast u r bein helpful...da customer care service is very bad....v never had dis kind of prob wid any netwrk b4...i hav a doubt...can i use da 23rc 2000sms/mon even 4 a 3g sim? n thanq in advance

  7. thanks,
    its my plssr to serve u,
    1. Actually Rs.23/- STV (Special Tariff voucher) is a 2G voucher it will not applicable to 3G..