As per the 44th Amendment of the TTO, as such BSNL Competent Authority has decided to withdraw the concessional roaming call charges from the bsnltariff of STVs which are applicable for Lifetime Customers.
Earlier Two new STVs which were introduced for lifetime customers to avail  “1p/sec” & “all @ 49”  plan facility.  The concessional national roaming bsnltariff offered under STVs with MRP Rs.60 and Rs.49 it has been decided to withdraw the concessional call charges while in national roaming from the bsnltariff of above mentioned STVs and apply the normal call charges for outgoing/incoming calls while in national roaming of base bsnltariff plan to the STVs.

Existing BSNL customers who have already Recharged/activated the STVs will continue to enjoy the  concessional national roaming bsnltariff till the expiry of the bsnltariff validity period.
All other terms and conditions will remain the same.
The above bsnltariff revision will be implemented with effect from 14.11.2011

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