How safe is your Mobile Handset? Beware of China Mobile users

TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) likely to address Commerce and Industry Ministry regarding the issue of banning the Import of Mobile phones with face IMEI numbers.
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Actually IMEI is a unique ID known as International Equipment Identity number allocated for each Mobile phones of GSM, WCDMA and iDen and Satellite Phones. It’s a 15-digit code users How to know IMEI number of an Handset which they are using by dialing *#06# instantly the IMEI number will be displayed on Mobile Screen, this IMEI number helps for Mobile Operators to track users.

In the Earlier article we’ve discussed about How Terrorists/spammers are cloning Simcards and Cloning of IMEI numbers common in GSM Handset when compare to CDMA Handsets. Cloned with IMEI numbered Mobiles cannot be traced and very difficult to determine who are using it this rein to national security. By using this advantage Terrorists/spammers are stealing valuable data from you without knowing to you using Advanced Technology by means of Missed Calls.
How spammers steal your Data discussed in this blog earlier.

A Debate is going on after Terrorist Attacks in the country earlier the Government proposed to ban the Mobile Handsets with Fake IMEI numbers after November 30, 2009. Indian Cellular Association has pointed a survey in that they’ve traced out around 18,000 handsets using same IMEI number. Report also revealed a terrible thing to know that the Mobile Handsets without IMEI numbers are around 25million.
Don't call back to Missed calls which starts with...?
According to the ICA survey How China Mobiles are dominating in the Indian Market, due to this trend of continuous purchasing China Mobiles Branded Mobiles share market Revenue has dipped in the last Financial Year. Report also highlighted most of the China Mobile Handset models don’t have an IMEI and few proven to be fakes. In this course Mobile Operators like BSNL, Airtel, Vodafone has started deactivating fake IMEI handsets and are in performance very responsible.
How Indian Mobile Revenue Market dipped?
The ICA decided a Nationwide campaign to create awareness not to purchase or sell Mobile Handsets which are Un branded and Government is to pass instructions to all the Mobile operators not allow calls on such handsets without unique IMEI number.
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