BSNL starts Anycast DNS 61. 1. 1. 1 to provide faster Internet service

New Anycast Domain Name System (DNS) 61. 1.1.1 for bsnl 4g broadband plans and bharat fiber ftth plans subscriber.

Highlights of Anycast DNS BSNL
  • BSNL New Anycast DNS server 61. 1. 1. 1 started for its home and fiber optic broadband users
  • Anycast dns bsnl reduces latency, prevents DNS flooding DDoS attacks and improves DNS resolution
  • BSNL has also implemented alternative DNS 61. 0. 1. 1, 61. 0. 2. 2 and 61. 0. 3. 3
State-owned telecommunications in India Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has implemented a new Anycast Domain Name System (DNS) 61. 1.1.1 for its bharat fiber broadband and bharat fiber optic users.
New Anycast DNS BSNL Domain Name System (DNS) 61. 1.1.1 started for bsnl 4g broadband plans and bharat fiber ftth plans subscriber
BSNL has also implemented alternative DNS 61. 0. 1. 1, 61. 0. 2. 2 and 61. 0. 3. 3. 3. For direct caching and better bharat fiber service, the telecommunications provider urges its users to use BSNL Anycast DNS instead of public DNS.
Twitter was inundated with tweets from BSNL employees who reported changing the DNS. To remember, BSNL has never had dedicated DNS with customer support which generally asks the customer to use Google DNS to pose a problem related to the network.

The new DNS was also indirectly confirmed by BSNL's official Twitter handle. The new DNS has been introduced in the past few days.

    Please use the DNS server address and then check the bsnl bharat fiber-high speed internet plans
    - BSNL India (@BSNLCorporate) 22 May 2020

What is DNS name?

The Domain Name System or DNS is the Internet directory. Usually, we enter the website address like bsnltariff.com or Google.com.com, but the web browser requires an IP address of the site.

DNS converts the domain name to an IP address so that the browser can load the web page. The DNS request is first sent to the Recursive Name Server (RNS), which is normally managed by the ISP.

If RNS does not have the IP address of the website you are trying to access already stored, it goes through the process of retrieving the IP address.

Once the IP address is retrieved, it is sent back to RNS and then to the browser.

What is Anycast DNS Service?

Unlike the normal unicast DNS network, where a single IP is assigned to the single DNS server, in Anycast DNS, the same IP address is assigned to multiple DNS servers. In Anycast DNS, any of the DNS servers can respond to DNS queries and generally connect to the nearest DNS server, reducing latency.

Anycast DNS also prevents DDoS flood DNS attacks and improves DNS resolution. In both cases, if a DNS server is offline, DNS queries will be answered by other DNS servers on the same network.

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