Fix BSNL broadband connection error numbers and get solution

Search the possible solution to Fix BSNL broadband connection error numbers and solve the problem in different ways, find the most frequent Error numbers and the solution given to connect to the Internet faster ...

Many broadband customers are concerned about the ADSL broadband connection Error numbers 619, 629, 630, 631, 632, 633, 645, 650, 651, 676, 678, 680, 691, 718, 720, 721, 735, 769, which allows for most of cases with the BSNL ADSL (CPE) modem in broadband services with possible solutions to be corrected.

Search the possible solution to Fix BSNL broadband connection error numbers and solve the problem in different way
DSL Technology (Digital Subscriber Line Technology) is a part of Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) Line technology, a data communication technology that allows faster transmission of data over copper telephone lines compared to a band-to-band modem. Conventional voice, which can provide broadband services to the customer via ADSL modem.

Connection Error numbers of BSNL broadband line connection error numbers with solutions

While connecting to BSNL broadband services, many clients get line connection Error numbers, so we present some of the line connection Error numbers with some possible solutions as follows.

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Broadband Error number 619 message: The port is disconnected
  • Error 619 often occurs when another application / process requires the same broadband modem / Internet port. Specifically, fax software is often associated with error 619. 
  • If you encounter an error 619 while using the fax software, disable the fax software and restart.
  • The quick / common solution for error 619 is shutdown / restart, thus forcing the offensive door to close.

To correct error 619, try the following steps
  • Restart / restart your PC and wait for all applications to load before reconnecting.
  • Check all modems, telephone cables and filters.
  • If error 619 persists, uninstall and reinstall the BSNL broadband modem.
  • Sometimes error 619 can be caused by the old ISP modem software in conflict with the new modem software, so be sure to remove any old software and retry the connection test.

Broadband Error number 629 message: The port has been disconnected from the remote computer

  • Error 629 generally indicates that the remote computer (ISP) is closing / disconnecting the door. This may be due to incorrect connection settings such as incorrect username or password. After checking these settings, if the 629 error persists, it is recommended that you check the ISP server status for any server outages or other ISP related issues.
  • After checking the connection settings, the status of the ISP server, the next step would be to check all modem connections, cables and broadband filters, followed by a restart of PC and modem. If error 629 has not yet been cleared, you may want to return to local technical support or ISP.

One of these lists details the causes of error 629 as follows
  • Error number 629 message: The modem driver is damaged.
  • The Dial-Up Networking (DUN) connection is dialing an invalid access number
  • Modem is not attempting a compatible connection Authentication error (invalid username or password) Invalid or damaged DUN connection settings

Possible solution for error 629
Restart your computer and wait until all applications have fully loaded before trying to reconnect. Re-create the remote connection. If the problem persists, uninstall and reinstall the broadband modem.

Broadband Error number 631 message: User disconnected port
With error 631, the user has logged out, usually no solution is needed, just log in again. Error 631 is generally a single error, caused when the user or another program on the PC terminates the connection.

Possible solution for error 631: 
  • Error 631 is typically a single error that occurs when the user or another program on the PC terminates the connection. To resolve error 631, it is generally necessary to restart and wait until all applications have fully loaded before trying to reconnect. Re-create the connection and usually no longer error 631.
  • In some circumstances, error 631 may be due to incorrect connection settings or the use of incorrect modems or modem software. If a simple reset does not resolve error 631, verify that the modem is installed and connected correctly, making sure that any old modem software has been uninstalled. If error 631 persists

Broadband Error number 630 to 633 message: The port is already in use or not configured for remote access

Possible solution for error 633
  • Error 633 is similar to error 619 and is often caused by other applications attempting to use the broadband modem, incorrect connection settings, and sometimes a damaged modem driver.
  • Error 633 can usually be solved with a PC restart. It works 50% of the time. Otherwise, error 633 may prompt the user to disable any firewall software. Try to connect again. Re-create the connection and finally try to uninstall and reinstall the modem.

Broadband Error number 645 message: Internal authentication error

Possible solution for error 645
This problem tends to occur with users of Windows 98 or Windows ME and can often be solved by using the following steps

Recreate the connection.
  • Windows 95/98 / XP / 10: This error can occur if the Require encrypted password option is enabled on the Server types tab in the connection properties or if you entered an incorrect username or password. (See the "Error 645" error message when using dial-up connection.)
  • All versions of Windows: This error can occur if you are trying to connect to a Windows 2000 domain that had a Routing and Remote Access Services (RRAS) server without administrator privileges.

Broadband Error number 650 message: The main reason is remote access server is not properly responding
May occur if the ISP server modem / equipment is not configured correctly.

Possible solution for error 650
  • The most common reasons for one of the above error number is a network problem. Consider the following steps
  • When you notice this Error number, wait for 15 minutes and then restart your Personal computer. Once restarted, wait until all applications have fully loaded before trying to reconnect.
  • If you find the same error number, check with your service provider for network issues. You may need to be patient.
  • If there are no network outages, the problem may be from your computer. In this case, recreate the connection and if this does not solve the problem, uninstall and reinstall the broadband modem.

How can I solve BSNL Broadband error 651?
Error number 651 message: The modem (or other connection device) has reported an error

What is Error 651 on a modem and Possible solution / solution for code 651
  • Error 651 generally indicates a driver error or a modem hardware error.
  • To resolve error 651, first make sure that the modem is properly connected to the PC and the telephone line, with all points covered by broadband filters.
  • Make sure full connectivity is indicated on the modem.
  • After checking these things and restarting. If this does not resolve the 651 error, uninstall and reinstall the modem software. Subsequently, if error number 651 occurs again, the modem may be defective.
  • If the modem is of the USB variety, try to connect completely to a different USB port on the PC or another PC to confirm that this is not a problem with the USB port. If Error number 651 still exists, then advised technical support is indicated.

Limited or No Connectivity Error- 676:
IP Address Problem: Modem Configuration problem
Give Correct IP Address to LAN card: Change PVC 0/35 to Bridge Mode instead of PPPOE mode

How to fix BSNL Broadband Error number 678 message: No response
  • Error 678 is generally associated with Windows XP and can usually be resolved by restarting and waiting for all applications to be fully loaded before trying to reconnect.
  • Although ADSL modems do not make the call to connect to the Internet, the unanswered error 678 can still occur and sometimes occurs because an invalid number was entered for dialing the computer.
The following steps are often indicated to correct error 678
  • Click the Start menu, then select Run.
  • In the box that appears, type the command word to open the command prompt, then click OK.
  • In the black command prompt window, type netsh interface ip reset log.txt and click Enter on the keyboard, then type quit at the command prompt and then click Enter on the keyboard.
  • To reset internet connection now restart your computer
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How to fix BSNL Broadband Error number 680 message: No dial tone

  • Error 680 generally indicates that there is a problem receiving the broadband signal on the modem and has many potential causes.
  • The best way to fix error 680 is to work logically to rule out any potential causes.
  • The first consideration is to know if the broadband connection is really active. Modem installation and modem software may generate error 680 if the "start" date has not yet been reached.
  • The next "search error" is to make sure that the modem is plugged into the main phone jack, while ensuring that all extension cables, phone dividers and all other devices have been removed.
  • Disconnect faxes, alarms and Sky TV (if connected) and, once removed, test a broadband connection directly through the main socket of the phone (making sure you are using a broadband microfilter. 680 persists, try using a replacement microfilter ( sometimes causes error 680).
  • The next thing to consider with error 680 is electrical interference from cordless / digital phones and any other potential sources of electricity. To  overcome all these potential causes, one remaining consideration would be to update the modem drivers, which in most cases can be obtained from the manufacturer's website.
  • If after these steps, error 680 persists, the next course of action would be technical support.

How to fix BSNL Broadband error number 691?
Error 691 message: Access denied because the username or password is not valid in the domain
  • With all versions of Windows: Error 691 can occur if an incorrect username or password is used.
  • Remember that in most cases the password is case-sensitive: you won't see the password, so if Caps Lock isn't as expected, you may have a case-sensitive problem.
  • It can also occur if there is a problem with your service provider's access equipment or on an "incorrect" connection where the modem is being retrained. It can also happen with incorrect Connected settings.
  • If you receive error 691 with a new account, you may not be using the correct username and / or password. Check with your supplier exactly what you need for your username and password.

How to fix BSNL Broadband Error number 718?

On Modem Error number 718 message: PPP timeout

  • Indicates that a PPP conversation has started, but ended because the remote server did not respond within an appropriate time. This error may repeat when there is a poor line quality or a problem with the server (ISP). This error can occur when the modem is connected to the ISP and sent username and password, but no response from the server. Sometimes the recomposition will be successful.
  • Error number 718 will repeat if subscribers ISP account has expired or may be the username or password are using is invalid. Error number 718 can occur if LCP extensions are enabled in the TCP / IP properties of the connection and the ISP does not support LCP extensions.
  • Error 718 can occur even if one or more network cards are present in your machine and the TCP / IP protocol is not enabled or if the TCP / IP settings are incorrect. (Go to Networks in the Control Panel to examine the properties of your network cards; or, if you are not using the network cards, disable them in Control Panel-> System-> Hardware).
Limited or No Connectivity Error - 720
IP Address Problem: Dialer or Virus problem
Give Correct IP Address to LAN card: Make New Dialer, Check for Virus in your PC, Reinstall Windows

Broadband error number 721
  • The remote PPP peer is not responding
  • Make sure your line is working by testing a dial tone on your phone. Disconnect, restart and reconnect to make sure the driver has been loaded. If there is still no joy, do not rule out the possibility of a defective modem.

Learn more about error 721:
  • Error 721 generally indicates that there is a problem with the remote PPP: the PPP server resides with the Internet / broadband provider and it is the computer on the other end of the line that makes Internet connections.
  • Most of the 721 error messages are caused by a "problem" with the ISP. Most Internet service providers have a number that can be called to check the status of their service. With the 721 error issues, it is worth checking the ISP's service status before checking for other possible causes.
  • Another possible cause of 721 error messages may be offset modem connections, ADSL cables and / or broadband filters. If the ISP did not cause a 721 error message, it would be advisable to check all those connections.
  • A common suggestion is to turn off the modem and the PC and wait 5-10 minutes before restarting them. Wait until all PC applications have fully loaded before trying to reconnect to the Internet.
  • Where there are no ISP service problems and all the modems, filters and cables are connected correctly, another possible solution to error 721 would be to check all the associated PC settings and update / uninstall the modem drivers, restart and reinstall them again and in the meantime. be careful not to connect the modem until prompted by the installer.
  • If no solution is found for error 721, weather permitting, wait 24 hours and try again or request local technical support or ISP.

How to fix Error number 735 and error message: Limited or No Connectivity
IP Address Problem: Dialer problem
Solution for Error number 735:  Give Correct IP Address to LAN card: Make New Dialer.

BSNL Broadband IP Addresses for LAN:
Following IP addresses should be used if Modem is provided by BSNL.
Private Modems may have different IP Addresses.

IP Address: to 250 (may be given 2,3, 4,......248 or 249 upto 250)
Subnet Mask:
Default gateway:
Default DNS Address:

How to fix Broadband error number 769 and message: LAN not enabled
  • The LAN Card has to be enabled by following the steps given below.
  • Go to Desktop.
  • Right Click “My Network Place".
  • Click  Select Properties.
  • Right click on LAN Icon Click "Enable the local network".
  • If using USB cable then Install Modem's USB Cable Driver.
All the main Error numbers in BSNL broadband services that we discussed above regarding the DSE / ADSL Broadband Modem (CPE) line connection should be mainly corrected with the different solution specified above, even after it has not been corrected, the technical assistant Must be followed to solve the problem.

Why some websites are not opening in BSNL Broadband connection?
If your BSNL fails to open a few websites and work fine with others, you may probably need to update your DNS server as this is a common issue of BSNL internet that a few websites don't load properly or at all. Check out this video on how you can update your DNS setting to use Google DNS.

How do I reset my Broadband modem? or reboot your modem
  • Unplug the power cord from the back of the modem. Check to make sure all the lights on the modem are turned OFF.
  • Wait one minute. Plug the power cord back into the modem.
  • Wait for the internet light to turn green.
  • Now try connecting to the internet again

What is DUN access?
DUN is a Bluetooth profile (mode) designed to connect an Internet-enabled device, such as a mobile phone, to a device such as a laptop or PDA so that it can access the Internet. DUN will then allow you to connect your Bluetooth enabled laptop to the Internet via your phone and wireless Bluetooth service.

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