Why BSNL Router ONT modem price rationalized to Rs 2000?

Under Rationalization of Bharat fiber terms and conditions for bsnl ont router price in India for broadband internet connection of customers bsnl recovering the device amount. 

BSNL router ONT modem price recovered from FTTH Internet connections?: BSNL will charge Rs 2000 / - as the ONT price and to be recovered from FTTH bharat fiber broadband internet disconnected customers.

BSNL router ONT modem price

Public Telecommunications Company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited - BSNL has decided to rationalize ONT pricing to Rs 2000/- for Bharat Fiber FTTH broadband customers in all telecommunication circles. 

This bsnl ONT modem price / ONT router price is only applicable to BSNL Fiber plans of FTTH broadband Internet connections provided directly by BSNL.

Earlier, On rent basis BSNL offered ONT (Fiber Modem) for its new connection customers only for FTTH (Bharat Fiber) connections provided directly by BSNL. 

For such customers, BSNL charged Rs 90/- as an ONT rental each month in addition to the bsnl tariff plans. The MRP of ONT (fiber modem) has been set at Rs 12,000/- for ONT type A (Twelve thousand only) and Rs 14,500/- for ONT type B (Fourteen thousand five hundred) by BSNL. 

This ONT router modem price was set in 2010 when BSNL initially launched the FTTH service and bharat fiber plans.

Now, BSNL ONT modem cum routers providing on rental basis to its new fiber internet connection customers and due the current market rate and ONT availability, the competent authorities of BSNL New Delhi has decided to reduce the FTTH ONT cost / price to Rs 2000/- with immediate effect from April 26, 2021. 

This revision is only applicable to BSNL fiber connections (bsnl ftth plans) provided directly by BSNL.

To which connections bsnl recoveres the ONT modem cum router price of Rs.200/-?

BSNL will charge the FTTH ONT/MRP price to all disconnected FTTH (bharat fiber broadband) customers who did not return their FTTH ONT when the FTTH BSNL connection was closed. 

This ONT charge will be increased in the telephone bill that will be generated after the connection is closed. BSNL has already ordered its field units to investigate and resolve all pending cases with this revised ONT price. 

This ONT fee does not apply to connections provided through LCO / TIP / MSO.

BSNL Frequently Asked Questions and Queries raised by BSNL Customers

Which modem is best for BSNL FTTH (Bharat Fiber) connection?

BSNL / LCO will provide a compatible fiber modem (ONT / ONU) along with a BSNL FTTH connection for direct purchase. 

If you choose to buy the modem online or from others, you need to check with BSNL or LCO the make / model of the fiber modem you are purchasing. 

This is because FTTH connections are provided through the Optical Line Terminal (OLT) equipment located in the BSNL / LCO control room. 

In most cases, the customer's optical modem must be from the same vendor as OLTE to function properly. 

Some vendors don't even allow other vendors' optical modems to connect to their OLTE. Some of the most common FTTH modems used in the BSNL network are: Alphion, Netlink, Syrotech, DBC, Optilink, Genexis, Huawei, Khwahish, etc. (Check BSNL FTTH best Routers Online)

WiFi Coverage / Bandwidth of FTTH ONT Modem or Router

If you are opting Bharat FTTH plans (Fiber connection) with more than 100 Mbps of bandwidth, you can choose an AC Series Dual Band FTTH WiFi Modem (How to check internet speed in bsnl broadband).

Using the dual 5GHz WiFi band can give you maximum speed, but with limited coverage. For FTTH plans with speeds up to 50Mbps, the normal N Series Single Band Fiber Modem with WiFi will work smoothly.

I have already requested a new BSNL Bharat Fiber Internet connection. Is this charge applicable to new BSNL FTTH connections?

No. BSNL currently provides Bharat Fiber broadband connections via Local Cable Operators (LCOs) / Telecom Infrastructure Providers (TIPs) / Multiple System Operators (MSOs) through the shareholding model. 

bsnl ont router price in India

If your connection is provided through BSNL authorized FTTH franchisees, you may have to pay them FTTH ONT charges. The initial expenses to be paid to LCO will be approximately Rs 4000 / - to Rs 4500 / -. 

This amount includes charges for optical fiber modems (ONT / ONU) + charges for OFC laying and joining up to a minimum length of 75 meters. If you need to run a fiber optic cable more than 75 meters from the nearest drop point, you may need to pay for the additional fiber optic cable directly to the LCO. 

The cost per meter will vary from Rs 10 / m to Rs 15 / m depending on your area (rural / urban, etc.).

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