BSNL Aseem 99 virtual landline plan tariff revised to annual payment

BSNL Aseem 99 plan for call diversions from Virtual Landline connections to any number rental charges revised to annual payment scheme in all telecom circles.

Public Telecommunications company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited - BSNL under rationalization of existing Virtual landline connection monthly rental payment charges of Aseem tariff plan has revised with immediate effect in all telecommunication circles.

BSNL Aseem 99 virtual landline plan

As per latest information published on bsnl official website bsnl.co.in, the competent authority of bsnl has decided to introduce uniform rates and charge Rs 199/- for 4 months for call forwarding from a virtual landline connection number to any one BSNL or non-BSNL number (other network) depending on the customer's requirement.

In addition to the above revised rates, BSNL has also decided to launch the Annual Payment Aseem Plan for customers who opt for the new connection Aseem Plan. Under new annual advance payment scheme customer need to pay Rs.599/- annual charges with Aseem's virtual landline plan. 

Our blog BSNL TARIFF published about the revised charges of Aseem plan tariff @99 to bsnl network and @199 for other network. BSNL offered differentiated rates for customers who opted for the Aseem plan based on the destination of phone number. If the destination number was BSNL BSNL charged 99 rupees for four months and If the destination number was not a BSNL number i.e other network number, then bsnl charged Rs.199/- for four months. 

Existing Plan detailsExsiting Tariff for 4 MonthsAnnual Charges
"Virtual" Landline connections under 'ASEEM' Plan - call diversion from "Virtual" landline number to any one BSNL number of subscriber choiceRs. 99/-Not Applicable
"Virtual" Landline connections under 'ASEEM' Plan - call diversion from "Virtual" landline number to any one other network's number of subscriber choice.Rs. 199/-Not Applicable

According to this latest review of Aseem Virtual landline plan connection, now BSNL will charge Rs 199/- for four months to all customers in the BSNL ASEEM virtual landline plan.

Revised Plan detailsRevised Tariff for 4 MonthsAnnual Charges
"Virtual" Landline connections under 'ASEEM' Plan - call diversion from "Virtual" landline number to any one BSNL number / other network's number of subscriber choice.Rs.199/-Rs.599/-

Is there any hidden charges added to bsnl Aseem VL plan?

No, there won't be any type of hidden charges included in the bsnl Aseem plan of 99.
Customer should note that the above charges mentioned above are exclusive of GST i.e customer need pay additional GST on the total plan charges. 

How to migrate existing bsnl Aseem 99 plan customers to new annual plan

Customers with the "ASEEM" plan for call forwarding to any BSNL number (Rs.99/- for 4 months), can be migrated to the revised plan after their existing 4 month subscription expires.

The revised Aseem bsnl tariff plan will be applicable to all existing customers for migration and for new connection customers from 10 September 2021 in all telecommunications circles. All other terms and conditions will remain the same.

What is bsnl aseem plan and what is a virtual landline number?

The service provided by bsnl in the name Aseem plan, customers can get their virtual landline number in their name and BSNL will not provide physical landline connection at their premises. 

All incoming calls to the virtual landline number will be routed and forwarded to the number indicated by the customers from the date of activation on the basis of customer submit application for for call diversion. 

A customer can choose a BSNL number (mobile / landline / FTTH) or a non-BSNL number (mobile / landline / FTTH) of their choice. The FTTH / copper cable is not required to provide a virtual landline connection to a customer. Customers wishing to take advantage of this facility can prepay the required charges.

Migrate to BSNL FTTH Bharat Fiber and get benefits of the FREE ASEEM plan!

If you are a BSNL landline customer, you can simply migrate / upgrade to BSNL's ultra-fast fiber broadband service. BSNL now allows the conversion of the same number in almost all business areas (BAs). 

However, there are some BAs (Business Areas) where landline to FTTH conversion (keeping the old landline number) is currently and technically not possible. In particular, if your landline exchange is from C-DOT, it is not technically possible to convert the same number to FTTH. 

How to activate BSNL FREE Aseem plan?

For these type of issues, customer can take the benefits of BSNL FREE ASEEM PLAN, where you can take advantage of all incoming calls to your old landline number which is automatically routed to your new FTTH BSNL VoIP phone connection. 

BSNL Broadband VoIP configuration for Landline Phones (BSNL FTTH)

To take advantage of the FREE ASEEM PLAN, you must submit the application form along with the application for the new BSNL FTTH connection at your nearest BSNL customer service center (BSNL CSC). This FREE ASEEM is only available to existing landline customers migrating to BSNL FTTH.

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