BSNL Cinema plus launch offer: Free OTT (Over-the-top) Subscription

Now BSNL Bharat fiber internet plans customers can get free subscription to BSNL Cinema plus Yupp TV Scope OTT service exclusively announced for BSNL Broadband FTTH users. Customers can enjoy BSNL partnered OTT service at free of cost.

BSNL TARIFF Offer Highlights

  • One month free subscription to Yupp TV Scope for BSNL fiber broadband plans customer
  • Applicable to BSNL Bharat Fiber ftth plans and broadband DSL customers across India
  • From the second month onwards, 129 rupees per month will be charged.

BSNL Cinema plus launch offer

BSNL Offer Description: BSNL fiber broadband plans customers now take the advantage of free one month subscription under the BSNL Cinema plus launch offer OTT Yupp TV Scope service in all telecom tariff circles.

Public Telecommunications Company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited - BSNL has announced the launch a FREE one month OTT subscription to the BSNL Cinemaplus (Yupp TV Scope) service. 

According to the latest information published on bsnl official website bsnl.co.in, the largest state owned telecom landline operator, BSNL will allow its new and existing broadband customers to enjoy one month OTT Cinema plus OTT service at free of cost without any charges or hidden charges in association with with M / s Yupp TV, the content aggregator. 

The scheme is available with immediate effect in all telecommunications circles. BSNL Fibernet (Bharat Fiber) and DSL Broadband customers can take advantage of the free one month subscription offer.

An official statement from BSNL on the launch of the FREE BSNL Cinemplus service for BSNL bharat fiber plans and bsnl fiber broadband customers reads as follows:
"A proposal has been received from M / s YuppTV to offer free subscription to new customers for a period of one month. The previous proposal is examined and the approval of the Competent Authority forwarded to all its telecom units to offer free subscription to BSNL Cinemaplus (only for new subscription) for a period of one month for OTT Broadband services (Wireline and FTTH) to BSNL subscribers in PAN India basis, will be implemented immediately".

BSNL Cinema plus launch offer (Yupp TV Scope OTT Service) Terms and conditions

However, this BSNL Cinemaplus Service offer is available and applicable for bsnl broadband new connection subscribers. The customer can take advantage of the first month of free service and from the second month to the sixth month, subscriber need to pay Rs 129/- per month (Exclusive of GST) and from the 7th month onwards, customer need to pay Rs 199/- (GST extra will be charged). 

BSNL Cinema plus launch offer

If a customer does not cancel their free subscription at the end of the first month, they will automatically be billed Rs 129/- + GST from the second month onwards. The validity of this offer will be periodically reviewed based on the market price of the content, adoption by the subscriber base and market performance.

Who can avail the BSNL Cinemaplus OTT service?

Over-the-top (OTT) BSNL Cinemaplus (Yupp TV Scope) service is available exclusively to Broadband BSNL optical fibre plans or BSNL Bharat Fiber (BSNL FTTH) customers throughout India. Includes traditional DSL broadband customers and BSNL's fiber broadband customers. 

With BSNL Cinemaplus, you can watch live TV channels, popular web series, latest new movie releases and more from premium OTT applications such as: Voot Select, SonyLiv Premium, ZEE5 Premium and Yupp TV Scope. If you want to get BSNL Cinemaplus service, sign up for BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH plans) or BSNL DSL Broadband Internet plans.

What's special about BSNL Cinemaplus' OTT service?

BSNL Cinemaplus service allows customers to enjoy subscription to a suite of premium OTT applications with a single subscription. It means you don't need to purchase / activate separate packages for Voot Select, SonyLiv Premium, ZEE5 Premium and Yupp TV, but you can enjoy all those services with a single BSNL Cinemaplus subscription.

Stream to multiple devices with a single subscription!

BSNL Cinemaplus allows customers to stream live channels and other premium content on multiple devices with a single subscription. By subscribing to BSNL Cinemaplus, you can stream content to all mobile phones / laptops / TVs / desktops in your home. Paying only Rs 129 / - per month, you can enjoy the services on multiple devices without any hassle.

BSNL Cinemaplus (Yupp TV Scope) OTT service activation and deactivation procedures: -
BSNL Corporate Office has entrusted Telengana Circle with the nodal circle of the BSNL Cinemaplus OTT service. The PSU has already renewed its revenue sharing agreement with M / s Yupp TV on January 13, 2021 for a period of 12 months. 

BSNL Cinema plus launch offer

Recently, BSNL launched a couple of new Bharat Fiber (BSNL FTTH) broadband plans with FREE OTT subscription to BSNL Cinemaplus, which are: BSNL Bharat Fiber Super Star Premium-1 and BSNL Bharat Fiber Super Star Premium-2. Customers of these two FTTH plans have already been offered a FREE OTT subscription to BSNL Cinemaplus not just for the first month but for the entire subscription period.

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