Get Rs.600 discount Upgrading BSNL Landline connection to FTTH

Migrate BSNL Landline Connection to bsnl fiber broadband plans and get special offer discount of Rs.600/- in monthly bsnl landline bill payment.

BSNL Tariff Plans Highlights

  • Get total discount of Rs.600/- on migrating existing bsnl landline connection to fiber connection
  • BSNL landline phone customers who do not have broadband connection are applicable to Discount scheme
  • This discount offered on promotional broadband offer on PAN basis for a period of 90 days

BSNL Landline connection

Do you have a BSNL landline tariff connection that still works on traditional copper lines? If your answer is yes, then it's a good time to upgrade your old BSNL landline connection to next generation Bharat fiber broadband connection. 

BSNL now allows migration from landline phone connection to FTTH broadband phone connection with the same number even if your number was disconnected / disabled a long time ago.

As per latest information published on BSNL official website bsnl.co.in, getting good response from all the units across India bsnl has decided to re-introduced the promotional broadband offer for its existing landline connection customers who are intend for migrating / upgrading to Bharat Fiber bsnl broadband plans. 

BSNL Broadband Landline connection Shifting, Name trasfer charges revised

BSNL's promotional offer for bsnl landline plans to FTTH broadband plans migration is available in all telecom circles with immediate effect for a period of 90 days. In this scheme, a BSNL fixed line customer (working on copper lines) can upgrade his own fixed line number to FTTH (over fiber optic cable). 

Such customers will also receive a special discount of Rs.100/- per month on their bsnl landline bill payment for the first six months.

An official BSNL statement on the relaunch of the Special Discount Program for existing BSNL landline customers migrating / upgrading to FTTH reads as follows:
The competent authority has decided "to offer a discount of Rs. 100/- per month for the first 6 months, for those existing fixed network customers (who do not have broadband) who opt for any BSNL Bharat Fiber Broadband plan, in all telecom circle on a promotional basis for a period of 90 days.

BSNL Landline connection

As a reminder, BSNL launched this special promotional discount scheme on bsnl landline plans in June 2021. The scheme was launched for a 90-day promotional period which expired on September 12, 2021. 

BSNL will offer a discount on monthly landline bill pay (Rs 100/- month during the first six months) generated after completing the migration to the fiber connection. A customer can take advantage of a total discount of Rs 600 / - under this promotional scheme. 

 BSNL Broadband voip configuration for Landline Phones (BSNL FTTH)

If you are migrating your BSNL landline to FTTH with an FTTH plan of Rs 599/- (Fiber Basic Plus Plan 599), you will only be charged Rs 499/- [599 (rent) -100 (discount) = 499] + GST only.

Why bsnl offering Rs.100 discount for upgrading BSNL landline connection to FTTH plans
As all you know that the existing bsnl landline plans or landline customers are dipping in all telecom circles due to non-technical feasibility over copper-line services and to retain its landline customers has decided to offer promotion scheme especially for those customers who do not have broadband connection as well to service both landline and internet services in single network through advanced technology optic fiber cable.

BSNL has also clarified that, the revenue share between BSNL and TIP / Partner (in case TIP / Partner provides the connection) will only be distributed after deduction of the discounted amount of Rs.100/-. 

It means that if the connection was provided through LCO / TIP, a revenue share will be allocated after deduction of the discounted amount of Rs 100/-. LCO / TIP will earn a revenue share only on the revenue earned.

BSNL introduces Free of cost ‘Free to Home’ service to offer Free Call Forwarding from Mobile to BSNL Landline telephone

The above bsnl fiber tariff scheme will be implemented with effect from 6th October, 2021 onwards and available upto 3rd January, 2022 on promotional broadband offers on PAN India basis.

BSNL's corporate office has also mandated its telecommunications circles to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements, including online reporting to TRAI. Telecom circles should also update the telecom tariff on their circle official website with this latest offering.

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