AP Telecom Circle customers who are in ' Vennela ' plan, now they can continue to retain in the same plan..with same features...Earlier it was offered for promotional offer. Now its been regularised to regular plan.
APBSNL has introduced new ' Vennela ' plan extension voucher..who are in Old Vennela plan.
1. Cost of Extension voucher : 90/-
2. BSNLTariff : As per Vennela plan
3. Validity : 300 days
4. Free bsnltalk value : Rs.20/-
This introduction voucher is through C-Topup i.e Easy recharge only...


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  1. If you have Old VENNELA plan, use Rs 110/= TOP-UP voucher, don't use RC (Recharge coupon). After recharging you will get 100 talk time.

    If the SIM Validity period is over, you will have 15 days grace period, with in this period you need to recharge with Rs 90/= easy recharge or C-TOP/flexi Top-UP, it will be done by the shop person or BSNL outlets only (Don't use any coupon or Top-UP), it will be done thru Easy Recharge of Rs 90/= for extension of your SIM for other 10 months. You will get Rs 20/= talk time.
    You have to recharge with easy recharge only at BSNL outlets. The BSNL person will recharge your mobile using "Demo SIM" or Demo Mobile. You will get Rs 20/= talk time and validity period for 300 days or 10months. Do not recharge thru TOP-UP coupons or RC coupons.

  2. Hello,
    I had used this extension voucher and i extended my validity,how can i change my F&F numbers
    Is there any charge for changing those numbers,i want to change only 2 numbers , how to change dem

    pls reply

  3. I used C-Top up / flexi recharge via HDFC bank for Rs. 90 but, surprisingly got 82/- talk time and extension of 3 months. Later, the next day, 20/- more vanished from existing talk value for no reason.

    Pl explain how this would have happened!!!

  4. Mr. Pramodh,
    To setup 5 bsnl numbers in vennela plan @ 30 paise p/min...see eg:
    (one Landline is mandatory with std code)give space in between nos.

    FFE 04027000000 9440024365 9440024365 9440024365 9440024365

    send sms to 53733
    then wait 24hr after registering for confirmation.
    Check your mobile plan after 24hr by sending sms *123#
    You can change numbers only after 6months in F&F
    But however, you can change numbers in F&F any time @ Rs.20/- per number.
    You can visit nearest BSNL CSC/Franchise/Retailer
    or call The toll free no : 9400024365

    Good Luck BaBa

  5. To Change 2 numbers out of 5, you need to replace the two new numbers, keep other 3 the same, total you need need to re-register 5 numbers. An amount Rs 20/= per number (inyour case Rs 40/=) will be deducted from your balance amount.
    If your previously registered F&F nos are,
    FFE LandLine1 Mob1 Mob2 Mob3 Mob4
    then replace numbers Mob2, Mob3, then

    FFE LandLine1 Rep1 Mob2 Rep2 Mob4

    send sms to 53733
    then wait 24hr after registering for confirmation.
    Check your mobile plan after 24hr by sending sms *123#

    Best of Luck BaBa


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