BSNL has launched  the push mail and PIM sync  services for all its mobile subscribers in the country w.e.f.l4th  November,  2011.The BSNL Barath Berry services was inaugurated  by CMD, of BSNL.
The subscription fee of this Bharath Berry service for push mail is Rs.50/-  per month and for PIM sync is Rs.50/- per month. However, any customer  subscribing  to both these services  shall  be charged at a combo  price of Rs.80/- per month. The BSNL Competent authority had decided that the above  services shall be given free of cost to the Customers  on trial basis for a period of one month. The  scheme shall be valid up to 31st December, 2011. M/s Bharat  berry  has signed  an agreement with the producer of movie 'G.HOST'  who shall be carying out certain promotional activities  for the BSNL Bharat berry services.  Keeping  in view the above  promotional  activities BSNL authority had decided to provide one month Free subscription all the customers who watches this movie  in a theatre  which is releasing on 16th December, 2011.  This scheme  shall be valid  up to 31st December,2011.
It is Decided to broadcast SMS of BSNL customers on l4th November, 2011, 18th November, 2011 and 26th,Novembe,r, 2011.
The contents of the SMS shall be as follows:-

1st SMS
a) BSNL launches  Bharat  Berry;rush  mail and PIM sync  (Contact,  Calendar,  Tasks  and Notes)  services  on 14'n  November,  2011. Send sms SUB BB on 51123 for one month free subscription.  The  scheme  closes  on 31st December,  2011.
2nd SMS
b) BSNL Bharat Berry push mail empowers customers phone to receive emails automatically from customers email account.
Send  SMS SUB BB on 5l I23 for one month subscription FREE.
3rd SMS
c) BSNL  Bharat Berry provides  security  to your mobile Contact, Calendar, Tasks and notes and  allows to backup  automatically.
Send  sms SUB BB on 51123
2nd and3rd SMS shall  be sent as the follow  up of the 1st SMS of 14th November, 2011  on 18th & 26th November, 2011.
5. As a  part of the Bharat Beny tie up with movie 'GHOST' following SMS may be sent on 15th December,  2011.
The  contents  of the sms  shall  be as follows:-
"BSNL Bharat Berry tie up with movie 'GHOST' provides one month free subscription  to everyone  watching the rnovie in the theater of their  choice. The  scheme  is
valid up to 31st December,  2011.


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