Mobile users of various Telecom Operators without their knowledge few Value Added Services (VAS) are activated automatically unknowingly. By these type Activation's at last they will be charged every month forcibly. These types of uneven practices are going on and most of the complaints are received by TRAI from the Customers in this regard.
TRAI chairman stated that, “Operators sending SMS messages to its subscribers asking them forcibly to select Value Added Services (VAS).

If the customer finds and presses ‘Yes’ it is not easy to de-activate the service this unacceptable”.
Unpleasant practices opting by Telecom Operators by means of Value Added Services (VAS) and Activating services unknowingly to its Customers and charged for that.

TRAI observed carefully and passed Notices to all the Telecom Operators last week after received complaints from customers. Telecom Operators have their own systems in place to address the consumer grievances at different levels.
In such situations Authority is not necessarily a complaint receiver but issues may be sorted out. Now, after this step by TRAI Mobile users (Customers) of various Telecom Operators will get some relief from Mobile Operators.

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