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Today’s busy life carrying Mobile Phone is very vital for every one in the world. Even educated and uneducated people are also carrying mobile phone for their personal life.

After entering Mobile phone in personal life the Mobile users feels Phone is precious for their day to day life in this current Advanced Technology world.

Living in this world as a Human being follows all type of human manners in this changing generation. But to what extent Humans hardly following and maintaining Mobile manners in this world. A recently survey report says about Mobile manner followers percentage is very less no body in this world strictly following Mobile manners.
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The people Educated and uneducated are using Mobile phone while on Driving car and Riding on Bike. Every day we notice persons while driving car and riding bike attends call and texting messages. This type of trend have been gradually increasing and building more in youth/senior citizens/Ladies.

They are following blindly awful behavior. These types of the people better knows about Talking on Mobile while driving and Riding is Manner-less mind-set, this is against Mobile manners.
To avoid Road Accidents most of the countries are banned “Mobile Talking and texting” while on driving car and riding bike.
Difficulty while Talking – Texting mobile phone while on Driving and Riding
  • Persons while on driving car or Riding bike concentrate both on call and driving, causes unfair satisfaction.
  • Slow downing Car or Bike while on driving makes others inconvenience.
  • Due to concentrating on dual mode chances are more for happening “Accidents”
  • These types of Dual concentration mode people are know to be “Mannerless Mobile Addictives”.
  • “Don’t Talk Mobile Phone While on Driving Car and Riding Bike”
Educated Human understands very well and Behaves like Educated Human
Human follows all type of Manners but
Why Educated Humans are not Following Mobile Manners
Maintain Mobile Manners (Learn about Mobile Manners)
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