To maintain status symbol most of the people try something different like purchasing expensive smartphones whether it is branded or Chinese to compete with others. But, in course carrying mobile or tablet devices uneven things generally happens unknowingly in the daily usage.
Without knowing device warranty or long life or brand simply by seeing its features attracts and purchases blindly. Problems are to be faced like wrong item purchased short period warranty, huge bill, not suitable for handling, mishandling, soaked in water, experienced automatically itself to branded or unknown branded devices.
If any problem arrives users rush toward mobile service centers to fix the problem and there shocking news heard that it can’t repaired or levying of huge bill for fixing problem.
But, users have to remember one thing that without rushing to any service centers minor problems can be fixed user itself. If any minor injury take place people go for First aid then approaches to Doctor if it is not cured or serious. In the same way users should itself fix their problem by following below simple and experienced tips.

Scratches on Mobile display screen
At the time of purchasing smartphones mobile users don’t ignore to for guarding the display screen with “Scratch guard”. If already scratches appeared and worrying about your mobile device and switching to buy other smartphone and waiting for its price then here presents a tip to fix this problem.
Take toothpaste (Not Tooth gel) just put a pinch on display screen and gently rub it in circular motion with soft cloth or cotton and wipe the whole thing with a soft – slightly damp cloth.

How to fix crashed Android Apps?
Some times due to unknown downloading installation cause your phone to hang and it’ll shutdown after each switch on mobile. To fix this problem just pull out the battery slowly from your phone along with your memory card called soft reset. This will not effects data in your phone but can help you resolve issue very well.
After restarting mobile phone go to Google Play and uninstall unknown apps or games. Don’t try again to install that type of games if these problems arise.

Fix Stuck pixels
This is nothing but the dots appear on the smartphone as white or red or black as dead pixels. To fix this problem gently massage on the area around stuck pixel with soft cloth to regain its original color.

What to do if you’re Phone gets wet?
This type of problem is very commonly happens may lead to bigger loss if your smarphone gets wets. Due to wet phone cause short circuiting may damage your Mobile internal accessories have to pay big penalty. To fix this problem just remove phone’s battery then dry the physical parts by using towel or put all the Mobile parts in a bowl of full rice to absorb all the water and moisture from the device.
Or else after using towel place the wet smarphone on the back of PC monitor or TV screen or in front of the air conditioner to dry up your phone quicker.

How to extend battery life?
New phone battery loses charge within weeks because of most the batteries use lithium ion that get exhausted due to heat generated during their use. To fix this problem keep the battery in cool refrigerator to extend battery life and increases their power. Before you do this experiment battery should be wrapped in a poly bag or zip lock bag while they are inside the refrigerator.

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